White nationalism’s creepy fertility cult

It’s bachelor types telling everyone to breed.
Oh, me? No, I’m not dumb enough to marry! type.

“But other people, men and women alike, have a different calling. No one is obliged to breed. No one should be shamed for not having children. (Rather, one should be shamed for having children, then neglecting or abusing them, as all too often happens.)” – A K trying to reason with r

“White nationalists who try to shame, bully, and guilt-trip others into parenthood on account of their whiteness are not expressing a desire for more children to be loved, cared for, and appreciated for their inherent worth. Instead, they want more ivory-colored pawns to be placed on the global demographic chessboard. Whether these children are loved or not, appreciated or not, whether their parents are worthy or not, appears to be of secondary importance. The main thing is to “make more of us!””

Pull up a chair, sit down son.

IQ density is important.
Population density is a weakness in times of economic downturn (now) and famine (soon). Why else would Asia be overflowing and crawling over one another like locusts to leave? If it’s so damn prosperous?
Many of the ‘refugees’ coming to Europe are from ASIA. Look it up!
We want the fewest whites possible to die in a famine, it’s that simple. Thankfully, we’re K-selected and all our children survive infancy, we’ve already controlled our breeding to sustainable levels in Europe.
Yes, sustainability, the topic you must discuss in demographics to have any legitimacy and hardly anyone ever does.

There is no sustainability without a controlled fertility rate.

We need to fix the multicultural problem, then food security – and we’ll be mostly fine. We’ll adapt and survive.
How often do you hear about the food security issue?
The elites don’t tell you. Oh, but they’re buying Apocalypse bunkers in New Zealand! The Guardian even covered it, brainlessly.

R-types migrate en masse when the Malthusian trap is about to snap shut.
You don’t talk Malthus? All your predictions are off!

The people pushing this don’t want 18 rugrats of their own.
They want someone else to pay for their party lifestyle and expected pension. They want you to invest, for them. Your time, their dependency.
They want more socialism. They don’t want the gravy train to stop before they’ve emptied it.
They’re not right-wing, that’s why. They can’t parasite your children if you fail to have any. They have a family fetish because they know the taxes will keep them in STD shots and Pills for their sluts.
It’s a GOOD, eugenic thing that men and women who don’t want to breed, fail to breed.
Most men didn’t breed throughout history. It’s a quality filter.
It’s about time the women had the choice to opt-out.
Why would you want those genes in your children?

We must praise good husbands, wives and families.
Naturally, men must marry before expecting children.
The fertility problem is a marriage problem.
I’ll repeat it until it sinks in.

You never mention it.

However, we mustn’t encourage the r-selected, who will try to twist and distort to outnumber us and use our programmes against us, see war widow pensions and the beginning of the welfare state. Reward the Ks, oppress the r.
The TRUE problem.
Africa has about a billion people.
China has more, slightly.

Which is a bigger threat to the West?

The Asian population is over half the world. Literally, over half the pie.
You can’t control them like blacks can be (gibs and grievance), I’d say the refugee problem is a mass red herring. Once you have Asians just in a company, they only hire and promote other Asians. The ingroup preference makes it impossible to cooperate with them. Inviting them in is a Trojan Horse labelled Chinese Food.

It’s deliberate, they don’t want other Asians because they know.

Why China Isn’t Hosting Syrian Refugees

Given what you know about supply/demand, why do you want to invite economic competition when you can barely afford to support a family on two jobs as it is, when they’re still in China??! Are you mad??!

We don’t need more white people than we currently have. We need to be sustainable in our native homelands, of better quality with superior K-selected childrearing habits.
To see it in terms of a raw numbers game is so spergy.

The solution to the dysgenics of the Third World isn’t to imitate the dysgenics of the Third World because it looks like they’re winning during the middle of the match.

Use your size as your strength.

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