Does masturbation cause acne in males?

I bring this up out of sympathy.

Based on traffic, this might be of use as motivation to certain readers.

Here’s a woman’s pitifully ill-informed take, trust the men who say it causes breakouts. Trust them!

It throws your hormones out of balance and depletes your nutrients. The skin gets those last. Since it’s a self-soothing behaviour, you’re likelier to do it when stressed and compulsively, instead of say, exercising and eating better, to feel better.
The hormones released during the male orgasm (I assume that’s the intention) such as progesterone (yes, the thing in The Pill and the reason women get period spots) DO literally cause acne. They boost sebum production and it’s inflammatory too. Women might require more because it balances the increased estrogen produced, so obviously that doesn’t apply to men.
Androgen spikes occur when male levels are already higher, as do the usual ‘thrill’ and stress hormones. Thyroid and adrenal (DHEA-S) issues might throw off the acid mantle’s protective function and no offense, but most compulsive masturbators have awful hygiene, they’re unlikely to be using toner after their exertions.
It wouldn’t apply to women because the way women orgasm (vascular, electrical) doesn’t do much to the hormones and probably makes the skin clearer, if the rumours are true (Vivien Leigh’s carnal rejuvenation).

Scientifically, go one month without touching it and get your levels tested.

The next month, whack it as much as you want and get them tested again.

This way around so you aren’t working from a depleted sack.

For starters.

I would like to reiterate for the millionth time, ejaculation is not synonymous with orgasm, in either sex!

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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