China and public defecation

As bad as India.
We would’ve already known by the r-selected population size.
The Louvre has signs to go INTO the bathrooms, in Mandarin.
Picture it, not in Arabic.
Not in Hindu.
Only in Mandarin.

The SJWs at Kotaku admit this. Cultural relativism strikes again.

Same people who keep scratching our ancient monuments with no punishment.
So civilized, right?
They are corrupt, low trust and have no civic instinct, like India.
Neither can control their own population levels and infrastructure sucks.

Here’s the best excuse they can come up with.

“However, we did talk about this theory that humans have a natural relationship with things. For example, if you have trash in your hand, and you see a bicycle with a basket, you might pitch it in the bicycle’s basket. This is littering and isn’t socially acceptable, but that bicycle basket does resemble a waste paper basket, and instinctively you might use it for that. Going to the bathroom in public place, perhaps, works on a similar rationale—especially since a Guangzhou subway bin does resemble a toilet. Somewhat.”

While we’re all over here laughing at Africans for going on the street or Arabs who wipe with their hands…

“Eventually, these social views will continue to filter through society. Norms will continue to change, just as the country continues to change, and these public toilet displays will gradually fade away.”

Sure, sure it will. Sure Jan.

I’m sure when they have all the shekels, they won’t just revert and tell us to accept it.
Such deep reasons, huh?

This isn’t a hard topic to find information on.
Americans don’t read much.

“After one shopper snapped the photo and posted it on twitter, Brits reacted with a mix of disgust and confusion – public toilets are only a few meters away and free of charge.

This is why we colonized people. But you can’t improve a shit sandwich.

Our toilets are all heavily signposted FYI, for about 50 yards before you get to them.

THAILAND thinks they’re backward.

The reason paintings need glass now is because Asians won’t stop touching them.
Also applies to Indians. WTF.
They think everything is fake or they can just put their mitts over other people’s property.
I’ve witnessed it.

“The manual, written in Mandarin, advises against using public property as lavatories and contains general instructions on how to responsibly tour the country.”

Do high-IQ adults really need to be told not to shit anywhere like a dog?
This should go on my list of Asian Questions.

“But the holidaymakers have become the target of numerous complaints, with locals accusing them of defecating in public places, causing traffic accidents with reckless driving and defacing tourist attractions.
..Following complaints from Chinese tourists the ban was lifted on the understanding that tour guides are clean toilets if their clients make a mess.”

Our intellectual superiors, being cleaned up after like naughty toddlers.
Don’t trust the vulgarians.

The Louvre thing is well known and reported btw.
I’m only posting this because a lot of Americans read my page, we in Europe have known what they are for ages.

There are TED talks discussing public defecation, I’ll spare you the links, but they acknowledge it as worst in India AND China, with some parts of Africa coming up behind.
Yes, that’s correct, they’re literally more socially and culturally backward in their bathroom habits than the majority of Africans.

“What amuses me is that these are the Chinese that are affluent enough to travel and presumably be educated, and they still rank more uncouth than our homegrown thugs and rednecks.”

And the HBD crowd goes wild!
There are plenty of photos online that rival India, potentially worse since they’re surrounded by shiny technology they stole.

Bear in mind, the public health risk of a country’s filth is worse, the worse its diet.
What do Indian and Chinese food do?

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