Evidence for Cochran’s & Harpending’s Theory of Genetic Load: The Link Between IQ and Attractiveness

The best way to test this is to combine an African father and Asian mother.

See what happens.

Master race of the beauty pageant circuit or bust?

It would be a mistake to go by continent instead of country or forensic tribe, in all matters facial. Small geographic bridges can demarcate extremes distinctions e.g. straight hair to curly thick, pale to tan based on a valley or mountainous hill, nose shape or for non-facial traits – the fingers and toes.

Celtic toes are not Roman toes are not Greek toes.

Certainly the greatest phenotypic range belongs to Whites, from grey to blue to violet to green to hazel to amber to brown to black eye colours. The sexual dimorphism fully ranges too, so if we look to averages there’s a bit of a Goldilocks effect. Children of either sex are unlikely to resent their parents.

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Greg Cochran and Henry Harpending have recently proposed a hypothesis on their blog that posits that the lower average IQ of tropical peoples may be related to the number of fitness reducing mutations these people carry.  Apparently, the rate of mutation is higher in the tropics. The majority of mutations that occur are neutral and harmless, but the majority of the remainder are harmful. Some of these are severely so, and they are rather quickly eliminated by natural selection. But most are only mildly deleterious, only slightly reducing fitness. It takes selection a long time to remove such mildly deleterious mutations; hence populations that experience a high mutation rate will accumulate a large amount of these fitness reducing genetic changes (i.e., genetic load) because they appear faster than selection can eliminate them. This has all kinds of ill effects for humans, as all these minor dings and dents can…

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