Reverse the Sexual Revolution

If you pointed at a random American man or woman on the street and shouted Whore! you’d probably be right.
Note the contradiction of ‘healthy’ ‘infected’. They know the cancer risk and doubtless others.
This is being pushed as healthy?

Meanwhile, there are probably psychiatric effects from HPV…

and this includes men, who retain STDs in their urethra (the area isn’t sterile), as well the inevitability of male birth control.


Why we blog

Seven years, I avoided this topic.

I’ve seen people question the value of blogging in light of the temporary boon in Youtube video (90% Stefan tbh) and the raving success of the top-tier 1% of memes. There is ideological value to a good post naturally, a shitpost and the lesser-known trash blogging. You become the gadfly. You point out what nobody else can, what doesn’t fit into a meme, you can link, reference and teach… without the occupational fallibility and lengthiness of a video that only 20% of your intended will watch because they can’t ctrl+F to the good bits.

I love linking people. I love giving them credit, although many, many people rip off me if you look at the damn posting dates. They do this because 1. they think I don’t notice, 2. they think I won’t punish them for it and 3. they know I don’t link to anyone who isn’t interesting, I’m not a shill.
I’m getting to them. I’m patient. In the most overt cases, they have mysterious legal trouble, media groups on their back like vultures for no apparent reason, a series of embarrassing dox for them and their ‘group’ or the internet attention dries up and they have no idea why. Manners maketh man and they think they can disrespect me? No, that simply won’t do.
Naturally, I don’t do anything illegal. But I don’t take an interest in the business of others much either.
The good ones get a slow growth in coverage, nice reputation and the media leave them alone for the most part. What are the odds?

As for the ones who pissed me off and somehow remain, I have some big things planned and needed pawns. Judge not, right? The Bible says nothing against using the evil to advance the good. They’ll lose it all and then some eventually, I guarantee it.

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

I fuck around for lolz, but I’ve never been fucking around.

The SJWs do not police blogs. They don’t bother, they don’t try, they can’t. They don’t understand it and lack the attention span. This tactical advantage alone has value. Meme pages and Youtube videos are taken down all the time. Blogs like mine? Here for years. Content control, peeps.

I hinted at these in Why mockery? and go read that if you haven’t.
We need something to replace the faulty educational systems. We need thinkers. Not talkers, ramblers, but the kind of good-humoured professor the curious deserve. I am correct in that the Alt Right as it stands now is ‘too popular’, because politics is not a fashion trend. Move onto the real thing or STFU and GTFO before you’re BTFO for being a degenerate.

Trash blogging itself does perform many useful functions.
Relief for the viewers that they are not alone is #1.

The smart ones will know when you’re kidding, how and why – it’s a good BS test. The idiots will divert themselves on nonsense and fail to see that posting bad examples is more imperative to learning than showing good ones.

Networks develop. They can’t predict this, they haven’t the EQ or SQ to draft Codes of Conduct for this. They can’t police popularity and it kills them, just look at the success of that mutt Vox Day.

They tell themselves we’re worthless because MUH METRICS.
Quality, you silly rabbits. I’d rather have 50 influential people read me than 5 million Idiocracy contestants.

We can ban. We can chide. We can mock. We can say The Emperor wears no clothes.
If you don’t see the value in that, you must be stupid.

There are plenty of trash bloggers with power working under pseuds to protect their shekels.
There are good people among the elite. People with a conscience, with a soul, with genuine compassion… but not stupid.
We like to out pedos, in particular.
“In a way, we were all Himmmm. Kind of like V in V for Vendetta.” Indeeeed.
Many masks. Probably a thespy joke.
It goes deep. People don’t get it, the legal side nowadays.
“I don’t use an anon name because it’s false info I share…I have to be anon because it is TRUE!”
I have to resist the impulse to comment on things.
It’s such a huge temptation to talk about it SOMEWHERE, you have no idea. But as soon as you use real names and topics, they flag on SEO.
At best, I anon a Tumblr inbox. I am weak. I have been around the gossip circuit. All the way around, for many years. Like a circle. LJ is best for gossip, CDAN is mostly well duh or ridiculous to give us a LOL. That’s where the goodpost/shitpost tactic arose. It keeps your enemy on the backfoot. Celebs can also troll and know exactly what they’re doing. I mean, they know they’re not gonna sue themselves, right?
You’ll notice there’s a cleaner, clipped professional tone to any influential people, you read enough and you start to recognize it. Cannot be hidden, typical smooth e-mail style. You’re taught a certain mode of relating in speech too, you can’t miss it once you know.
I do manage to put very redpill references in media from time-to-time, talk of a deep echo here and there. Slipping out stories is a fine art and you can’t actually provide too much information or it’s easy to trace.
The best thing with pedophiles is to out them by reputation in the industry because a lot of them read the blogs to know who to work with, they can politely check. Otherwise, you get sued and don’t have proof because a little girl is scared of becoming one of the dead Friends of Hillary. The oil money in this from the Middle East means they’re untouchable by the jurisdiction of the national law so you cannot out Them but you can mention the underlings, some justice against the low of the lowlifes. NGOs and a tax-based rootlessness protect them.

