Jack the Ripper: bloody libel?

Trigger warning: graphic descriptions. Duh.

Like, I wanted to throw up researching this. Proceed at own risk.
I haven’t included gory pictures out of mercy. Somehow, this is more horrifying.

5k words again.

I’ve been noticing things again.
I’ve been induced by a friend to post content from a long discussion of ‘coincidences’. I’m nervous about the implications of connecting this information so let’s chalk it up as a thought experiment.

I tried to keep this somewhat lighter by retaining fragments of conversation that don’t lead to identification.


DNA, what more do they need?
100% match, FFS.

There’s the TLDR if you want it. Seriously, reconsider how much time you want to spend reading about disturbed human psyches before you pass the break. We’re talking 4-figures here and most of it not my writing.

Whiners gone?

The phrase that started it all.

Can you look at something?

….The motions appear left-handed, don’t they?


Mary Kelly

No idea if Kosminski was a leftie but many serial killers are, it’s a brain development thing. [this person has a little medical training] Wires crossed.

“The head was turned on the left cheek.”

If you imitate that motion and place the left half of someone’s face on a bed, it’s extremely difficult and unnatural to do with the right hand. A right-hander would still tend to use the left for such an action, right?

“The wall by the right side of the bed and in a line with the neck was marked by blood which had struck it in a number of separate splashes.”

A line, what, seriously? HOW.

You’d have to lean over to get to the neck, only a left-handed could’ve done that angle. It’s also the kosher method of slaughter, the line thing? A smooth stroke, must be. They make a big deal about a single grain of sand. Considering the curves and thickness of the human throat, you’d need to be considerably strong, so a man, adept with a knife and intend to make it straight to keep it, the line. Isn’t that how they do chickens? I remember something about the chickens when the Greens were going on about caged eggs.

Some of the biggest misogynists are Orthodox Jews. It’s the Talmud, man, what are ya gonna do?

The blood was produced by the severance of the carotid artery, which was the cause of death. The injury was inflicted while the deceased was lying at the right side of the bedstead.”

Gotcha. COD is vital information (sorry).

Ritual slaughter is a serial killer method.
I distinctly remember, sure as I stand here, that Kosminski was listed in my school textbook as a butcher. I know this in part because of my eidetic memory, including a sketch of him in an alley (Butcher’s Row, I think) wearing an APRON. A black leather apron, hides stains. Originally, they searched for one Leather Apron.
I cannot find the contemporary sketch of Kosminski online used in the textbooks from our school days. This is almost impossible and deeply suspicious. It’s generational, everyone saw this picture in Year 9. Millions of people.
He was just listed as a hairdresser at first when he arrived in London, those made less money. Well, so was fucking Sweeney Todd. People changed jobs a lot then, and the only thing his jobs had in common was knives and scissors. Back then, people still went to hairdressers for minor operations. He could’ve also lied with the job that made less money, part-time isn’t new, so he was less a target for thieves and had more leeway on rent, could plead poverty.

When has a Jew ever lied to make money?

Other sources say he was unemployed. It fits.
Sweeney Todd just got popular in theatres around the time he was listed as a hairdresser.

How do you know this?

There’s a book. Sweeney Todd is a novel. It’s a pretty big deal.

Should I read it?

Don’t bother, it doesn’t have Johnny Depp.


“A limb torn or cut from a living animal is forbidden.”

He went for the neck first, then the face to dehumanize, THEN went to town on that body, unlike all the others.

“Only one who is knowledgeable in the laws of slaughtering (shehitah) and proficient in its practice, and who is a believing, pious Jew, may act as a slaughterer (shohet) in performance of the commandment.”
“Jewish tradition holds that eight kinds of trefah, that is, fatal organic defects that may afflict the animal and thereby render it unfit to be eaten, were imparted to Moses on Mount Sinai.”

That would explain why he took pieces with him- mistakes, NOT to eat.

