Video: Trannies that trick men by non-disclosure

It meets the legal standard of rape, especially the fraudulent aspect of it. Sex is still considered biological so to pass yourself off as another thing is like a socially lesser form of breach of promise or false light. Generally it’s a really shitty thing to do. It’s fundamental to the person’s history, their current identity and the attraction, including the natural questions e.g. making babies that arise.

‘Tricking’ is too kind a word. It’s deceptive. I linked to a book here Red Queen or something I think, and many transgender/transsexual types wanted the surgery to deceive heterosexual men. They didn’t even want a bisexual man to take care of them, they wanted to poach a straight and live a fairytale princess life.

Update: this

Any straight woman would laugh at that, but it’s a really sad motivation when you think about it.
Especially when you consider that motherhood is integral to that picture.

It’s rape if the person believes you’re someone you are not.
Where this ties into seduction law is unclear.

Claiming ‘phobia’ is ridiculous. Someone is allowed not to fancy you.

Consent magically flies out the window if it’s a hetero man?

The classic example is if you’re married to one identical twin and consent to the other, not knowing it’s the other – still rape. Keeping someone in the dark is terrible for dating anyway, mention it on the first date as a heavy filter because living a lie whatever you are simply isn’t worth it. Why would you want to deny who you were? Isn’t that a major red flag for psychosis? It’s almost counterphobic to suppress like that.

Quite a few Asian LBFMs are actually, biologically men.

As for a whole tag called He Didn’t Know I Was Trans

It’s despicable, and makes them all look awful. Do guys really need to cheek swab you on the first date?

How can you have love without trust?

You can’t claim victim status when you’re the criminal.
The law will side against anyone who behaves like that. As it should.

You don’t get to avoid an uncomfortable conversation to get sex. Although it is a very male thing to do.

2 responses to “Video: Trannies that trick men by non-disclosure

  1. You see those articles where trans ‘women’ want womb donors so they can have children? The doctors promoting it say it’s because of ethics and tolerance.

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