Plastic bag tax on the poor does nothing

Click to access The%20Plastic%20Industry%20Berlin%20Aug%202016%20-%20Copy.pdf

For global warming at least, plenty for profits.

They’re increasing demand by increasing production.

The problem with charging for plastic bags is you turn them into a status symbol. Psychology trumps global warming rhetoric, the global plastic use will go up, whatever they report for superficial reasons. Industrial uses of plastic exceed anything domestic, and Asia is the biggest user of plastics from the industrial side. It’s a drop in the ocean. Poor people will buy them in bulk out of spite because it’s a tax on not being pretentious enough to buy canvas. Slave-produced canvas. How ethical of our moral betters.
They’d charge you for breathing if they could, the Left already charge you for emissions work.

It’s the biggest con, you can charge for anything and get away with the tax if you claim it’s to ‘fight’ global warming – well, if the fight against drugs and terrorism don’t work, why should this? And why should we be fighting our own industrialization when China is going to do more anyway?

You know the one thing to cut emissions?

Ration flight hours per person.

No exemptions for the rich.

Since we’re equal.

The poor can sell them their own hours.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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