Would also explain the repetition, determined to get it right. Aren’t serial killers always learning?

All forbidden fat (helev), such as fat covering the kidney, the spleen, and certain inward parts of the animal, must be removed before the meat is soaked and salted.”

like circular slicing the breasts?

What did he do with that fireplace anyway?

“The “sinew of the thigh-vein that is upon the hollow of the thigh” is likewise biblically prohibited in animals”

the bare thigh bone exposed to air is one of the striking central features of the butchery

“Veins and blood vessels are prohibited because of the blood that they contain that cannot be extracted by salting. Hence these forbidden veins, such as those in the forelegs, shoulder, lower jaws, tongue, neck, heart, and in the fat of the entrails, and other blood vessels and tissues must be removed before the meat is made kosher and cooked. In fowl, the blood vessels in the throat should be removed or cut through together with the neck. It is also customary to cut between the knee joints in order to reach the blood vessels that are there.”

He gave up at a knee.

It’s a complicated body part, they’re still finding new pieces of it.
The heart was removed.

The neck was repeatedly cut, deep, almost to remove?


“Melville Macnaghten, the Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police, described three Ripper suspects in a confidential 1894 police memorandum. One of these suspects he named as “Kosminski,” a Polish Jew and a resident of Whitechapel. Macnaghten also thought that this particular Kosminski went to an asylum about March 1889. Could Kosminski, or somebody similar, have worked as a butcher in Butcher’s Row, and could he have been watched by
the police prior to that date? Sagar implied that the suspect he had watched worked as a butcher, but gave few other details. Who was this Butcher’s Row suspect and was his brother’s or another relation’s “house” actually a butcher’s shop? If so, when did the police keep watch on this suspect? And who were his “friends”, if not the suspect’s brother, or another relation?”

Kosminski was known to be under full surveillance, and during that time, no further murders of that kind transpired.

I guess people love the mystery more? And blaming the Monopoly man is smart… as well as classist.
I wouldn’t be shocked if he sold the missing body parts as swine, since Gentiles are subhuman to Chosen People and anatomically, the same, especially the heart. Where better to ‘lose’ an organ than in a butcher’s full of them?
Eating one another was common in Eastern Europe at the time. Before Communism.

Back to Jack.

“But it seems logical to conclude that since Sagar and Cox were both City Police officers, their recollections would refer to the same individual, Sagar reportedly saying that the suspect “without a doubt, was the murderer” and Cox, that the suspect “had something to do with the crimes.”

…Moreover, if Sagar’s statement parallels Swanson’s account, they should all be referring to Kosminski.”

“He also said that, as far as he knew, the suspect he watched was never arrested, but simply gave up his nightly prowls when he knew he was being watched”

“Macnaghten wrote that “Kosminski” was sent to a lunatic asylum about March 1889, which seems to fit Cox’s recollections of his surveillance duties on the suspect until February or so.”
“However, no butcher on Aldgate High Street named “Kosminski” has been found in the trade directories. In any case, if the “brother’s house” mentioned by Swanson was an in-law’s or friend’s shop in Butcher’s Row, the suspect may not have been listed in the directories. And the April 1891 census could have been recorded after he was incarcerated.”

Taxes, and I saw him written up as an apprentice.

Not a full butcher.


“Macnaghten, in his confidential police Memorandum, wrote that the Kosminski suspect “had a great hatred of women, especially the prostitute class.””

Show me part of this that doesn’t fit.

I…can’t. I’m actually surprised.

We have 24 carat gold, this theory.

Keep digging.


“avowed that ‘Kosminski’ was Anderson’s Polish Jew suspect. Anderson stated that the suspect was confronted by ‘the only person who ever had a good view of the murderer [and that the witness] unhesitatingly identified the suspect the instant he was confronted with him.’ Anderson then remarked, ‘In saying he [the suspect] was a Polish Jew I am merely stating a definitely ascertained fact.’”

there was an attempted cover-up
but it’s on record since so many people witnessed the wall thing (later)

“However, shortly after these views were published, Anderson, in response to criticism published in the Jewish Chronicle, made the less ambiguous statement, that: ‘When I stated that the murderer was a Jew, I was stating a simple matter of fact. It is not a matter of theory.’”

