Fuckboys in business suits

Still trash.


I clicked on this expecting some SJW over-reaction but men have no idea what it’s like to get messages like this for no reason. They could open a fake female account and see but they won’t because deep down, they know.

Since they’re one of the weirdos doing it.

Maybe women wouldn’t find you so creepy if you didn’t keep acting like unprofessional creeps?
White woman, guy with a first name like that. She shouldn’t have bothered.
It’s like if some random man from India tries to add you, it won’t go well.
The mixed black or Asian men think all white women are whores, they’re totally unprofessional because their cultures expect corruption and they think business is only for men (ignore the data).

That’s why they fail, they can’t cooperate for shit.

I mean on something as simple as a coffee run. Many are incompetent narcissists. They don’t do the work and sit with their feet up claiming to be the ideas guy (they steal ideas).

You cannot work with them, imagine if your competition was trying to screw you over AND screw you.

Oh, the horror stories I’ve heard.

Scum. Like finance types but with less brains, can’t do maths, pure sales shit-talking types. Slimy as a worm.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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