Eyeballs leaving the Alt Right

Oh no, what a shame.


If only someone predicted it, huh?

What was it?

The same five memes got boring?

Degenerate dick-swinging?

Abandon your women?

Rape gangs as deserved punishment for voting?

You invite in losers, the smart people leave.

We might be back, maybe not.

In the meantime, read neoreaction.

They can’t.


The intellectually dishonest are SJWs, they do deserve trolling. Not rape threats though.
However, to save each of us painstakingly convincing others one at a time, we need a MOOC – all the redpill resources pooled into one then we can link people to relevant sections. Discuss those.
Arranged into talking points. This is how universities work.

People want to learn the truth, so get together and TEACH them.

But no, that’ll never happen, because we’ve attracted antisocial people who wanna cyberbully. What about the malicious in our own ranks? The virtue signalling right? If we can’t BTFO those guys, what’s the point in thinking it could apply to society?

They don’t wanna work. They want nothing positive, nobody to be happy.

Admitting scumbags will put off healthy, normal people. Yet plenty of guys are never disciplined, let alone isolated. They did things like thot patrol – where’s the male equivalent? But then they complained Where Are All Da Wimminz? Well…. you kicked them out, dummy. Not all of them, but the misogynists will put off women. We’re not mentally ill like the left’s women, we won’t stick around to be abused.

Regardless, if you look at the sausage fest of the smouldering crater that was the manosphere, the same people that made it that way have tried entryism here.

Drama is a distraction. They know this, they’re doing this on purpose to kneecap the movement from tangibly affecting the real world by fixating on futile internet screeching matches between little bitches.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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