Rather definitive.

“Scotland Yard named ‘Kosminski’ as a Ripper Suspect, a surname that only a dozen men had in all of London in the 1891 census.”

They go on to throw us a circumstantial red herring about a man called Hyams.

“when there exists a possible source of confusion…”

I’ve never seen gaslighting on a forensic matter. There is no evidence for that whatsoever.

“The possibility remains…”

-literally made up. That final conclusion line is literally made up.

Look at this while you’re at it.


You’re not actually Sherlock Holmes.

Shut up, I have a pipe.

Shove it.

Read, woman. Christ.

Freud’s ghost likes your pipe too.

I bet he did, the dirty bitch.

Actually, Freud didn’t write about Jack, did he?

Too busy sleeping with patients.

Shame. He never, ever commented? Doesn’t sound like him. Apparently shagged his daughter though.

WTF. not surprised, actually

I know. Intellectuals are usually the sickos.

You’d know.

“Aaron was variously reported as an infrequent hairdresser, tailor [DS: that was the brother], and as a laborer in Butcher’s Row.”
“Most of the Jewish suspects were excluded ….but one persisted, and it was not Joe Fox. It was Aaron Kosminski. ….would also have observed the common ritual slaughter of chickens for the weekly shabbos table.”

from Sherlockian Ruminations from a Stormy Petrel By Brenda Rossini

You might be onto summin here m8


To lighten the mood, I looked up background. I know you’re about the gore porn but it’s political.

is it the Russians

When is it NOT.


As a direct result, in 1881 Tsar Alexander II was killed by Jewish sponsored revolutionaries.
In retribution, the Russian populace started exercising “pograms” targeting Jews, breaking into Jew’s houses and shops, looting and burning property, beating, raping, and frequently killing the Jewish inhabitants – many of whom were completely innocent of any skullduggery. Aaron Kosminski grew up in this environment of violence.”

“There was no father in his childhood. He was raised by a dysfunctional mother and his two sisters; he saw the sisters as domineering mother figures. Aaron shared a bed with one or both of his sisters when he was living in the Pale, and there began to develop sexual fantasies involving his sisters. He witnessed his sisters’ menstrual bleeding, and the fascination begins. Sister Betsy would have been 12 years old in 1869, and Aaron was only 4 or 5 – and as a result of this, he becomes obsessed with the female sexual organs, imagining blood or violence to be associated with sexuality and his perceived masculine virility.”

“At 16, during the Russian “pogroms”, he witnesses the rape of members of his family, and he enjoyed it. His sisters often ridiculed his compulsive masturbation, which in his mind signified their rejection of his sexual fantasies, and their rape which he witnessed, was “justice”.”

So he was an MRA?

Focus, sweetheart.

“Over 80% of sexual killers interviewed in the FBI study reported “compulsive masturbation” in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood”

Society really shouldn’t have normalized any addiction, including masturbation. It isn’t healthy, it isn’t a sport. Self-soothing? Self-harm.

Monkeys, that’s all I’ll say. Penetration fantasies combined with an occupational love of knives is a disaster waiting to happen.

[Note: I offered this person to guest-write for this blog, still waiting for the SOB’s draft.]

In spite of the FBI profiling, some still think that Kosminski was acting out a form of Blood Libel. The long lower abdominal cut, strangulation, throat slitting, was the age old form of ritual “sacrifice” certain Jews used for centuries in their horrid ceremonies dating back to Babylon.”