The Alt Right, so-called, has been around for many years. You just didn’t see us.

Well… you didn’t know what you were looking at, truth be told. We go grey. Greyman protocol is the only way to operating safely and still keep your living in certain industries. We are not cowards, we just need to live. Considering the great mortal risk of certain info, a little disinfo is fair, I think.

It’s like a magician, you’re not really looking.

I put on my About page you could’ve seen me on TV… You probably have. I know you know certain NRx names, at least, there’s a Venn crossover.

It’s a sexy crossover, full of sexy people.

If I change my posting priorities, rest assured there are sound strategic reasons. It isn’t permanent, it’s all cued to obtain a certain reaction. Looking like a non-entity has its benefits but note my predictions come true. They all come good. What are the odds, right?

Men think size matters. I don’t mind seeming small, as long as I’m at the controls.

A man’s dating advice
Dropping the porn is the biggest hurdle men face. It’s deliberately addictive.

“I now practice mindful sexuality with every girl I meet: cute cashiers, beautiful bartenders, foxy friends. (Gorgeous women are everywhere!) But instead of punching more holes in my heart, I come away from each interaction knowing that I’m a better husband, father, and man. I choose to increase my respect and awe for women in every instance; I refuse to degrade them with my thoughts.”

Link: The 8th grade exam, 1895

I couldn’t pass this, I’ll be honest. And I read 19th century literature extensively, it isn’t the wording.
I’m not American though, so perhaps that’s an excuse?
The Victorian RT, the best proxy for true IQ, was higher than in modernity. Flynn effect is largely fake, excepting nutrition (especially iodine and later folic acid), a one-time boost of the mean, not the upper limit.

Largely it’s in avoiding toxins.

How many mothers know you’re not supposed to make up baby formula with fluoridated water?

Want social justice?

Stop grading kids on a curve. It shouldn’t matter what the person next to them did, either they know it or they don’t.
Quit using pop culture, especially rap, which is racist since blacks have an advantage. If they want to leave education early to pursue trades, let them. Do not allow the bright children to act as unofficial TAs unless they are getting paid. Discipline early and strictly. Exclude frequently. NPD thrives on attention. Bring in gifted programmes, blind-qualified, not appealing to the lowest common denom.
Test teacher IQ stringently. If IQ doesn’t count, neither should grades aka bring back Pass/Fail wherever possible since that’s clearly the ‘standard’.
No extra points for hobbies.
No marks for charity work, which is truly slave labour.
Teachers held accountable by students e.g. grading on-time.
Acknowledge the hierarchy of power, you are not friends, teachers must be mature, neutral role models i.e. no personal stories, no turning up drunk, political lecturing is fined.
Dumb teachers lead to dumb everyone.
The Victorian schoolmistresses (yes, women worked before they voted, America) used to have to learn particular skills, one that stuck out was the ability to draw a perfect circle in chalk on the board with one hand. How many tenured professors can do this?
Obviously, no obese teachers until they cut the chub. It’s a bad influence on the children, since they’re all Tabula Rasa, constantly lectured on how Not to be fat… by the fat.

Education is still the answer but most children shouldn’t be in it.

How to handle illegals

I’m on holiday, obviously, but I have a few posts to pull out…

suggestions from

Aside from Stop the Gibs

before Right Wing Death Squads.

“They ought to start busting rich people who hire illegal housekeepers. Whatever the maximum fine for hiring an illegal is, sock it to them. That and the social humiliation of being outed as a SWPL who pays slave wages would be a powerful disincentive. Plus, Middle America needs to be reminded that the reason these people shill for illegal immigrants is that they don’t want to mop their own floors.”

