Meat-eaters less depressed

A New Study Compares Depression Levels Between Vegans/Vegetarians And Meat Eaters

By a huge (in social science) 15%.

Add in the irony that they can’t take most antidepressants.

There are other problems nobody has yet studied properly.

Like bone health.

Difficult to make healthy bones without meat and dairy.

But what about the B12?

Well, if you damage your nervous system, it’s almost impossible to repair.

All vegans must supplement.

Claimed sources of B12 that have been shown through direct studies of vegans to be inadequate include human gut bacteria, spirulina, dried nori, barley grass and most other seaweeds. Several studies of raw food vegans have shown that raw food offers no special protection.

Symptoms of deficiency

Infants typically show more rapid onset of symptoms than adults. B12 deficiency may lead to loss of energy and appetite and failure to thrive. If not promptly corrected this can progress to coma or death. Again there is no entirely consistent pattern of symptoms. Infants are more vulnerable to permanent damage than adults. Some make a full recovery, but others show retarded development.

Failure to thrive is a PC term for retardation, retarded growth.

In adults typical deficiency symptoms include loss of energy, tingling, numbness, reduced sensitivity to pain or pressure, blurred vision, abnormal gait, sore tongue, poor memory, confusion, hallucinations and personality changes. Often these symptoms develop gradually over several months to a year before being recognised as being due to B12 deficiency and they are usually reversible on administration of B12. There is however no entirely consistent and reliable set of symptoms and there are cases of permanent damage in adults from B12 deficiency. 

Those are symptoms in common with the brain damage of starvation.

Vitamin B12 may help protect against brain volume loss in the elderly.

 Subsequently, abnormal myelination or demyelination occurs. The result is severe central and peripheral nervous system dysfunction.

e.g. MS

It has long been known that B12 is vital for nerves to work properly, and it is only found in animal sources of food, not in plants. While it is made by our gut bacteria, it can only be absorbed in combination with something called intrinsic factor at the upper part of our intestines, so the B12 made in our colon by our gut bacteria is not metabolically useful.

All B12 supplements must come from animal sources.

signs of nerve death like numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes. However, its become clear that other symptoms of B12 deficiency can precede these classic medical findings, including depression and anxiety.

Of special interest is that brain levels of B12 do not necessarily match up with blood levels of B12.

They’re prematurely aging themselves.

In any event, brain levels of methylB12 (an active form of B12) plummet with age from 20 year-olds to 60 year olds. Also, methylB12 levels in those diagnosed with autismor schizophrenia were 1/3 those of age-matched controls, meaning B12 just wasn’t as active in the brain of those patients.

But it’s just brain fog? Right?


Cobalamin deficiency may cause cognitive deficits and even dementia.

Dementia is both a cause and a result of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Have you or a loved one experienced these signs of Alzheimer’s recently?

While you could be experiencing these symptoms due to Alzheimer’s or another dementia, it’s also possible that your symptoms could be related to low levels of vitamin B12.

Several studies have been conducted to establish the link between vitamin B12 and Alzheimer’s. Some, such as the study highlighted here, associate low B12 levels with both the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and actual atrophy (shrinkage) of the brain.

They're so stupid it's a laughriot

Either eat animal B12 or eat GMO.

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