2 responses to “Don’t victim blame on rape

  1. I know it well. We moved from the farm, deep in rural America, to town because Dad needed to be closer to where he worked. My first week in town, I encountered a pedophile. I got away form him, but he threatened my life and my family, so I kept quiet. Two older brothers admitted to being sexually abused by him the year before, when they had been visiting family in that place (one was ten, the other, 11). He blackmailed them to get to me. As said, he didn’t. I was raised around cattle, goats, hogs, and knew early on about sex. He bragged he had raped me and I suffered for it for years. Did I get revenge? Ask God, because God always repays. He tried to rape a nun, went to army, not prison.He bragged is you were nine-years-old and still a virgin, there was something wrong with you (because he didn’t try to abuse you). Eventually, the elder folks had enough.and he was gutted in Vietnam.No one is certain who did it, but he still refuses to answer if it were a Cong or one of us. A pedophile, he learned to from his pedophile father, who learned it from his father. Yet, he could have committed himself to not being a perversion. And now they’re taking over so much of the West. a half-million slaves in the US to date, and the liberals ignore it. Most are children brought in for the pedophile snuff film trade.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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