Book: How the Jews invented Hollywood

I’m guessing they don’t mention that it was and remains one giant brothel, like modelling.
Yeah, that was worse, OpDeathEaters didn’t go far enough.

Why do you think Kylie Jenner needed the plastique before breaking into ‘modelling’?

Speaking of massive slags. So it isn’t as if Jews themselves are exempt.

However ‘model scouts’ tour poverty-stricken areas of Eastern Europe and force the girls into prostitution because there’s no one around to look after them.

Today, when we think of mainstream Hollywood, we think of big companies making big films for big profits and nothing more. It may come as a surprise to many that the entire reason that films are made in Hollywood comes from a few independent filmmakers who were brave enough to go against the then-established industry. In the early days of silent films, Thomas Edison’s film company, along with the other biggest companies, formed the Motion Picture Patent Company, or “the Trust,” in 1908. The Trust controlled all distribution and production of films and film equipment, so anyone who wanted to make films or enter the industry had to have the express permission of the Trust and had to buy their equipment from them.

During this time, the vast majority of films being produced were short films or serial films, but when feature-length films were being imported from Europe to great success, many wannabe filmmakers wanted to cash in on the craze. However, the Trust was always against feature-length films, so only independent filmmakers could make them.

Porn isn’t usually feature length.

Since most films were made on the East Coast by the Trust, independent filmmakers Jesse Laske and Samuel Goldfish (he later changed his name to the more famous Goldwyn) went first to Flagstaff, Arizona, and then to the end of the line—a community in Los Angeles called Hollywood where they made popular feature films against the permission of the “Trust” in a studio converted from a barn.

The first film that Laske and Goldwyn made, along with first-time director Cecil B. DeMille, was The Squaw Man. Even though the film was shot far away from the Trust, it was almost destroyed when several rolls of footage were sabotaged. While many blame the Trust for this act, the real perpetrators remain a mystery. When the film was released, it was vastly different from what most audiences saw and changed the industry forever. Eventually, Laske and Goldwyn’s company became Paramount, and the movie companies that went to Hollywood to escape the tyranny of the Trust became the mainstream studio system that still exists in one form or another today.

Another reason to hate Edison, kinda.

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  1. That’s one bizarre blog you link there. Believes that the Anders shooting was all paid for by Mossad. You’d think Anders would ‘disappear’ if he was, hmm? Apparently, the man in prison isn’t Anders at all, but an actor.

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