“”The idea of “Loss aversion” is that people are more motivated to act out of fear of loss, than of desire for gain. Applied to deportations, rather than pay illegals to leave, it would be better to confiscate the belongings of any illegals who get caught and then send them back. Call it, “paying for their plane-ride home.” One high-publicity deportation of this kind may be enough to spark a tidal-wave of wet-backs trying to escape the country.
Better yet, if the “plan” to confiscate belongings happened to be “leaked” to the media, then the same results could be
achieved without the hassle of actually collecting any of that garbage. “”

“Here is what works:

(1) Round them up.

(2) Seize all their personal belongings and destroy them, publicly, right then and there. The French started doing that to gypsy camps; turns out bulldozing gypsy vans on site is much better than giving them money to drive away.

(3) Deport.

(3b) If you don’t have the money or the manpower to deport them or your neighbors won’t let you, you just f**king put them in camps. We do that in Bulgaria. It has taught them to give us a wide berth.”

“In addition to fining companies, also offer whistleblower bounties to people who report them for employing illegals.”

“Rather than fining the employers of illegals, we could probably kill two birds with one stone and de-SCALE megacorporations (especially in agribusiness) by seizing their assets instead. For instance, if some almond grower, whose orchards are so extensive that you can’t see from one end to the other due to the curvature of the earth, is caught employing illegals, 10% of their land will be seized and then sold at auction within 30 days of conviction (they should, of course, be barred from bidding on it). For a second offense, 25% of their (remaining) land, and so on. Money spent paying out a fine can always be earned back, but the supply of land is fixed, so this would be far more painful for them and give them more caution before hiring illegals.”

Also go after HR, who really hire these people and allow their phoney paperwork.

You could introduce an illegal-hiring tax, sizable, atop what they already pay.

On A Day Without Immigrants
“A caller to a local radio show claimed that almost 100 spics failed to show up at the factory where he works and that,
despite their absence, production was at nearly 100%. At the end of the day, he claimed to have overheard managers discussing how they might be able to “surplus” some employees. Huge if it’s not fanfiction.
The main result of the protest seems to be that large numbers of normies are now aware that we don’t actually need these immigrants at all.
There were also multiple reports that many of the participants in the protest were under the impression that it would be a paid holiday, a perception which the organizers apparently encouraged.”

Ford measured individual productivity, and this was in whites.

You can replace Mexico with anywhere no sane person wants to live.
“The minority berates you for racism as he discusses the benefits of racial eugenics. The comment was from two years ago and I wonder what this latinx thinks about the Trump phenomenon. I imagine he isn’t too happy (karma is a bitch). Mexican immigrants in particular maintain a couple of conflicting beliefs and ideas about themselves and about their new host country, namely:
1) Mexico is such a terrible shithole that forcing me to return is a crime against humanity, BUT
2) Mexicans are so amazing and hardworking that the United States would literally collapse without them, BUT
3) When Mexicans take over they are going to take vengeance and turn the United States into Mexico, BUT
4) Refer back to point 1.”

You can’t negotiate with the retarded.

You can only trump them and let them come up with excuses.

“Sympathy is the mind killer.”

“if you live in a major metro or a state like CA or TX, you should dialing them a few times a month. don’t limit yourself to mexicans. rundown chink/bindi convenience stores, hotels, laundry mats, and restaurants all rely on slave labor from their relatives on expired visas to keep doors open.”
Slavery in the First World, and the Left treats it like a good thing.

“Just wanted to add that while removing any illegal is worthy, keep in mind that through reporting suspected illegals you might actually be helping victims of human trafficking go back home and get their traffickers put in jail or f**king deported.
Houston has had a few HT busts over the past few years. I think the last one I read about there were actual child prostitutes brought in from Mexico and/or Central America.
Of course, this comes all the way back around to why lax immigration enforcement is a bad thing to begin with.”
Better borders, no sex slavery trafficking rings.

“besides which, advocating for any form of violation of immigration law is treason, and last I checked that was a serious crime”
and aiding and abetting

“Really looking forward to family reunification (sending the anchors back).”

All the extended family, who claim disability for a normal back. They’d run pretty quickly if chased by dogs.

