How screwing around ruins men for marriage

I’ve pointed out before that women aren’t breeding because men aren’t proposing.

The proposals come first. Sub-replacement fertility extends from sub-replacement marriage rates.

As much as women have to learn (and be taught) how to be wives and mothers again, men have to decide to be husbands and fathers again….”

No binge-drinking, drug-taking, clubbing and promiscuity.
No wonder they’ve yet to act their mumbled Principles.

You’re not a Christian by what you do, you are a Christian by what you don’t do.

“You Nailed It.

My sons grew up with the following:
1. I would pay huge $$$ to prevent a grandchild being aborted.
2. Be careful with whom you “dally.” Making a baby with a bat-shit crazy bitch will cement her crazy in your life forever.
3. Every Damn Thing You Do Becomes A Part Of You! Every girl you bed will leave that memory and you’ll never escape it downstream. What might this look like?
A. Crazy bitches want to put their faces on every orgasm you have for the rest of your life, so sex with them will in all likelihood be the craziest Monkey Sex you can imagine. Then you’ll forever compare sex with subsequent girls (INCLUDING YOUR WIFE) with her technique, and GUESS WHAT? (quoting a previous coworker) “My wife is not the woman about whom I was most passionate.” (Denouement? He’s divorced. Small wonder, huh?)

Alpha widows?

A marriage isn’t made on eros, and eros is temporary, the honeymoon chemicals in your brain. It never lasts. It’s impossible. If your dealbreaker for marriage is ‘passion‘, you might be spouting Boomer BS. All together now, “But I’m not haaaa-ppy!”

It’s like they don’t know the meaning of the word ‘commitment’.
What did they think they were saying “for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do us part”?
What, like that’s such a casual line?

Crazies use the male weakness for novelty to snare them. Yes, weakness.
If you want a wife who fucks like a porn star, marry a porn star or never marry. Those women are damaged, so unless you wanted a damaged wife and mother to your children, you don’t really want what you think you want.

……..And why can’t you train your wife up? If you’re All That?

The sexual entitlement of modern men is the worst part, the traits they tend to want in a woman are mutually exclusive – so they never ‘settle’. Thank God they’re not breeding. I think a feminist must’ve started MGTOW – fish/bicycle is easier to sell when the r-men are leaving the r-women anyway.

They’ve ruined their value to a wife, even if they manage to avoid STDs, there’s psychological distress and other emotional damage, since men do pair sex with emotions moreso than women – in a marriage.

You can’t expect something you also didn’t do. It’s assortative mating.
R-types do NOT deserve K-wives.
That’s your bed, lie in it.

B. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you have lots of “experience” with other women your memory will screw with you and you’ll be stuck with “Angel was best at A, Betty was best at B, Camille was best at C,…and my wife isn’t the best at anything.” That’s hardly a prescription for lifelong marital bliss.

It’s almost like the virtue of chastity applies to men as well?
The Bible says to stone non-virgins, the example might’ve been female, but it didn’t permit the male promiscuity, which must also occur in heterosexual relations. Considering it forbids adultery, prostitution and fornication, it’s astute to recognize men aren’t off the hook because they lack an explicit mention.
Giving virgins a bad name is explicitly fined and you cannot divorce a woman because she sexually displeases you compared to other women.

I don’t know what the answer is. I fretted like crazy while my sons navigated the fetid swamp that is the Dating Pool. By all appearances each seems to have found a needle in the haystack of harpies, whores and psychotics. All three girls come from intact families (but two of the three families are hardly what I’d rate as up to our standards, and the third is still short. Not a single family cooked meals at home, so my sons had to teach all their wives to cook.)

Tend your own garden. I did my part, and from early indications my sons are doing theirs. They can’t fix other people’s “broken.” The other people have to fix themselves, hopefully soon and in high enough proportions that the entire civilization doesn’t rot to stinking gangrene right down around my extending family’s ears.”

You can tell his true issue is encouraging his sons to gain the 20th century joke called “experience” which does two things 1. ruins another man’s daughters* (in Patriarchy, you care about other families too) and 2. ruins their pair bonding, their sexual satisfaction and increases divorce risk, although nobody has had the balls to study the last one in men, it’s neurobiological. There’s no reason it wouldn’t apply to men.

However, there is no way to prove a woman’s virginity, as with a man. A gynecologist can’t tell, they must ask. Even pregnancy could’ve been a case of contamination. Ancient men hated discussing menses, they were hardly up on the finer points of female anatomy we began studying two centuries ago and have yet to finish with MRI. Medical science moves on. Being promiscuous without being married (to the subject) is the sin.
For example, the hymen rarely bleeds and isn’t supposed to. It thins with age and slackens (not a pool-cover), considering the child brides of the time, either the bleeding was from a child raped, the hymen was too thick by birth or she was too young, and most of the ‘virginal bleeding’ is the vagina, panicking at poor technique e.g. insufficient lubrication, too much, too fast. It’s a sign that a man is bad in bed. The vagina is acutely sensitive, and well-supplied in the vascular system. The hymen? Hardly. If it’s fully intact, the woman cannot bleed and it must be cut surgically. It isn’t medically desirable either.

