China isn’t a threat to the West

Normalcy bias? What normalcy bias?

Sure, ignore your lying eyes for the psyops.
Why would a toddler need to know how to kill you with a knife?
Who else would this be used against?
They’re training up the very youths who develop psychopathy – with military drills.

Have you looked at the torture techniques these people practiced up until very, very recently?

You can infer a lot about their character that they enjoyed this. It wasn’t enforcement.

Actually, I’ll post a similar list of thought-provoking questions to this.

Collectivist cultures despise the outgroup most of all, in ways we cannot imagine.
They do not live and let live. That is individualist philosophy. They are no libertarian Asians. They are natural statists and Communists. Cheating, much like MENA, is expected.

I’ve come to the conclusion these people think we’re retarded.

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