Whatever happens, we win

The world is crashing in on their narrative.


When the repression so strong you answer the title in the subtitle.

I saw the most New Labour of New Labour voters on the Guardian feed.

Eyes like a doll.


A mature dialogue was never possible with these people.
The Sun has them running round paying them money instead of campaigning, hilarious.
The working-class have already seen the papers, they wake up earlier.
‘Do your duty’ they say.
There are three issues: Immigration (duh), Terrorism (duh), Economy (national debt). Labour has gone mute on all.

They’ll cry more over losing this election than all the terrorist attacks combined. Notice this.

“Some people are confused with who they are voting for. They come back and ask: ‘Why didn’t it say May, Corbyn or Farron on the voting slip?’ It’s great fun. I love it.”’

Bring back a test of basic logic to vote, any test at all.

“Meanwhile, the fathers’ rights protester Bobby Smith, from Stevenage, demonstrated outside the polling station accompanied by his mother, Sheila Doyle-Smith, 59, who was dressed as Elmo. Smith stood against David Cameron in 2015.”

Oedipus Rekt.
‘Women keep me down, don’t they mother?’
Just in case you were unclear where the whiny MRAs stand. With Mommy.

The Left are pooling into Corbyn to try and pull back the pendulum.
It doesn’t appear to be working very well.
Labour might just be dead. Certainly as a party of the People. Still nothing about Rotherham.
“For the many” was really tempting fate in a democracy.
Where will the working-class go? This is the question.
If they go third-party either it will win thanks to the SNP weakness or there’ll be another coalition.
The middle-class don’t like being outgrouped, they feel entitled to working-class support like a slavish obedience of one of their dogs. Already murmurs of ‘betrayal’ – Labour wasn’t your party, you stole it with Blair, who should be hanged for his crimes until he got that wiped off the books. I almost hope they do win to inherit this mess and foist Overton in the long-run like an Olympic discus thrower. They’re such gigantic losers but they can no longer deny the reality of their egotism.

Try it.
Go on.
Try it.
“It could be perceived as pulling together an exit poll,” an Electoral Commission spokesman said last year.’
You can’t control immigration, you’re impotent. Paper pussies.
Rise of the Third Parties, this should be.
But the lefties photographing their polling card can be imprisoned and fined.
The polls lie. The MSM lie.
The People do not.

Guardian has already gone NRx to throw its rattle from the pram.

…when Y+Z, the Boomers are over.
K-shift cometh.

Watch and enjoy, boys. A hollow victory for them would be particularly sweet.

Do not gloat. Simply watch, composed. Remind them of all the hard work they put in.


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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