Academia, society excludes highest IQ

Deep down, I think we all knew. Why else get superficial half-solutions that make things worse? Among those who can do maths, no less?

I might’ve posted this before, don’t think so. I see something new each time so it hardly matters.

The biggest divas and bitches you’ll ever meet are in the 120s and 130s. You can sense them as you enter a room if your power level is high enough.
Their huge ego is invested in being smart, the smartest person in the room. They mistake that gift with being obnoxious to anyone who demonstrates intelligence because it feels like an attack. Being told they’re The Best from childhood, their parents pressure to always work hardest, they can’t let go.
They’re miserable, so they attack your happiness as proof of stupidity.

Balance is a foreign word to them. Not everything is a Spelling Bee, you can just sip your drink and enjoy the experience of talking to other human beings, we are not aliens. Disagreement is rarely shitty or personal. Only an insecure person couldn’t laugh at themselves.

“I’ve been pointing this out for years, if you recall. But because I don’t think like the less intelligent, I am regularly labeled everything from stupid to racist. In my experience, the 150 IQ individual does not resent the individual with the 160 or the 175 IQ, and this may be because being above 145, we all tend to engage in similar thought processes, albeit with different capabilities. The 135 IQ individual dislikes and fears the 150+ individuals, while the 115 IQ individual either doesn’t believe the 150+ individuals exist or blithely insists that they are crazy.

Pathologizing intelligence, thy name is High Functioning Autism.
Meanwhile, Rain Man had schizophrenia.

That’s why I despise midwits. You simply can’t talk to them. They don’t even try to understand you, but instead move to disqualify you as fast as they can. I have much more sensible conversations with people in the 75 to 100 range than I do with most in the 105 to 120 range. The 125 to 140 crowd is okay as long as they don’t have an inferiority complex, but when they do, they’re the biggest annoyances of all.”

We need more high IQ posts online, lumping them all into one group triggers me. Like sure, from a distance we all look the same especially if you lump our existence in with fairies.
It’s like saying there’s no such thing as personality, because spectrum. Muh Holy Spectrum, where everyone is equal on a line.

A sounder knowledge of fallacies, cherry-picking and confirmation bias is often found in the average, we call this bundle common sense. They just dunno the terms.

It’s like talking to small children, where they challenge you to a fight and like a cartoon you just hold their head at arm’s length. Hilarious when it isn’t sad. Naturally, you’re seen as the bad guy. You can’t teach a retard the rules of grammar, they can’t process it, it’s too much. It’s kinda like that.

Genius is not a score on a paper either. Academia lied. It’s defined as an original contribution, lasting after your death i.e. not a trend.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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