Video: Ridiculous ho-makers




it’s become meaningless

you wear make-up? ho

you don’t? conceited ho logic

you wear a skirt? ho

you wear shorts, like men in summer? somehow a ho

Not to mention that 90% of this stuff is vintage and the same men were complaining women should adopt those fashions again, no, taking care of your appearance whatsoever makes random strangers think they can make assumptions about your sex life.

hair spray? basic ho

no hair spray? natural look ho

It’s become synonymous with nubile woman.

Don’t let idiots use a slang term, they ruin it.

Spaghetti straps? oh, you better believe that’s a ho

Cardigans? who does that ho think she is, trying to look vintage? especially with a bling brooch

Pearls? ho

Choker? ho

No necklace? leaving your chest bare, typical ho

At this point, what are women supposed to wear where you don’t feel entitled to insult us?
There’s nothing, is there?

It’s meant to make women who haven’t totally given up feel insecure so the intimidated men can try to neg them.
As I’ve covered, that’s dumb because negging doesn’t work. At all.

Flats? ho

Heels? ho

Tan? ho

Natural skin? ho

It’s become a nonsense term.

The irony is that much of that stuff applies better to gym bros.

What’s a low-cut top to literally showing your man-tits?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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