Age gap marriages unhappy

Thanks, Dr Obvious.

“What did surprise researchers was that women who married to older husbands were also deeply unsatisfied whilst those who married younger men were far more content.”

probability the researcher surprised was male? 100%

because a woman who doesn’t want ED and other age-related problems, who wants a virile husband who can protect her, that’s just sexist!

how dare the sexes be different and want different but actually the same things?

less BS

which is common with-

younger spouses

quelle surprise

it doesn’t discuss sexual spoilage, namely, that if you’re spoiled, you’ll never be truly satisfied with one person, who has many limits and isn’t the best at everything you’ve had

ah, the wages of sin

Traditionally, spouses are similar age and both young.

Exceptions exist for the wealthy because so many of them died.

This very subject was a common theme of paintings. One party was under duress.

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