8 responses to “LGBTQ facts

  1. Scary crap. An agent for the FBI told me all serial killers had been gay raped. Most were raped as preteens (thank you, neolibs). The first recorded serial killers in the 13 colonies were the Harp brothers (cousins), who as teenager were arrested as Torries and spent a weekend in a public jail cell (one cell for both men and women). An interesting, ugly, fact: 50% of all suicides by military and ex-military men had gay rape as the place they became suicidal. That’s a very conservative percentage because the military refuses to release the stats and destroys the lives of rape victims. This is why gays were banned from serving in the military. And when I was 17, I thought Dad was busting my stones when he said not to bend over in front of an officer. Then the sergeants said the same. Later, I found out (from an officer in the family) offers were exempted from the regulation because it was difficult to get and retain officers (beginning WWII).

  2. Disenchanted Scholar, some people claim that homosexuality is a sinful behavior. Some people claim that gay people are born gay and some people claim that gay people choose to be gay. What are your views on things like same sex marriage or same sex parenting?

    • That’s a heap of questions and all are interim pending as much evidence as feeble human hands can physically carry. Trouble is, it isn’t PC to collect the very data we need to justify the collection of the data.
      I’m going to riff on Jayman’s notion that male and female homosexuality are different. This sounds probable. I’m agnostic on Gay Germ but given microbiome research and how it must affect the sexual system, I wouldn’t be shocked either. Anonymous Conservative rarely discusses the behaviours typical of homosexuals in light of evolution, which is intriguing.
      I don’t think my opinion should be an authority on this to be fair with you, I’ll summarize since you asked politely and seem to care.
      Religion: Male homosexuality is a sin in many religions, especially Christianity. Anal sex in particular. The topic of g0y men restricting themselves to oral is trickier to find in scripture. Many things are prohibited in the Bible that promote disease e.g. pork and shellfish and the promiscuity of STDs. We know anal cancer rates now in homosexual men at the very least are higher. The rates of tearing and prolapse should not be funded by taxpayers for a lifestyle choice. We don’t fund other pleasures like smoking or drinking or gambling.
      The Human Genome Project found no genetic evidence of homosexuality. That is the end of the matter, the proof required does not exist. If new genetic evidence comes forward, this might change pending review by academics.
      It was an ambitious claim made for legal reasons and leaves everything after, including decriminalization, on shaky grounds. They’d better hope it isn’t true because the law prohibits many things that are found genetic e.g. serial killer predisposition and genetic screening for abortion would be preferred by many parents who intend to have children only with the inherent promise of full, genetically normal grandchildren.
      Kinsey’s work on sexuality is tainted. Look into it.
      Claiming everyone is homosexual is ridiculous.
      I’m not sure I agree with sexual orientation theory either. It made sense in the Darwinian paradigm – that is, behaviour based – do you want the vagina and breasts or the penis and anus? In light of pornographic experimentation and the paltry Gender Studies shift to a nebulous identity, we’ve gone mad on the topic of self-styled sexology. It has become a practice to excuse all degeneracy with a veneer of scientism, and further suppress evidence of the antisocial.
      Marriage? No such thing. It doesn’t count unless the religious texts say it does. Civil partnerships? I know of no religious person who objects to them, myself included. Parenting? Nature did not select them as parents for good reason, see the recent case of Cinderella effect playing out in British media. Men in particular have not evolved to care for infants, their brains are not as responsive and they tend to fight more than flight, unfortunately. Tribally, children were raised in a group of largely women. Look at their domestic abuse rates, drug use, many many things which would disqualify heterosexuals from adoption. It would be better they adopt a surrogate, itself a moral quandary, but one their rich asses can afford, than to adopt a baby of parents who disagree with raising their children in such an environment (this also goes for religion). Thank you for the question, please read around, I’m no expert.

  3. I also wanted to inquire as to if in my previous comment I abided effectively by your 3 specified rules. The civility part seems to be a non-issue. However, what about the other rules? Religion has no right to claim a monopoly on the subject of marriage. Fundamentalist Christian types are opposed to abortion, however, that has not been made illegal. Of course, the U.S. was based on religious freedom, not religious supremacy. There are other freedoms as well, not just religious freedom. Some people claim that homosexuality is a sin, that homosexual behavior is sinful. Now, if people are born gay, that claim holds no water. If people woke up and decided to be gay, that claim may be legitimate. You say nature did not select gay people to be parents for good reason. What about women that still have ovaries? What if the pregnancies of lesbian couples are the result of those kept intact and sperm donations? In that case, your claim could be refutable. There is also no scientific support that same sex parenting is bad, at least none that has been reported insofar as I know. Some talking points regarding same sex parenting is that kids will inevitably become gay. As if that is actually a bad thing. Want to know why there are gay and lesbian people in our world’s population? Blame the straight parents in some cases for that. Either that or blame biology.

    • I replied with the same rules in mind, so yeah.
      You’d think civility is a given but the American comments I get in the junk feed dispute that.
      Marriage is a religious institution. There’s no such thing as a secular marriage, it’s the union of two spirits. Atheists don’t have spirits. State endorsement is a layer of protection, it doesn’t make the matter. People can pretend to get married all they like, doesn’t make it any more legitimate in the only law that matters, the enshrined divine law. Whichever religion you pick.
      Roe v Wade is easy to overturn, it’s just case law.
      It will happen eventually, under a Christian state full of Mexicans or an Islamic one.
      The US was never based on religious freedom, it was based on the Rights of Englishmen and America still retains English Common Law, which is founded on the principles of the Church of England.
      There is religious tolerance, not freedom. It’s a misnomer. We tolerate prayer mats, we don’t tolerate infidel blood sacrifice. Satanists, for example, are still committing animal rights abuses.
      Religion isn’t an excuse.
      New ones are invented every century. Cough Scientology cough.
      You hold liberty and egalitarianism as the state religion. Those are philosophical principles based in the Christian religion. They don’t exist elsewhere.
      Keyword there: IF.
      It is not, so it is not so.
      The burden of proof is on those claiming genetics.
      Sexuality is fluid. That fluidity is represented as consensual choice in sexual matters.
      It’s a classic mistake to assume scientific reproduction applies to Darwinian sexual selection. Darwin wrote frequently on human intervention making everything worse.
      To straw man a hypothetical impossibility based on the premise of evolution is not even wrong. Refutable, though.
      “There is also no scientific support that same sex parenting is bad, at least none that has been reported insofar as I know.” You have never tried to look then, there is plenty if you look for it.
      “Some talking points regarding same sex parenting is that kids will inevitably become gay.” parents forcing their children to conform to their own lifestyle choices? no, that never, ever, ever, ever happens
      “As if that is actually a bad thing.” Did you skip over the part with the drug abuse, self-loathing, HIV rates etc….
      “Want to know why there are gay and lesbian people in our world’s population?” child abuse and teratogens, statistically
      “Blame the straight parents in some cases for that. Either that or blame biology.” Why not both?

  4. Sexuality being fluid-that sounds to me like it means that people could be attracted to members of the same or opposite sex. Putting aside the idea that marriage has a religious connotation, the United States was not created to be a theocracy, but a Constitutional Republic. Social conservatives seem to want freedom to impose their will upon other people. The LGBTQ community is similar in this respect. They claim that they want the right to marry, however, they refuse in some cases to respect the right of bakers to refuse to bake cakes for their weddings.

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