Middle-class white male memes

For the autistic, this is a joke.

Let’s call it If Misandry memes were actually funny.

I posted respect women memes, I can take a joke too. My whole life is one. The few duplicates are for SEO. There are so many mock-able things about middle-class white men who bitch when they live better than medieval kings that they’re hard done by because of the things other people aren’t allowed to complain about because they aren’t middle-class SWPL white men.

Being told you’re wrong is exactly like going down a coal mine or getting gored on barbed wire.. if you’re an insufferable narcissistic prick. Gods, I am offended on behalf of the men who made you.

They don’t have “commitment issues”, they just can’t satisfy one woman on a timeline of years and stick around for years without abandonment to fulfill their totally unfair gender role that doesn’t involve shots. Women are the reckless sex, ignore accident stats.

This nobody can deny, nobody can deny!
Women might be insecure but we don’t cover half our fucking face and assume you’re too dumb to see the ugly. We man up and cover our whole face in fake tan like real women.

You don’t like free the nipple? Stop posting photos of your own, whore.

Note they never wanna censor actual porn. That would be too far.

Imagine I flipped the sexes here, I cannot be bothered to edit this WBW pic.
See the 10 types of 30 year-old single man, that article is hilarity.
Vanity totally isn’t a male pride thing in the Bible.

Imagine MLP. They wonder why other men dislike them.

Yes, you’re totally allowed to violate another human being’s space and body because they made your pee-pee tingle. I guess all the male rape victims don’t complain because they acknowledge a random’s lust comes in ahead of (sorry) your human rights.

Men are so smart they do grad studies, not smart enough to iron. #majorinirony

Pull yourself together, man.

FYI you wouldn’t get so triggered by ‘man up’ if you were actually an adult.
Women don’t need an equivalent phrase because we’re the less embarrassing sex. We don’t fuck toasters and postboxes and couch cushions. A woman has never used tomatoes as anal beads or fucked the Sunday poultry.

Gross-out comedies like American Pie do not work with women, not because we aren’t funny, but we have more collective dignity.

Pictured above: the manosphere, avoiding cooties and responsibility.

#deepbro #lookhowdeep #sodeep #validateme #h8thots #purgethethirst #notgay

Aquinas lived in a sausage fest, it’s called rationalization.

Jizya is literally taxpayer cuckold money but women are the cause of the immigrant problem.
Ever seen a cuck female economist? Aren’t most of the politicians still men?
yeah. yeah they are

Seen voting data recently?

>Moron: *sweeping statement about women*

>everyone else

>Moron: I’m offended you asked me for proof of the thing I stated as fact and claimed to have irrefutable proof of. Also, proving one man to be stupid or lying means you hate all men so AHA I win, bitch! #who’stherealsexisthere

12 year-olds have an excuse for edgy misogyny, they believe in cooties and don’t actually believe it will make girls like them.

Bitchy men do not exist.


^ this was satire that is now real because of stupid men who didn’t know it was satire
composed by a woman
if you listen closely, you can hear the rattle being thrown from their SWPL First World 21st Century American male pram

maybe we should listen to the sound of them being drafted so they got something to bitch about

and leave all the men in dresses behind, since biology isn’t real

but don’t you dare suggest that if men on female hormones aren’t fit for combat
neither are actual women

because then you’re a misandrist who only wants men to die

but we should also raise the standard so only men meet it?


and these are the brains?

moral cowardice is a unique strain of the 21st century male

if they sit around talking long enough, maybe they’ll feel masculine

“race traitor” is a thing but nobody mentions sex (???)

who are you going to breed with, one another? (they would)
and if sexual slavery is your preferred solution, how does your race make it okay to act Arabic?

NPD, ASPD, domestic abuse, rape, homicide prevalence data.
Yes, scientifically, women are dangerous… to your ego.

You won’t be a Party member of Patriarchy without a family.

and they treat the dog like a baby while mocking parents who post photos of their real life babies…

usually the ones to mock pregnancy but act like they’re the first man to ever exercise

mummy blogs are ridiculous but blogs literally about navel-gazing your abs are inspirational

IQ magically ceases to exist when talking about sexual prevalence data of the retarded – Officially Redpilled.

You know, a nurse friend told me that term is extra funny because rectal pills are usually red.

>Impossible, ever-changing, mutually exclusive standards for women
>No standards for men
>Men lead women morally
>Why is everything so shit.

Gaslighting isn’t real because a woman’s opinion isn’t to be trusted.

No man accused of rape actually did it. Patriarchy is impossible.

I don’t need a wife. That’s a lie from the MSM before the MSM was M.
Why am I suicidally lonely?

Old being technically old enough to be a grandparent. You had your shot at life and you failed to reproduce, don’t talk Darwin to us.

Logical fallacy bingo isn’t an insta-win, it has to actually apply.

Nobody mentions this. They’ll talk about the Jews and even invent ones out of Gentiles but not admit the fact most of those ‘crazy’ trannies are men. That’s literally what they have in common. White middle-class men. To mock them ist verboten, Aryans. We can insult all groups but that one…. k. That’s your privilege.

Child abuse stats, a solution.


women need to defend themselves from rape, carry guns or something
>women should wait to be defended, they can’t do it alone

Pick ONE.

The Oedipal Complex is strong in manwhores. The Playboy focus on breasts used to be considered weird.

“If she didn’t want me to talk to her, why didn’t she just say so? I can read her body language too.”

“She said no but she doesn’t really mean it, I’ll keep going and pushing it until she has to defend herself.”

“Women can’t be the victim, she rejected me, so I’m the victim here, it’s not like I targeted her or anything.”

“I feel insulted that the women I treated lesser than hookers and strippers called me ugly, the sexist cunt.”

“I was just talking to her, and touching her, and refusing to leave. That isn’t stalking but I never do this with guys, that would be gay.”

“Women are so self-absorbed, I’m going to follow them around and tell them.”

“Men need gentleman’s clubs without women but safe spaces are sad.”

“When I hurt a woman’s feelings, she’s too sensitive and it’s comedy. If she hurts my feelings, she’s a crazy bitch who should be shot and I hope you bury her 47 cats with her.”

Unlike, say, soldier gang rape.

“I don’t have issues, I just can’t connect with a woman emotionally.”

the joke being they’re both degenerate and going to Hell

>rape threats are fine but a girl tried to throw a drink on me once
>Why do women avoid me like a human plague?


I have so many, this will do for now.

4 responses to “Middle-class white male memes

  1. It’s all true, but they still get laid. It’s like the sexes are dancing the Limbo together: men keep lowering the bar, yet women STILL manage to go under!

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