“Many Jewish “apologists” maintain that ritual sacrifice, aka “blood libel” is nothing but anti-Semitic hate speech and is simply a false myth. …This is not true, according to Jewish historian and respected author and scholar Ariel Toaff. His book, “Blood Passover” has been vilified, destroyed and decried in Israel – but is found here in its complete text for the honest researcher to view…”

Israel Schwartz actually was an eyewitness who could positively identify Jack the Ripper, but when he viewed Kosminski, and learned who he was, Schwartz refused to testify against him. He did not want the hanging of a fellow Jew on his conscious.”

Also, he was called Israel, before Israel was founded. That’s like, the Jewiest Jew to Jew.

“He was later moved to Colney Hatch and Leaversden where under the care of his all-Jewish doctors, they kept Kosminski drugged to the point he eventually was brain dead.”

You know why you keep someone drugged? So they don’t talk.

People forget the East End of the time was basically a Jewish district, by probability alone…

Maths is Nazi.

Arnold ordered it removed.

“Other police officers recalled the message slightly differently, as “The Juwes are not The men That Will be Blamed for nothing.”

Which completely alters the meaning.
Arnold didn’t literally just cover up the writing on the wall.
He also lied about the number of victims.

“His confusion between Catherine Eddowes and Kelly means that it is not certain who Arnold is discounting but in reducing the number of Jack the Ripper victims to four he is contradicting Melville Macnaghten”

Sorry, he was *confused*. It included Kelly, at this time.

“Historian Andrew Cook wrote in his book Jack the Ripper: Case Closed that at his retirement dinner address in 1893 Arnold said that he never believed that Mary Jane Kelly was a Ripper victim.”

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.
The most ritualistic one? The one everyone knows the name of?
Back to the writing, at a time when graphology was taking off yet it was taken down as evidence before being documented as evidence. Because it clearly wasn’t evidence.

“Author Martin Fido notes that the writing included a double negative, a common feature of Cockney speech. He suggests that the writing might be translated into standard English as “Jews will not take responsibility for anything””.

I want to laugh but people died.

What changed?

“the original graffito was written in cursive script”

This is important. Educated.

Everyone wrote cursive back then, it was the norm.

A point, you have.

“Historian Philip Sugden has said that the spelling of “Jews” as “Juwes” could reflect a local dialect on the part of the author of the grafitto.”

Phonetic writing has been common, it makes it easier for the illiterate passers-by to sound out.

I just noticed their name has ‘ew’ in it.

Holy shit. That’s brilliant. I bet that was deliberate, some word nerd having a giggle.

I would.


This was the only deliberate clue and only left after the double murder.
Everyone ignores it.

“This would suggest that he was heading for the safety of his home or lodging and that he was, therefore, a local man living in the heart of the area.
The strangest thing of all about the killer’s escape from Mitre Square is that he appears to have slipped past several police officers without either being noticed or arousing any suspicion.”

He looked like a local. Simplest explanation.

Who was around at this time? Tradesmen. Butchers could walk around in bloody aprons and nobody would bat an eye.

Those were the days.

I saw a kid’s playset once, from the time, set in a butcher’s shop.

And you didn’t buy me it?

Inches of blood. Supposedly. They tracked it around every day. Nobody cared.

British Empire State of Mind.

The apron is the only real clue that Jack the Ripper left behind, and it tells us much about the killer’s intentions and appearance as he fled the scene of his latest atrocity, but, at the same time, it also raises other questions that, in some ways, muddy the waters even further!”

Not the graffito?

He wiped off a knife, and kept the knife?
Almost like it missing would be noted, like a work knife?

DNA? I guess the apron just got lost at some point…


Since the available evidence suggests that the ripper asphyxiated his victims before carrying out his repellent mutilations


What, did your Rabbi tell you something?

It does ring a bell. Uno momento.


The process for proper slaughtering is not described in the Written Torah, which is one of the many reasons we need to know the Oral Torah.”

No records kept? Sounds completely above-board.

I didn’t know there were two.

keep up, blud

“Take liver (for example). It is very difficult to remove all the blood from liver. The animal must be properly slaughtered to remove as much blood.”