“According to the alleged victim, the younger of the two suspects solicited her for sex in a school hallway. When she refused, he forced her into a boy’s bathroom. Both the suspects then allegedly raped her inside a bathroom stall.”
The fact they treat all white women like hookers goes to show that mass deportations are going to happen. That should be a crime in itself but people let it go because they’re scared of being called the R-word. Cut the ghetto standards.

Faking age adds fraud onto the list.
“Trump demands that schools bone-scan age test illegals (and kick out students who are too old) or else be in violation of Title IX.”
When the far Left freaks out over biometric age testing, it will be a huge red pill. And if schools start doing, they’ll find most illegals lie like fiends about their age.”

More money.

“Haitians easily make my list of ethnicities that, not only should we not let any more in, we should kick out the ones we’ve already got. Citizen or no.
Jesus Christ, the degree of social dysfunction in that country is so bad you can see it from space.”
reply “Total coincidence: Haiti is the only country in the new world that experienced a successful slave revolt resulting in the death of all the white people. ”

Sometimes, dysgenics wins.

“lol at the guy in the video bitching about the lack of due process in deportations. after all, if there’s anyone who values fair treatment in the legal system and rule of law it’s definitely the group that openly flouts a foreign country’s
immigration laws as a means to the end of openly flouting that same country’s wage laws.”

James Kalb had one of his great lines about the kind of debate that every conservative has been in at least once. The liberal keeps asking “Why?” to every single conservative claim until the conservative is deep into epistomology, ontology, and metaphysics. Even if you remember every lemma from those scholastic philosophy courses that you took in seminary, 😆 the liberal will forget all about them and demand that you go through them again the next day.
The fact that they do this is one more proof of their shamelessness. If they really believed that we’re a bunch of mind-
shackled obscurantists, then they would be surprised by that reaction rather than take advantage of it.”

Dogpiling? That’s why you never let them derail and win on your original point before moving onto any other. Also, don’t let them play referee and recall appeal to moderation is a fallacy.
NPDs have a selective memory, AC discusses it. Has a book on how to counter.

We need e-verify here, and to stop the gravy train.
Tax remittance is a big one.

“This just proves that if Trump wants to solidify his electoral gains, he needs to move some of Obama’s refugees to Minnesota and New Hampshire.”

I’ve said we move all the immigrants and refugees into luvvie areas, especially Hampstead Heath.

Let them suffer the diversity.

Tall Poppy Syndrome and the myth of equality

Now, all of these in fact have been the economic effects of pursuing far too much equality, and I think we have very much now come to the end of the road. And, in fact, we find that the persistent expansion of the role of the state, beyond the capacity of the economy to support it, and the relentless pursuit of equality has caused, and is causing, damage to our economy in a variety of ways. It’s not the sole cause of what some have termed the ‘British sickness’ but it is a major one.

Now, what are the lessons then that we’ve learned from the last thirty years? First, that the pursuit of equality itself is a mirage. What’s more desireable and more practicable than the pursuit of equality is the pursuit of equality of opportunity. And opportunity means nothing unless it includes the right to be unequal and the freedom to be different.

One of the reasons that we value individuals is not because they’re all the same, but because they’re all different. I believe you have a saying in the Middle West: ‘Don’t cut down the tall poppies. Let them rather grow tall.’ I would say, let our children grow tall and some taller than others if they have the ability in them to do so. Because we must build a society in which each citizen can develop his full potential, both for his own benefit and for the community as a whole, a society in which originality, skill, energy and thrift are rewarded, in which we encourage rather than restrict the variety and richness of human nature.


Read Genius Famine.
n.b. The problem of obedience in schools also applies to the military.

Now, holding these views as strongly as I do, you can imagine that I was particularly interested to read a description of some of the problems in Czechoslovakia. And the description went like this—and I’ll tell you the year to which it referred in a moment. ‘The pursuit of equality’—I’m quoting—‘has developed in and unprecedented manner [end p147] and this fact has become one of the most important obstacles to intensive economic development and higher living standards. The negative aspects of equality are that lazy people, passive individuals, and irresponsible employees profit at the expense of dedicated and diligent employees, that unskilled workers profit at the expense of skilled ones, that those who are backward from the viewpoint of technology profit at the expense of those with initiative and talent.’

The problem isn’t women, even the ditzy ones. It’s a systemic issue.
You see the same moral weakness in all-boys schools, for instance.