Muh Future

Allow me to fill in some gaps. There are many gaps in current rhetoric.

Your realpolitik isn’t real enough.

I was re-thinking of this and how practically any action is now,
however stupid for the pro-civic optics and good for PR of the enemies of the west,
is met with the special pleading But it’s for Muh Future!!!!1

And you’re meant to be on our side? Same side? Seriously?

Well, if you’re going to be completely selfish about it, remember lone wolves die.
Nobody cares how ‘badass’ they were as they’re being picked apart by vultures.

  • The enemy want you to be easy to outgroup.
  • They want white people divided among themselves.
  • They don’t want happy people teaching other happy people.
  • If everyone is a loser, no one can be threatened with winners.

Do what the enemy would shriek at, it’s our music. Dance to it.
You can’t understand your future unless you know where the past done fucked up.

Random Vox Day commentariat
it’s a good sampling of the higher IQ, but not the highest (that’s NRx)

“Also, an all white nation that still lives in sin against God isn’t ok either – it won’t be anything like the utopia that some are wanting.”

You don’t get to keep your free contraception and manwhore shots.
Put the hooker DOWN.

“So, gay boy, what does define you? You mean your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual natures don’t define you? I’m afraid they do.”

Actions, which prove you thought what you claimed to think.

“The sins you commit two by two….you must pay for one by one.”

I like this rhetoric.
This is a good rhetoric.
But STDs are normally caught in groups.

“Didn’t you read your Victor Hugo? Until the time is right, nothing you can do will suffice. Once the time is right, there will be no need to do anything.

[general murmur of agreement from peanut gallery]

Positivism is the common weakness afflicting both Left & Right. History is not directed, at least not directed by any man or group thereof.”

LOLOLOLOLOL *files nails* What about a woman?

They never talk about incentives, do they? You don’t make a donkey loyal by whipping it every day, damn. No SQ. No EQ. Hardly any IQ either.
Big pictures first, details if you live. Plenty of singular people changed history, which you’d know if you actually read it.

You’re in a position where you can shape aesthetics and you choose those ones?

People don’t pick up swastikas because they’re angry, they pick up swastikas to 1. feel powerful and 2. induce useful idiots in their pathological altruism to do their own work for them. It’s lazy. A swastika isn’t standing between you and a future, it’s only you. The symbol is you and within you.

“On the heels of any “Alt-Retard”, “Alt-Reich”, “Alt-White” denunciatory rhetoric employed in this blog, one will find lucubrations, employed by the same individuals, about getting out of this Jewish wet dream we’re all sticky with; the verifiable superiority of Western Civilization (a logical hop, skip and a jump away from the superiority of ‘Whites’); the awaiting of the New Caesar; the utter failings of Democracy; the biological basis of racial differences; the unmatched aesthetic of ‘Aryan’ peoples; on and on. Phrenology and Physiognomy are on the table, too.
Those who are drawn to Nazi ideology and symbolism also tend to think that Christianity has failed them. And perhaps it has. As such, they find pre-Christian, Indo-European artefactum to have a unique appeal.
Especially once they discover that Truth, Beauty and Greatness all antedate Christ.”

Masturbating over Christ/Mary aesthetics has a creepy incestuous vibe like Ancient Egypt’s royals.
The Mary Worship is obviously goddess form and Christ is not God nor the Spirit, quit the idolatry, they’re different things and it’s a category error.

“So — how do we appeal to MODERN folks? What inventions and systems would emotionally move them about their nation, their people? What would they value, and see being lost?”

Shakespeare. That’s how you get the actors. In Islam, theatre is a sin. They’re worse than Puritans.

You threaten the sophisticated White culture and suddenly all the liberals are hashtagging their feels about Paris.

“Like Oscar Wilde, Turing went to jail for being a asshole trying to sic the cops on an innocent/truthful man not for being gay.”

The truth makes these people break out in rage hives.
You don’t need to stick a mustache on it.

God has never abandoned you, he’s giving you time to prepare like Noah.
Prepare for your own.

The Bible said your family and your neighbour. He didn’t say to assist randos you’ve never seen – unless you come across them by accident, they really are in need and you mostly do it to get them to leave.

You’re not supposed to run around telling those who know what they do and take Satanic pride in it, that they don’t know what they do. At best, you mock them. See: Why mockery?
Shame makes people understand what they really value, popularity. A future, prosperity. People will always crave these things and follow whoever has a plan to make them.
The Left’s cheerleader effect has crumbled, the progressive alliance plan failed.

“The rapidly reducing effectiveness of antibiotics, especially towards STDs, as well as the appearance of various superbugs such as Cuban super-GRIDS in continental North America will soon sort that out.
Not to mention that fleas in Arizona have now tested positive for the Black Death.”

Using literal loser symbols and taking your subjective meaning to be what everyone -should- think is a rookie move. Hollywood has been teaching people very specific associations with that stuff for decades.

They’re not scared because in every film, play or TV show, the Nazis always lose.

They’re still special pleading, but in the reverse from typical Alt Left signallers.
I’m not like those other white people! I’m edgier!

