Missions in Africa

Source: Western Man

The Bible doesn’t say you can civilize savages. God made them that way and who are you to deem it needs to change? It says you should love your neighbour, not go to the next town over. Jesus didn’t traverse continents. You are not saintlier than Jesus.

The Bible doesn’t magically boost your IQ by a standard deviation.

It’s pride, it’s vainglory and it is using works for self-promotion, it’s vain. Good works are done locally. Done the wrong way, for the wrong reasons, to show off, is bad.

Pathological altruism, but duh. We owe them nothing. They owe us nothing, except what we invested and they failed to deliver from it.

Let them sink or swim on their own merit. Why are we spending all this tax money on people who contribute nothing to their own economies, let alone the one that pays for them like children? Adults who can’t stop breeding are not to be treated as dependents, if we’re so equal. We’re paying the NGOs to create the problem they pretend to solve. 200 years of ‘helping’ Africa – AND THEY’RE WORSE OFF. Stop!

Assisting the outgroup comes at the direct expense of the ingroup.
It’s a betrayal, for starters an opportunity cost.

9 responses to “Missions in Africa

  1. Lembi, Ethiopians, and so on who are Jews, Levites, and Dan. My ancestors had quite fine civilizations till they were wiped out by slavers and plagues. That tends to destroy a lot. 25 million plus stolen by Muslims. In Europe, many people were reduced to barbarity by the Muslims (10 million Europeans stolen). As it is, most want Christianity and are getting it, and their IQ is rising. IQ has to do with knowledge. If you’re denied knowledge how can you do much but survive? European IQ is dropping, much thanks to atheism, which does no more than ‘feels good’. Flynn Effect. Let Africans return to Africa, Asians to Asia and so on. Meanwhile, a lot of Hispanics are returning to Europe because they feel uh, unwelcome in the US.

    • You mean like the Germanic horde? How about those Irish savages? They both used to eat their victims, usually after gang rape. Vikings, wow, every human sacrifice had to be tortured to death. How about Rome, founded by savages? How about Christianity tamed these beasts in human form? Or don’t you study conservative history? Each people have their version of civilization. while it may not meet you standards, it’s unlikely many so-called civilized people come close to Jesus’. Facts, as a cousin told me, are facts. the more one claims to be civilized, the less civil one becomes. Only God can create, only God can change people.

      • “Only God can create, only God can change people.”
        People can change themselves, God just arranges the option.
        That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

      • Yep, but to make it stick, stick with God. This is what Africans are doing. This is what Europeans used to do. Europe and the US are one generation away from savagery. If you doubt that, look in any city. I lived in two neighborhoods that were Dominican and the main problem was, white drug dealers meeting their dopers there. Dominicans took care of what the cops refused to do, they started coming out in their porches with guns and the dealers left. The worse cities are Nazi-owned, Chi, NYC, LA, NO, Philly and so on. No one and nothing beats Nazism for outright barbarity.

      • What makes me want to puke is, England used to be the pinnacle of civilization. And, prior to WWI, Germany was considered the best place to live. What are they today but slag heaps. What happened to Mexico over a century ago, and to Germany in the 20s, is happening here, but worse. The Wiemar Republic almost took us and would have but for a voters’ revolt.

  2. At it every day, fighting them via the ‘net, discussing things, fighting lies and urban legend. Look at what’s occurring in Virginia. The only time the KKK and Nazis come out is when a dem needs them to. They come out ‘protesting’ for the conservatives or claiming a conservative issue and that would set conservatives against the politician or issue they’re supporting. They’re the ultimate liberals, protesting the Constitution, useful idiots for the left. When this fails, what comes next is more shootings. dnc/kkk=nazi party usa is historical. And, the Muslims will be on their side, not ours, because they think themselves the perfect group of whites. Hitler told them how great Islam is. Peace to you, may you survive in style.

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