LGBTQ facts

Credit: Jesus is just alt-right with me


One response to “LGBTQ facts

  1. Scary crap. An agent for the FBI told me all serial killers had been gay raped. Most were raped as preteens (thank you, neolibs). The first recorded serial killers in the 13 colonies were the Harp brothers (cousins), who as teenager were arrested as Torries and spent a weekend in a public jail cell (one cell for both men and women). An interesting, ugly, fact: 50% of all suicides by military and ex-military men had gay rape as the place they became suicidal. That’s a very conservative percentage because the military refuses to release the stats and destroys the lives of rape victims. This is why gays were banned from serving in the military. And when I was 17, I thought Dad was busting my stones when he said not to bend over in front of an officer. Then the sergeants said the same. Later, I found out (from an officer in the family) offers were exempted from the regulation because it was difficult to get and retain officers (beginning WWII).

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