The only reason they don’t stone the defamatory husband is because the deflowered woman would have issues with remarriage and might be pregnant. However, adulterous men are stoned to death, so arguably it’s just plain extramarital adultery or premarital fornication that are the death sentence offences.

*This is a death sentence offense alone and the reason seduction is a crime.
Deuteronomy 22:23-24

Men insulting their own wives are committing offences, they must cherish according to their vow.
The woman’s ability to be a good wife may be in doubt, but the man’s ability to be a good husband has been proven questionable in his actions.
Also, how weak to point the finger at the person you swore to protect. How childish, how arrogant.

5 responses to “How screwing around ruins men for marriage

  1. I think the root of it is that modern Western men do not want to be fathers. And it’s not infantilism alone – quite a few of them are yearn for eesponsibility, as we are creatires of dity, always were. It’s something more deep.

    I’m playing with the idea that modern Western civilization hates the figure of a Father – archetypical Father-As-A-King, disciplining, ordering, limiting – and protective – figure; a source of social order, culture and civilization. West hates The Man, an authority figure in charge.

    Maybe it’s egalitarianism/individualism started by Enlightenment, maybe it’s the consequence of maurdeting the God – I don’t know. But there is something to that. Family is about kids. Kids are about legacy. Men no longer want legacy. Men do not want to be fathers – and that means no commitment to a woman.

    • I want to extend on that, adopting the Jungian language.

      The Right is effectively about the idea of The King: natural inequality, hierarchy, discipline, transcendental source of authority, “life is bigger than you are on the higher order of things”. The Left is about the idea of The Mother: always inclusive, never playing favourites, always forgiving, never judgemental, “you are the most precious and unique thing in the World, my little Bubba, don’t let the evil Goyem tell you otherwise”. Hello, snowflakes, nanny-states with Nannies in charge, “anti-nationalism”, “anti-racism”, non-judgementalism, etc.

      This dichotomy makes the Left Oedipal, possessed with the idea of killing the very archetype of the Father-King, an obstacle to embracing The Mother for eternity. Given that they now fully dominate the intellectual discourse (Kings are anti-intellectual, they’re proud thinking animals – as this is the Nature’s Way), Oedipus is the primary role model we now have for the boys.

      Now, what King would want to knowingly raise a little Oedipus in his matrimonial domain? And what little oedpuses are capable for, except for destroying every source of Royal authority they can reach, and always searching for maternal-style relationships – entitlement to unconditional love and acceptance with no responsibilities – with the Femenine?

    • Yes, that is similar to the psychodynamic theories.
      All the great philosophers said men needed to be responsible, held to the highest standards, and produce and make families.
      Very simple and fulfilling wisdom.
      We now have intellectually inferior weaklings that in any other time, wouldn’t have survived to adulthood. At least women are always biologically necessary because eggs are expensive but now we’re in the uncanny position of genetic suicide being considered a positive lifestyle choice. Like common filth says, deathstyle.
      Craven fools scared of standards. Oh no! They have to work hard! (so does everyone) They act like they’re the first people in human history to have duty, to do things they dislike. By all means, found a homoerotic lil island we tell them, go your own way and leave the productive well alone.

  2. It’s always and only about one thing: Free Money. That’s what’s at the heart of it all. Women and minorities use the state to force wealth and power from those that have it to those that simply demand it for themselves (women and minorities). How do they do it? They vote for Democrats, the ‘party’ of minorities, gays, feminists, illegal aliens, lesbians, socialists, white haters, transgenders and atheists. Free food! Free housing! Free healthcare! Free education! Free mandatory paid maternity leave! Free mandatory paid period leave! Free mandatory minimum income! Down with the cops! Down with the constitution! Down with white people! Down with borders! Down with CisHet white males! Down with Christianity! Down with America! Allahu Akbar!

    Trillions in wealth and power have already been forcefully transferred through no-fault divorce, Title IX, Affirmative Action, alimony, asset division, child support and the vast majority of federal and state heath/education/welfare spending going to women and minorities even though white males do now and have always paid the vast majority of taxes; hence the skyrocketing suicide rate for white males. Does anyone really care? Not a bit. Men are disposable then, now and always will be in the future. Women & the state have always been the privileged class, both using men like disposable gloves for their dirty work & dying.