Like going for the throat first?

Kelly’s liver was separate, wasn’t it?

“Then the liver must be washed to remove more visible blood. Then it must be salted to draw out more blood. Finally it must be broiled (not fried or sautéed). They must be broiled over an open grate (so it doesn’t sit in blood), with slits having been made in it to draw out any remaining blood. It must be turned during cooking so both sides are well cooked.”

I’m tired just reading that.

There isn’t actually a word for strangulation, but it’s speculated that too much blood would be left in the body to make it viable.

But anatomically I see a workaround, IF you choked them unconscious – but not dead, you could bleed them out like a common animal and that would be fine?

Other Jews don’t know these things.

“the only reason we answer her questions is for the sake of other Jews coming across information they didn’t know”

They must wanna keep it quiet.



“Since actual word “strangled” is not used in the Tanach, we go to the Oral Torah which explains it.”

Well, if Gentiles are non-human, logically they’re fit to consume, technically?

Too much Hannibal.


There’s a waiting time after the bleed-out.
Yes, that’s my country’s government… *grumbling*

From the graffito link:

“If he was wearing a large overcoat they would have had no suspicion should he opt to unbutton or remove it. Indeed, they would, doubtless, have been more suspicious had he opted to keep it on.”

The fashion was for long-coats, wasn’t it?

Long for coachmen, anyone who wanted to keep warm.

Could hide blood, they’re right.

“Is it possible that he had, in fact, gone home, and then returned to the streets, devoid of bloodstains, to drop the apron into the doorway, possibly to taunt the police?”

Fabrics are used frequently in rituals, at least to place the knives on them.

How the hell do you find this stuff?

Befriend Jews. The links will come.

There’s blackops disinfo and then there’s that. I’m not willing to go that far. Next you’ll marry one.

They’re based?

Alt Lite. Spin a dreidel. Better yet, get back in the kitchen and rustle me up some latkes.


“Yurman got into animal slaughter for the knives. In addition to being a shochet, or slaughterer, he is one of only three ritual knife-makers in the United States. There are fewer than 10 worldwide.”

What if those ten disappear? What to do?

I guess they couldn’t murder fully conscious animals screaming in fear anymore.

And wouldn’t that be anti-Semitic?

“But ask him a personal question—like, say, how he learned to slaughter animals—and he will only laugh and wave his hand, refusing to answer.”



“Knife sharpening is so hard because the knife must strike the stone at exactly the same place and same angle every time. Hence the hours of practice for aspiring shochtim.”

I’d be loathe to throw away that knife too.

““Can I see the basement?” I ask. Yurman laughs deeply. By this point I know what that laugh means: I’m not getting anywhere near that basement.”


I know.

“There is a theory to everything—I have a whole discussion with various shochtim, which side of the animal should we be standing on when you slaughter.”

Shit, you’ve got him.

It was an inevitability. I get everyone.


“He asked Yurman to sharpen his scalpels, and together they worked in the hospital, documenting the effect of knives on human skin. “That was exciting,” Yurman tells me.”

Italics writes: 
Is this why they were kicked out of basically everywhere?

Yes, this is a thing that happened. Anyway.

“In contemporary America, kosher has become interchangeable with “organic” and is therefore deemed healthy.” pp.146, chapter Jews, from the book Diets and Dieting: A Cultural Encyclopedia.

I wanted to point this out.

brb throwing out my kale

ur a shit hipster, it’s cauliflower

Interesting details:

“They ruled that religion did not have to involve worshipping a god.
So it seems to be possible to invent a religion and to have it accepted as such under English law. Although this may take a little time.”

Kek is real.


“The animal’s blood may not be collected in a bowl, a pit, or a body of water, as these resemble ancient forms of idol worship.”

Explains why no clean-up.

It’s disturbing how well this fits.

“The UK government opted not to follow FAWC’s recommendations after pressure from religious leaders.”

