Death cult art

She trusses them up like in a butcher’s shop because if you want pretty colours, watercolour inks are for wimps?

Sometimes I wonder if these people have literal brain damage, there’s certainly an atrophy of the moral reasoning centres.

I don’t know whether to be impressed or fearful. Instead, it’s perplexing to anyone with a firm stomach.
Imagine: this was someone’s child, their mother, their great-uncle.
And you’ve reduced them to the infamous ‘clump of cells’ because scientism?
Isn’t that a tad disrespectful?
This isn’t just artists either, there’s a whole cult celebrating death that began about a century ago.
I don’t even think we should prop mummies up in museums either. Their heads might as well be mounted on brooms.

Hang on, did the families give permission for their loved ones to be sketched?

I’d wager not. The morticians have no right, literally no rights to grant access like that.
The families own the body, that’s why the families pay for it.

And she’s profiteering off of corpses, it’s rather sick however you think about it.
No respect for the dead. If it’s about their life, photograph removed organs from the living.
But no, that doesn’t make the amygdala excited enough, does it?

The arts are undergoing the same desensitization as porn addicts, I’d guess with the same typical hypofrontality. They actually think this is a good idea because they need a ‘fix’ of the horrifying.
This is people. It’s visual cannibalism.

I can gather from the way it’s written up she creeps around trying to get solo time. If a man did that, he’d be arrested, and rightly! The family cannot know there exists artwork made from the corpses of their loved ones. You know this type doesn’t ask permission, it’s the narcissism…. after all, why would they deny ME? They should be flattered I want to use their flesh and blood! A medical condition (and pity for it) is not an excuse for criminal insanity. That’s the term, criminal insanity. Otherwise every serial killer would suddenly get a headache because that’s how precedent works.

If not, and there’s no permission (like, signed because you also require signatures from living models to use their likeness), I’m pretty sure that’s illegal and at minimum the creation of necrophile porn. It doesn’t matter if you distribute. There’s a counterphobic attitude and then there’s a fetish. You don’t need to get your rocks off to have a fetish, something is just visually arousing and fascinating, morbidly fascinating? A fetish must be dehumanizing, necrophiles don’t care who you were… they just care that you’re dead, and therefore cannot resist whatever they want to do to your body. It isn’t limited to sexual acts. We have here a necrophile who is trying to push it as normal and ….healthy? Freud would have a field day with the thanatos in this one. It’s very selfish to make all of death about oneself. The egocentrism smacks right up into the logic of saying it’s about appreciating the individuality of the dead. The dead are the opposite of individual.
As soon as you die, you lose all individuality and titles. I’ve heard it.
They refer to you as The Body.
From that point on, you are just flesh. Despite how death is a process and some parts of the body take weeks to fully die. Here it’s even worse, she treats them like organ meat, not a holistic recognizably human form.

How is that anything other than a mental sickness?
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. They must be desperate for shock value to do this.

Glorifying the camera-jockeys that might as well stake out car crashes to get some fresh brain matter on the summer pavement.

“Ooh, look at the texture!” says the totally sane and normal person!

The Victorians had the technology to photograph these corpses when they were fresh.
You know why they didn’t?

They were human.

They knew there were limits.

They sketched bodies donated, with full permissions extended. Those laws are still in effect.

This is some strange kind of animalisation. It’s almost like she’s so obsessed with her own deformity that she is bullying these people from beyond the grave… that’s how it looks, at least. I may be X, but look, I can grope your spleen and sell pictures of it and not only will people pay me and say it’s nice, but there’s nothing you can do about it!

It reminds me of the serial killer obsessions. The reason Bateman draws so much is because serial killers tend to make artwork out of their conquests, see Ed Gein. It turns them on to show it off or leave it in plain sight too.

I wouldn’t trust this person around roadkill, let alone people.

You can’t get lower and more degenerate than a rotting person.
That’s its idea of beauty, the highest possible zenith of humanity.
Putrefaction and preservation chemicals. Samples still rot by the way, a lot of people don’t know that. It just happens much, much slower. Almost erotically slowly, if we’re to take this perspective. Like a slow-mo starlet entrance.

This would be a good test for the disturbed mind, actually.
You can’t get more disturbed than sexy death.

In a way it’s showing off – haha, you’re dead. *snap snap*

And does she chop them up? Like, scientifically, the specimens must be preserved. There are research laws about this, for example, you can’t import human body parts or organs without special licenses.

Does this cow have a license?

You can only get them legally from a few specific places, usually with teaching medical universities, so NYC traffics a lot out to London.

I wonder if r-types could keep their abortions in a jar as a memento… who am I kidding, of course they would!

When they’re trying to expand STEM to STEAM for entryism and rentseeking purposes, they mean the most disgusting and morally offensive ‘art’ possible, like this – and to justify it with a veneer of But It’s Science. I’m surprised no one made their abortion into a hat yet to ‘challenge norms of body shaming’, or used their menstrual blood as warrior paint to ‘reclaim the empowerment of the primal.’

These people are not creative. They are anti-creative.
It’s a collectivist mindset, they steal and essentially glue themselves over something good, hoping you’ll praise them.
“Enter a magical world where beautiful women dance with severed heads.”

If you want grotesque, at least be honest about the gore porn.

The living photos are bad enough, look at what syphilis does in a world without antibiotics (Clue: the future).

The wages of sin, paid by the women and children of philandering husbands.

If you search ‘serial killer artists’ it’s a great case for degenerate art. You can quickly recognize the style.
Even a subject at Broadmoor would think these photos were too on-the-nose.
There’s a great case for opening up the asylums again with this type of material.
There is a vast divide between art and evil.
Yet every mortality-fixated person thinks of themselves as an artist.


fridge horror thought: what about the corpses of children?

Corpses are stored nude, btw.

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