Art that proves geisha weren’t prostitutes

Totally not, perish the thought.

Links are NSFW, in case you didn’t guess. Perverts:

I mean… you’d have to be so crass and uncultured to know about this stuff.

They needed to live next to the red-light districts because rents were cheap!

What is more, genitals are magnified and extremely detailed, with the almost shocking presence of realistic body hair. 

You’d have to be crazy to assume that’s erotic, right?
We can’t assume porn and prostitution were the aim here.

 Depictions of ancient legend and folklore are also common topics, with one of the most unorthodox prints on display by Katasushika Kyosai illustrating a woman being pleasured by an octopus.

The translation of the accompanying text would make even the most hardened viewer blush, once again showing the British Museum’s commitment to a non-censorship policy.

Since we (((all))) know only white women can be whores, huh?

Love hotels totally aren’t an Asian thing.
LBFMs? Never heard of ’em.

It is still indisputable that these pieces are works of art, and the second section “Masterpieces of Shunga 1765-1850” goes on to reveal even more elaborate works. Hand-scroll for the Four Seasonsby Tsukioka Setti is a mesmerising piece of work painted on silk, celebrating the different phases of a woman’s sexuality. The use of gold leaf and even iridescent inks to enhance the presence of bodily fluids is something that seems so alien to traditional European viewings of art that it is both shocking and liberating.

Madonna/Whore also plays into Yellow Fever versus non-Yellow.

Did the children they bear come into being by magic?

Glorify mistresses all you want, there is sex exchanged on one side for money on the other. Okay she’s literate, but so were courtesans. They provide literally the exact same role as European courtesans, and your cultural chinoiserie won’t change that.

Asia was always more degenerate than us, just look at the art. Worse on torture techniques too, than the Medieval Europe era. Men can get tea and conversation from other men. There’s only one thing they’d pay a beautiful woman for in excess…. it isn’t simpering.

And if you think the art had no influence either way on actual behaviour… nothing can cure your stupidity. Europe had chamber art, same function.

“Ukiyo-e expert Gina Collia-Suzuki, in a recent brief but strong blog entry, attacks this notion, asserting that geisha of the Edo period absolutely *did* engage in acts of prostitution, though it should not be confused for being a part of their primary profession.”

Same with courtesans, male ones were primarily entertainers too.
But are entertainers paid that much, to exclusively socialize with only the richest?
Wouldn’t sexual exclusivity make a little more sense..?

“Collia-Suzuki also claims that Mineko Iwasaki, the geisha whose life, revealed through interviews, was the basis of Arthur Golden’s novel, was essentially lying when she denied that the mizuage ceremony involved the selling of a geisha’s virginity for money.”

It’s embarrassing we pedestal anyone like this.

I’m not disrespecting anyone, I’m being accurate.
I don’t want to post all of these because that isn’t my type of blog but…

So respectful!

They’re just wrestling, right? Totally innocent.

JUST KISSING – what any sane person would conclude.

Her legs need to be open because all that silk is hot and she’s just… ventilating… yeah… sexy ventilating…

 But in actuality, the centuries of shunga speak for themselves, offering a joyous and sensational viewing experience.


They speak louder than any weeaboo on the subject.

There are so many more links on this topic but honestly, this is so obvious that I’m embarrassed I have to post about it. Are you new to the internet?

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