Video: The sorrow of the man-child

This guy is legit.

Zizek is a troll.

From Muh Future post

Boys cannot become men without women. It’s the missing puzzle piece. Insulting women is making your situation worse, the enemy wants you to be anti-women and anti-natal (they’re the same thing).

Their elders won’t let them grow up.



29 year olds being infantilised?

Are you fucking kidding?

Fun fact: retardé means delayed.

5 responses to “Video: The sorrow of the man-child

  1. A man needs a burden, lifting heavy stuff and carrying it around is how men get stronger. But now there’s no burden and no challenge. We isolated our boys from nature with technological civilisation we built. The cultural “revolution” (Enlightenment for the masses) of the 1960s removed the second force, the sociocultural pressure. We made responsibility optional.

    Now we are in a state of limbo, where the civilisational shell is still sturdy enough to provide comfort and support the raging chaos inside. It will not last, but this is hardly a comforting thought.

    • There aren’t responsibilities in childhood because parents are too soft. Parents treat their child like a Faberge egg when all the child psych says they need challenge. It’s abuse from parents, teachers and society that caters to, let’s say men, 30+, who want to PAR-TY like a kid. It’s about making money off their stupidity and catering to the feelings of adults.

  2. This is right, but how did Native Americans manage to grow up to be men? Somewhat like Europeans did, send teenage boys out of the house and away from both parents’ influence. Europeans sent their sons out as apprentices, and Native Americans sent their sons out to the wife’s brothers, to live with them and learn.

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