Video: MSNBC invades Kekistan

There were no survivors.

How will the AR ever recover? They cracked our code! They Know! Shut it down!
I’ve seen my work on MSM TV so many times now and it never gets old.
There is no limit to the stupidity these illiterate Boomers will believe.
They manage to twist it into something ever more ridiculous than what I passed on.
Next up, skypes and skittles. Maybe google-shaming.
pictures of frogs = dangerous cult
killing people = religion of peace
Not one mentioned it’s similar to MENA flags but you can bet viewers noticed.
Anything I can do to make the MSM news-viewers WAKEUP.jpeg
Maybe the Open Borders for Israel or White Sharia. It’s time.
The Rule of Buzzfeed: Outrage shares outnumber agreement shares and reach a wider audience. Use this. Praise kek. We need a prophet, actually… maybe something Dumbledore-based.
Steal the left’s memes and they actually listen to you. It’s useful to get their guard-dogs running round in circles trying to ‘explain’ /pol/ to people who still use AOL. Cuckolding their memes into something ‘evil’ makes them start doubting one another’s loyalties too, a la the Fashy Rainbow Flag.
If the Left keep going round with a chip on their shoulder, someone, someday, is gonna knock it off.
See: The Lion for how that goes.
The Left’s lie of equality is one gigantic Just World Fallacy. Except a just world would punish the anti-social.
The academic reaction to the Industrial suffrage from subsistence farming was Romanticism and with that respectable hypersexuality it’s been downhill ever since. The academics had about double the lifespan of the working class in that century and needed to increase numbers – cucking one another did this nicely.

Onto the American Orange…

You keep the spiders alive to kill the flies. Muslims number billions, Jews millions plus a vast military budget, a longstanding grudge and diplomatic immunity because Holocaust narrative. Otherwise, the Moslem hordes become the Jew’s first-line weapon. As for Trump himself, I wonder how long until (((someone))) bombs Mecca. Like, they stole that rock in the first place, what are they gonna do? The ‘religion’ has one gigantic weakness in a small radius in the era of nuclear warfare. You could end the war on terror in a day because Allah would never allow that to happen. Everyone knows nukes were invented by the Jews so you have a deliciously thick layer of irony icing there.

Trump is distancing himself from his converted children and betting on the Aryan to replace him and continue his line.
At present, the Left rely on emotional contagion. All their outrage is based on foisting their guilt onto Straight White Male. They want to make us angry, or appear angry.
The Right’s ultimate, supreme reaction is apathy. What can they do? Nothing.

Heh was depicted as a frog…”
If it fits….

R-types using the word cuck are my fetish

The eternal ‘r’…
If they can’t fuck it, they don’t understand its function. They’re desperate animals.
I once heard of a man: “he would fuck a tortoise if he could hold it still long enough.”
A gay guy said this. You know it’s bad when a homosexual thinks you’re fucking around too much.
These ‘unhappy family‘ posts are trying really hard to sell the bachelor lifestyle of loneliness, which just so happens to reduce the birth rate and to leave many single, desperate women.
Don’t breed goyim.
Family will make you miserable.
Do not look at the pro-natal Israeli policies.

Bestiality brothels shouldn’t surprise you

PETA is suspiciously silent.–4452570-PHO.html

“Lifestyle choice” now where have we heard that before?
R-types = animal rapists and violent abusers.
Germany = animal porn illegal, rape of animals legal.

I happen to know from a paraphilia researcher that Germany has had bestiality brothels for a long, long time. It used to be known for that in Europe, over places like Amsterdam. S&M and bestiality. That was its USP. It had laws that didn’t expressly forbid them because it was a great way to blackmail foreign diplomats. Picture Hitler crying.
Danes have something similar but who cares about Denmark? Danes with Great Danes, sick bastards.
This is what happens when sexual entitlement meets weak consent laws.
They also use heavily pregnant women to test the pedophilia laws, since they’re technically having sex involving a child.

Instead of blaming prostitution (and fornication), they blame capitalism. There’s nothing more objectifying or dehumanizing for the species than hookers and sex robot slaves. Is that the best use of humans or robots?

The women-are-property meme is not only un-Biblical (violates the vows about honouring and cherishing), it’s part of the degenerate spiral to paedophilia because if women are property and cannot say NO (withhold consent, the assumption) then neither can little girls.

OT How long before vore becomes an accepted fetish among African cannibals?
The ultimate way to deal with this is to spread out pamphlets from the Koran that forbid premarital or extramarital ‘fun’.
They can’t possibly dispute with this, without insulting their own religion. It becomes No True Muslim.

Nobody chooses the niqab, ‘to submit’, the meaning of Islam’s name. Similarly, no sane woman chooses to become a hooker. It’s exploitation on par with trafficking, which is sex slavery that uses prostitution as its cover.
Nobody owns an unmarried woman’s body, the only sexual right is the conjugal and the religious canon in Christianity clearly states that the spouses own one another’s bodies. Atheists lie, thinking if they can’t control one woman, a whole flock couldn’t possibly refuse to submit…. A+ logic. Having one nagging wife is Hell, imagine a herd.

A white woman’s body isn’t a public squeezy toy and even a dog understands ‘No’, unlike these IQ85 degenerate scumbags.

Actual hatefacts to offend everyone

Nevermind, your fear is completely justified.

Feel free to make your own.

So let’s talk about the Red Pill, shall we?

This little red pill where any group is magically exempt from criticism… almost like a privilege. Offense is “how dare you imply my demographic is morally fallible!”

Shall we?


“Asians age really well”

Alternate title: Asian women age the best.

Spoken by someone who has never seen elderly Asian women.

Not to be mean, but they age worse. So much worse.
Go to a beach or look up photos of elderly Asian women on the beach if you dare.

Bikini shots if ya got em.

then there’s this ridiculous propaganda that a 49-year old can look like a 19-year old


pull the other one

this applies somewhat, deceptive considering the amount of makeup and surgery, but yes menopause is the ticker

also, nada about Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Afghanis etc etc.

AKA most of the Asians

Recently seen a trend for Greeks and Indians. Imagine how hairy the kids omg…

Ah, this one’s familiar. The public sour expression as they tolerate the beta males because they want half-white babies. They rarely see it but everyone else does, usually as a flicker when he speaks.

When they discuss how white women age, they always go for the anorexic ones.

Not to mention bad shots of makeup, close-up, when non-whites are at a distance with better make-up.

User ‘Black is beautiful’ asks: Why do white women age in dog years?
No bias, I’m sure.
No jealousy, certainly.
Try starting a thread asking why non-white women are so morbidly obese, even when vegetarian. That should be fun.

Video: Feminists admit rape gangs, angry

Many councils broke out the shredders so their Rotherham-like state sponsored child abuse doesn’t come out.

The denial shows the real r-types, protecting the pedophiles at any cost to the outgroup.