Book: How the Jews invented Hollywood

I’m guessing they don’t mention that it was and remains one giant brothel, like modelling.
Yeah, that was worse, OpDeathEaters didn’t go far enough.

Why do you think Kylie Jenner needed the plastique before breaking into ‘modelling’?

Speaking of massive slags. So it isn’t as if Jews themselves are exempt.

However ‘model scouts’ tour poverty-stricken areas of Eastern Europe and force the girls into prostitution because there’s no one around to look after them.

Today, when we think of mainstream Hollywood, we think of big companies making big films for big profits and nothing more. It may come as a surprise to many that the entire reason that films are made in Hollywood comes from a few independent filmmakers who were brave enough to go against the then-established industry. In the early days of silent films, Thomas Edison’s film company, along with the other biggest companies, formed the Motion Picture Patent Company, or “the Trust,” in 1908. The Trust controlled all distribution and production of films and film equipment, so anyone who wanted to make films or enter the industry had to have the express permission of the Trust and had to buy their equipment from them.

During this time, the vast majority of films being produced were short films or serial films, but when feature-length films were being imported from Europe to great success, many wannabe filmmakers wanted to cash in on the craze. However, the Trust was always against feature-length films, so only independent filmmakers could make them.

Porn isn’t usually feature length.

Since most films were made on the East Coast by the Trust, independent filmmakers Jesse Laske and Samuel Goldfish (he later changed his name to the more famous Goldwyn) went first to Flagstaff, Arizona, and then to the end of the line—a community in Los Angeles called Hollywood where they made popular feature films against the permission of the “Trust” in a studio converted from a barn.

The first film that Laske and Goldwyn made, along with first-time director Cecil B. DeMille, was The Squaw Man. Even though the film was shot far away from the Trust, it was almost destroyed when several rolls of footage were sabotaged. While many blame the Trust for this act, the real perpetrators remain a mystery. When the film was released, it was vastly different from what most audiences saw and changed the industry forever. Eventually, Laske and Goldwyn’s company became Paramount, and the movie companies that went to Hollywood to escape the tyranny of the Trust became the mainstream studio system that still exists in one form or another today.

Another reason to hate Edison, kinda.

Link: Asperger’s or Psychopathy?

It’s like extreme arrogance in both cases leading to mindblindness.

Asperger’s can be sadists too, though. They aren’t exempt because of reduced empathy, which is also called callous in psychopaths.

There’s an eerie number of similarities between the two conditions.

Maybe that’s why it was revoked from the DSM as its own category.

Link: Mirror syndrome or Cassandra Phenomenon

Mirror Syndrome made more sense, the original term.

Stunning example of lack of empathy

Autism activists vehemently deny that people close to them suffer significant trauma from their lack of empathy, just as they deny that they lack empathy. The truth is that spouses, partners, children and siblings of individuals who have social disorders such as Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and high functioning autism (Hfa) suffer significantly. They are subject to chronic, repetitive psychological trauma within the context of their relationships with persons with AS. This is a normal stress reaction to the ongoing abnormal interactions within these relationships.

This stress reaction has been named Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (OTRS), AKA Cassandra Phenomenon (CP). It is a metaphor for the emotional and physical suffering of spouses and children of adult individuals with AS and high functioning autism, because they are typically disbelieved as they attempt to share the cause of their sufferings with others (Cassandra, the Greek mythological character, suffered because her capacity to predict the future was accompanied by the curse that no one believed her. She could foresee disasters, but could not convince anyone to forestall them. By analogy, family members of adults with AS experience great moral distress because they can predict calamities caused by the individual with AS, but they are not believed or validated by the very individuals to whom they turn for professional help).


Asperger’s isn’t genius.

People with AS do not exhibit reciprocity; do not show empathy or compassion;

no, that’s psychopaths

cannot put themselves in the place of others; have difficulty with mutual communication; do not recognize the NT partner’s reality and attitudes; cannot read others’ intentions and emotions; find it difficult to learn from experience;

no, that’s PURE psychopath

cannot assess complex situations; cannot nurture a relationship;


cannot see their responsibility for their own actions;


cannot negotiate, seek compromises or resolve conflicts;


is extremely busy solely for their own needs; and has inadequate capacity for adult impulse control. 

There are brain scans.

It does not take an advanced degree in mental health to understand the emotional deprivation and extreme psychological stress that would result from ongoing interaction with such a person.

A lot of people claiming autism, especially online, are really psychopaths looking for an excuse.

A diagnosis doesn’t exempt you from criminal behaviour.

You can’t claim to be smarter than everyone then, magically, hypoagency!

A stress breakdown is a normal reaction to a period of prolonged negative stress from enduring repeated violation of boundaries, betrayal, rejection, bewilderment, confusion, lack of control and disempowerment, with seemingly no means of escape and no support.


Just say abuse.

So how have people with AS reacted to the recognition of the detrimental effects of their disorder on those closest to them, and to calling these effects OTRS or CP?


With a stunning lack of empathy.