    Why does the state allow it? The state allows it because the state is the biggest promoter of forced wealth transfer from others to itself – and it buys votes from women and minorities to continue their long con. Pair that with male disposability and you understand it all. If you try to fight it, the state will simply create new laws even more misandric than the last to shut you down. Speak openly and candidly in public and you’ll be targeted for financial and legal destruction; hence all the stories in the news about white men losing their jobs after confronting and fairly or humorously criticizing women and minorities – and the ever increasing stories of men’s lives destroyed through false accusations of rape and sexual assault.

    Affirmative Consent, the latest of such anti-male laws, ejects men from college following a woman’s sexual assault accusation alone, over turning presumption of innocence and due process for men upon the wrath of a woman scorned. Women, minorities and the state are simply ‘culturally appropriating’ the spoils of white, male, heterosexual, Christian, European creation for themselves. It’s all socialism (forced wealth transfer) – and the state enriches itself through selling you out to women and minorities.

    Women and the state sold men out long ago. If you still buy the illusions and enchantments, you’re a sad, sad case. Welcome to reality. Never give a woman and/or the state any level of legal and/or financial power over your life. It’s all about money and power and forcing it from the group that earned it to the group that simply demands it for themselves (women, minorities, the state), via corrupt state power and the voting system.

    The Big Lie will rue the day men awaken – and that process is now well underway. “Oh what tangled webs we weave – when we practice to deceive.”

    The danger to Western civilization is no longer the lies of feminism, but men’s gradual awakening to the lies hidden within feminism & gynocentrism and the lies feminists, gynocentrists and the state use to whitewash the lies feminists use to cover their other lies – like the ‘pay gap’. Ever wonder why feminists don’t discuss the ‘empathy gap’ (men’s much harsher punishments for the same crimes), the ‘war and workplace death gap’, nor the ‘suicide gap’? Because those don’t buy feminists, minorities and the state free stuff. This is why feminists work so diligently to destroy male spaces and hide posts like my own. To survive, feminism must have power over speech, voices, opinions and thought; hence the feminist annihilation of male-only spaces in favor of female-controlled spaces. It’s all gynocentric social conditioning and brainwashing.

    Female oppression, and hence feminism, it’s foundation based in gynocentrism, is a lie of inconceivable proportions, to wit:

    #1: Everything upon the earth was built by men. There’s not a single, substantial structure on the earth primarily built by women.

    #2: It was men that were trafficked, exploited, used, manipulated, brainwashed and disposed of in all the wars for the advancement of women and the state.

    #3: Men have always been primarily responsible for working the most dirty, most dangerous, most life shortening, most back breaking jobs, for the advancement of women and the state.

    #4: Women demand quotas only in the most prestigious, most powerful, most lucrative positions and didn’t demand their place in employment until after men made work relatively safe, broken nail free and mussed hair proof.

    #5: Men pay the majority of taxes, but the vast majority of spending on healthcare, welfare and education is spent at the state and federal level on women.

    #6: The vast majority of alimony, asset division and child support flows from men to women.

    #7: Trillions in wealth and power have been forcefully transferred, via state power, from men to women and the state through Affirmative Action, Title IX, alimony, asset division and child support (alimony++).

    #8: Affirmative Consent – a feminist creation like no-fault divorce (legislation written by NAWL), seeks to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process at the behest of a woman scorned, on her word alone.

    #9: Feminists, while standing tall against the idea of men defining femininity, insist on defining and redefining masculinity.

    #10: Feminists claim sole ownership of victimhood and ignore the many benefits patriarchy has bestowed upon women whilst also ignoring the billions of male victims of gynocentrism.

    What do feminists say in response to the above? It’s all the fault of ‘toxic masculinity’. In other words, they ‘victim blame’. “You should not have worn such masculine clothes. You should not have displayed your muscles and instead worn a long sleeve shirt to cover them from bulging out so. You should have raised your voice a few octaves so as not to attract the misandric attention of women and the state, both of whom see men as disposable utilities with which to do their dirty work. It’s all your fault. You shouldn’t have been so brazen as to expose your masculinity or none of it would have ever happened. If only men would behave in a more womanly like manner – women wouldn’t see the opportunity to financially rape men and dispose of men in war for their own perverted self-satisfaction and lust for power over men.”

    Under any other context, all the above would be considered war crimes against men. But since it’s only men that get the shaft – they just hand out empty medals and pin them to the body bags or toe tags. Male disposability. It’s all the rage. It’s a massive crime hidden in plain sight.

    Never give a woman and/or the state any level of legal, financial, emotional, physical, intellectual, psychological nor spiritual power over your life. They’ve many a way to make you suffer that kind of horrific decision.

    Simple, logical, fair explanation of reality – minus the gynocentric illusions and enchantments we’re all supposed to swallow as gospel. Hope you’re not bored. I just unwound the entirety of reality for you in one post.

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