2 responses to “Talk to strangers, talk to prisoners

  1. Yo, always something interesting here. I talk to a lot of cons. Most are atheists or agnostics. You dig down deep enough, you find most were abused as kids, and hate humanity. They earned a stay in prison, and I pray they find truth and act on it, not just bitterness. And, prison-kid programs are usually successful. I know more than a few teens who walked away from crime and gangs after spending a weekend having men throw kisses at them in their cell. Too friggin much liberalism means more prisons and more crime, nothing less. Get rid of liberalism, go back to more traditional ways of spanking teenagers and demand God back in class, not ‘we’re all animals’ of the neolib freaks. When I was in school, I got busted for chewing gum. today, kids are being busted for killing each other. Better to jail the pervs who wrecked their lives, like teachers and whining parents and child services than have one kid dead. BTW, those last three would look very good tied to a whipping post, an old punishment endorsed by God for people like that, bro.

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