“His insufferable writing style is typical of liberal fools like him, who are lost in a fog due to their own bad will. They rejected God, yet thought they could still be “moral” anyway.”

Worshiping Hitler as Jesus doesn’t make you less of a Jesus freak.
Might as well be Thor.

“We need a charismatic third party leader who is all about the BRAND of America, beauty, order, tradition, family, rule of law (minimal laws), limited govt,etc. He can be an actor with a firm strong group (which will include marketing experts) behind him–a puppet if you will. Pretty boys often lack that strength needed to carry through. We got closer with Trump—”

You mean RDJ.
Actually deeply right.
And in the closet.

America has no brand but Melting Pot. You need to clean house before lecturing Europe.
Your brand is all the good parts of Europe and random bullshit. Your symbols were nicked from us.

“Solve the problem? Well, then why would people keep giving us money after that?”


“but the “coalition of the fringes” composed of so many mutually-hostile camps was bound to break up sooner or later. Now that they’re on the losing side, they’re not getting any payoffs from going after the right so they’re turning on each other.
What was that phrase? “This is the best of all timelines.”

Coalition of the freaks.

“So looking back over the past century what exactly have Christians achieved as far as saving civilisation is concerned? In fact what victories can Christianity point to in the last couple of centuries? Christianity is the religion of surrender. It’s a pity because in many ways it’s a nice religion, but a nice religion is not what is needed.”

Read it again.
It reads the Old Testament or else it gets the hose again.
And what about the best metal party ever in Rev?

“This screed is a perfect example of how “Intersectional Conflict” is our friend. Keep pulling at various seams and watch their Frankenstein monster of identity politics suddenly turns on itself.”

Already is, speed it up.
Look up the apple of discord story. That. Keep doing THAT.


White people can afford to deny white supremacy because of their white privilege.

Yes, you’ve seen my work. Either way, we win. Who do you think came up with that? And not one of you fools has taken the white privilege meme bull by both horns to thrash some common sense into your countrymen.

For the idiots, white privilege = white supremacy.

You can get an idea on both sides, a meme in each wing. It isn’t hard.
It trickles to the centre, which we actually want. Think like the enemy.
You can’t dodge from both sides, bitch.

That is 99% all I do and it works, bitches. They never link to me. They’re scared.
Use their own tactics, proven to work against us, against people far more stupid than us.

All you need is one thread on the sweater, America.

I still say Make Britain Great Again makes more sense.

Which side has the fighters, farmers and scientists?
Which side has the higher IQ and the homeland to defend and the grit to do it?
Which side will they come crying to, acting innocent? For shelter? For protection?
You’re not conquered until there’s no one left to fight.
I don’t care if you can fight, the battle looks different to each person on the field. You’re already here, you were born here and you’re defending your right to continue existing here.

They’re already crying to you Defend Me! Defend Me!
Well, can you not defend yourself?
The Trojan horse has been rejected and that’s all they have left, paper Ks. The self-aware r is trying to sell themselves as One of Us to survive. If we lost, they’d claim to be spies all along. That’s why you can’t trust the superficial friend, fairweather enemy.
There’s a scene from another film, In Bruges, where a midget makes a good point, “your skin is your uniform”.
That gay guy has learned the hard way. Things go hot like boiling Pepe.
So the big threat to white people isn’t from brown people – it’s from fake white people, who wouldn’t check out as One of Us on a DNA test. Otherwise, in 50-150 years’ time, we’ll be in this exact position or worse again.

“By the 19th century Christianity was all about church jumble sales and having tea with the vicar. Christianity had already become feminised and emotion-driven.”

Your leader literally let himself get bitch-slapped.
I don’t think it was the First World that did it.
Quit blaming the strong. Europe is automatically superior to the majority of the world based on our sewerage system alone. The pipes for our shit.

“The Reformation destroyed Christianity.”

By not allowing it to destroy itself?
These liars never qualify themselves.
Sure, let’s swan around following a Pope that’s kissing a Muslim’s toes. You can’t find justification in the Bible itself but I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

*drops pen*

In the mean time, I keep my real plans to myself. By necessity.

You’re not ready, I go solo a lot anyway. You’ve seen the results.
Tug on the web where they least suspect, defenses are weakest.

Take care of your kin.

OT but totally T

The women are more important than the men.

You get the women, the men follow their little head.

Millennial women are already more conservative, Z too and quit appealing to Gen X angstbois, they had their chance and failed. It’s negative optics.

The purpose of cultural Christianity is to let men take credit for what women did – civilize them. Old male writers freely admit this, it was obvious. They certainly didn’t do it to themselves. They couldn’t saviour other cultures either, that rests on the native women. Any time you see development work, odds are the women have a larger contribution. Local communities and charities (the ones which do most of the grunt work) aren’t typically male.

For example, do you think the birth rate has ever had anything to do with men?

Boys cannot become men without women. It’s the missing puzzle piece. Insulting women is making your situation worse, the enemy wants you to be anti-women and anti-natal (they’re the same thing).

Why does social justice appeal to women? Protection, female services, prosperity.

What do women actually want?

Not what pop culture tells you (lies). The women ourselves.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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