“The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe has issued a position paper on slaughter without prior stunning, calling it “unacceptable.”

“In 2009, Craig Johnson and colleagues showed that calves that have not been stunned feel pain from the cut in their necks,[42] and they may take at least 10–30 seconds to lose consciousness.[43] This has led to prohibitions against unstunned slaughter in some countries.
Generally these arguments are rejected by the Jewish community, who say that the method is humane and that criticism is at least partially motivated by antisemitism.”

It’s like the magic word.


It’s little-known but Christians could wring the neck of an animal to retain as much blood as possible, if you wanted to exsanguinate as much as possible, a little choking beforehand just to knock it out, as pointed out earlier would accomplish it and keep it still for a kosher cut.

Yes, it’s gruesome and disturbing to think about, but how do you think I felt researching this?

It’s like death by a thousand cuts, do not image search it.


As for handedness again.

There was a right preference but generally nobody cared. A left was held to a higher standard.

Again, many serial killers are lefties.


However, in Handbook of Poultry Science and Technology, Secondary Processing, it describes poultry slaughter, much like the weekly Jewish meal aforementioned.

“the head is held in the left hand, and a cut is made by placing the blade of the knife just behind or below the earlobe“, pp.407.

Sounds familiar, up top.

How much do you read? The MO savours familiar, I’ll admit.


“For this Ehud became celebrated as a Jewish hero, and he regularly appears in lists of famous left-handers.”

Could go either way.

pp.176 of A Lasting Reward: Memoirs of an Israeli Diplomat:

“I prepared to carry out the ritual in accordance with the laws of kosher slaughter. A pitiful chicken found itself pinned by my left hand while I held the blade in my right hand. I whispered the blessing, and drew the blade across the correct point on the neck.”

Now this is illuminating. What if he needed to throttle them so they didn’t bolt out of position when he began praying over them?

No screams.

You could prop them against a wall, people were used to seeing hookers there. They’d look drunk.

Why does this match perfectly?

I try, really hard actually.

I know.


Back to the graffito link:

“So he stood up, intending to search the block and, as he did so, he noticed a scrawled chalk message on the wall directly above the apron.”

The pieces of evidence are tied.
Earlier: “it throws up another puzzle in that its presence in that particular doorway suggests that he lingered in the immediate vicinity of his crime for much longer than he actually needed to.”

How is that a puzzle if he needed chalk for the message and time to do it while no one was walking around? It’s an urban area, it’s almost constantly occupied, especially at night.

It’s like these people never vandalized anything. Write- check. Write- check. Write- check. Run.


And the wording choice is important. He’d have had time to think about it.

“If Long and Halse were correct in their assertion that the portion of apron hadn’t been there at 2.20am, then the murderer had loitered in the area for anywhere between 35 minutes and an hour”

Message first, apron later. The message was concealed in shade, the apron could be considered like a breadcrumb.


“realizing that Wentworth Model Dwellings not only stood in a largely Jewish locality, but was also inhabited almost exclusively by Jews”


“Is it possible that he had, in fact, gone home, and then returned to the streets, devoid of bloodstains, to drop the apron into the doorway, possibly to taunt the police?”

brb getting chalk

Wait, his brother was a tailor, right? So there was chalk lying around.


“Since the doorway stood on Metropolitan Police territory, his word was final, and he immediately concurred with his officers that leaving the graffito any longer would lead to far greater crimes against innocent Jews.
So he ordered that the message be erased without delay, and before any photograph of it could be taken.
It would prove once of the most controversial orders he gave in the entire investigation and Major Smith, the acting City Police Commissioner, considered it a huge blunder and could barely disguise his contempt for Warren’s actions.”

Yes, blunder.

Mistakes were made.

It ends:

it was a complete coincidence that the ripper had chosen that same doorway in which to clean himself up and leave behind his only clue.”

Are you kidding.

They are not.


I tried to lighten it with some choice comments. It’s grim reading all the same.

