Why contraception is wrong

Brief but a good point.


I’d add-
Sinning against the body, public health hazard, the psychiatric damage to both parties… ruined for marriage (probably with other people, so not even giving!).

Sex was celebrated in ancient times because it was fertile, not the act itself. Sterile sex isn’t really sex. It shouldn’t be respected or considered as sex. It’s like junk food acting like gourmet. Culture values this because it destroys us. Even the SJWs, handmaidens of decadence acknowledge that sexualisation is bad for everyone.

Within a marriage temporarily is one thing, there can be medical or financial reasons but there’s still conjugal rights to handle. Extramarital, premarital fornication? Abhorrent to anyone who claims to be Christian.

One response to “Why contraception is wrong

  1. Well, contraception is not the only way to avoid conception. Good ol’ pulling out worked for us with 100% reliability for a decade. Plus few happy days each lunar cycle, yay!

    That requires both being sober though. I’m not sure that Anglo-Saxons will be able to have any sex at all if sobriety would be a requirement. Although maybe it’s a casual sex thingie, to keep the conscience quiet.

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