Audrey Hepburn was not a pure cinnamon roll in couture

I’ve never explained why Hepburn always got a sneer from me.

Women like Audrey Hepburn because they think she wasn’t a sexual threat.
They were wrong.
Anyone with girl experience will know they’re the most dangerous and ruthless type.
It’s the fatal combination of testosterone and self-loathing, combined with the urge to prove one’s attractiveness to men.
Actually, some celebrities only seem flawless because you haven’t bothered to scratch the surface.
This is the case with Little Miss No-Tits.
Women assume she was a nice girl, perfect best friend type.
Except, among other things, she had a string of lovers.
Bogart, Bill Holden, Albert Finney, Ben Gazzara…
I’m not starting on her because she was European but because few people seem to know this information.
Grace Kelly was a total slut too, she’d commonly sleep with men on the first date.
This was the behaviour of a whore at the time.
I mention this because everyone drags Marilyn for showing her tits when she had plenty of good reasons to do what she did, not that it excuses the adultery.
Cutesy acts and other fake femininity disgust me, at least Marilyn owned the plastic.
Maybe the spy work was actually because she hated her father. I do wonder if this involved prostitution because it’s unlikely they’d let a show girl through with supplies unless she offered a distraction and none of the stories say how she magically convinced the guards. The STDs that would naturally result neatly explain all the miscarriages. I suppose it’s possible she deliberately aborted them by starving herself, she was known to do that. While going on and on about natural beauty, the fake.

“Hepburn had planned to marry Holden and start a family with him but dropped the idea when she learned he’d had a vasectomy.”
What a gracious, loving woman, who’d accept a man whatever his situation, right?
It also doesn’t sound very likely, I smell an excuse.

And why should her marriage to him be valid? Because it’s her, right?

She was happy to abandon a marriage with a child but her lover sometimes had a moral compass.
He had three kids.


“It’s really rather hard for me to feel badly for a grown woman who enters an affair with a married man and he refuses to have children with her – AND she “feels betrayed?” Really? SHE feels betrayed? I can give grace for young, foolish girls who do this. But a woman of the world? Of her intelligence? Sorry. She got what she deserved. Scorn.”
“Sorry, but I only see women who knowingly date married men as losers. I can’t print here what I think of a women who pressures a married man to break up his family of 3 kids.”

Selfish bitch.

And she was a diva on Breakfast at Tiffany’s
“The story was distorted. Hepburn insisted on sanitising it..”

“Average looking woman who is so overrated and didn’t had great personality according to this article”

She looked like a little boy, that’s why women liked her.
No sexual threat but you could steal her threads.

“Audrey was a stunning lady who sadly mixed with lots of nasty men. Her book gives some insights but she had a very difficult life.”
Like she didn’t know?
Are you kidding?

“A beauty yes, but class…not so much. She had numerous affairs with men whom she knew were married, nothing classy about that.”


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