If you want a laugh, the HuffPo tries to debunk the DNA evidence.

Since it’s been officially denied, it must be true.

“If true, it would mean his calculations were wrong and that virtually anyone could have left the DNA that he insisted came from the Ripper’s victim.”

That isn’t how DNA works. Nice try, HuffPo.

This is clutching at even more straws.
“1. It’s the freaking Daily Mail.”
It’s the freaking appeal to authority.
If you wanted information on all four corners of the globe overnight, you’d choose them too.

“Finding Kosminski’s mtDNA in a semen stain on the shawl is much more impressive, and is much harder to explain.”

I have a feeling you’ll try.

“but that doesn’t preclude the possibility that another person with the same maternal haplogroup committed the murder and left biological evidence on the shawl.”

Okay, this made me chuckle.

How improbable is that? And on that nondescript shawl? For some reason! BECAUSE REASONS.

At least he didn’t say the DNA was stolen. By pixies.


“Sugden in his research makes another important point: ‘Kosminski’s incarceration took place more than two years after the Miller Court murder. If Kosminski was the killer, therefore, we have to accept that after committing five or six murders in three months he quietly went to ground and remained inactive for another two years three months.’”

The surveillance goes unmentioned.
They’re enamored with the idea it was a rich man in a top hat. Romantic as it is sick.
He would’ve stuck out like a sore thumb while he was holding that apron. Pockets?
You don’t know much about bloodstains, do you, male? Ew. Nevermind.
And I doubt he had a special knife compartment in that coat. Those knives were massive, everyone agrees.

Now given what you know of the MO, reader, ask yourself why would the throat slit be so important as to provide the only link in act between the victims, and to be one of the primary things done to the body?

When pressed for time, you naturally prioritize.
Tell me, where are the hesitations? The strokes are indicative of intent.
By modern forensic method, they classify serial killers. Murdering prostitutes clearly points to a religious intent.
This is never mentioned.

If you want a wild-card of another suspect?
Mary Pearcey.
Yes, a woman. Right piece of work, that one.
It’s possible there was a team-up, one male and one female. Crime duos are often opposite-sex.
I have no evidence for this, but it wasn’t known at the time and wouldn’t be looked for.
Women were warned not to trust men at the time, the fear ran deep, but a woman vouching for a John…? That would explain it.

To pre-empt the Official Line brigade.

I’m not trying to ‘convince’ anyone, I’m spreading certain pieces of information like a gorey picnic and letting people think for themselves.
That would explain why it’s never been solved – it cannot be solved.
Most serial killers are not Jews, so why does the idea of one bother people? The man was overtly mentally deranged. I see little evidence connecting Kosminski to present Jews, before anyone goes there. On probability alone, you’d expect there’ll be a handful of Jewish murderers. An ironic racial angle would explain a lot of secrecy and superstition around this case. Not one of the victims was Jewish, in a Jew-majority area. What are the odds?
The real question on this case is which came first and what justifies what?

As a final note, they had trouble identifying the primary type of knife used. They still debate to this day.
This implies it was specialist.

3 responses to “Jack the Ripper: bloody libel?

  1. “Knife sharpening is so hard because the knife must strike the stone at exactly the same place and same angle every time. Hence the hours of practice for aspiring shochtim.”
    LOL Not so hard. Only two motions, out and back. Takes a bit to feel when the grind is flat. You could learn it in five and be smooth in a week. If you’re still allowed knives.

    “Those knives were massive, everyone agrees.” Bah! Cleavers have their uses, but slitting throats? He’d put his hand over your mouth and open your jugular with a knife ground so thin and sharp from years of everyday use, you mightn’t even feel it till you noticed you were all wet.

    “As a final note, they had trouble identifying the primary type of knife used. They still debate to this day.
    This implies it was specialist.”

    At least someone who sharpens their knife a lot, but I do that. It reshapes them.
    Unrecognizable blade profile.

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