Where will Trump go wrong?

What will the history books show?
Allow me to explain some basics. Call me a cunt but at least I don’t act like one.

Trigger warning 3k words. There is also fanfic.

If you hand a man a half-torn dollar bill, he’d be pretty pissed. If you hand a man a dollar bill worth fifty cents, he probably won’t even notice. Perhaps he’d even thank you for giving him more than he’s worth, oblivious to purchasing power.

Trump failed as a President because he keeps acting as the underdog once sworn in as the ruling figurehead of the Elite. He has the power to slap them down, and he’s still pissing about on Twitter like a preteen girl. At least use more emoji. Post actual memes. Hire a hit meme dream team. I want to believe.
He kept bloviating how he was more individualist and competent than Hillary.
Prove it.
This is what the American people said.
It’s like the one guy at a club spoiling for a fight.
He can’t afford a war. Obama in his Jesus phase couldn’t afford a war. America and the West is too tired and culturally dead for a war. The EU is not like this. The greatest victory for America was Brexit, not Trump. Trump acknowledged this because aside from his special relationship with Farage in front of gold doors, it weakens the true Empire-Builder of the 21st century. The expansion of the Eurozone and its ‘member states’ forbid nationality and with it, nationalism. Only supranationalism and blurred identities are allowed. Yes, a melting pot, but as I have covered, an Empire with a military prowess more formidable than Germany pre-WW1. Britain is the lynchpin – politically rebellious, financially stable (GDP to national debt is below 100%) and we still ‘rule the waves’ with a vastly disproportionate military strength to our tiny island size. We’re close to Russia, who swim submarines around Scotland like weeb Outlander fans. Globalism is capitalist globalization and a cover for the neo-colonialist expansion.
The EU is propped up by Angela Merkel of Germany and this is why she cannot retire. Many articles praise her leadership, the rest are former Communist puppets to her. The IMF is also led by a woman but IMF is propped up by Deutsche Bank. Yes, Germany again.
Trump is trying to slow demographic replacement to buy time.
Except such actions start at the top. This is doomed to end in failure. This is the rule of history. He can’t even keep his daughter in line long enough to force her not to marry someone with more foreign ties than American.
He’s trying to appease Dems to get key bills passed through. This won’t work. He isn’t a K-type, he is a former Democrat. He was faking and fronting a confrontational personality but he keeps rolling over quite reliably on critical issues to his voters. You’ll never win the cities, you need your countrymen.
I write this because May of the UK recently announced we are pretty much never leaving the EU.
It’s a bigger farce than when Ireland had to vote twice to give the politically correct answer.
Scotland would never be allowed to leave and that’s why voting was, in all likelihood, rigged, since its position is too strategically valuable to London, to the EU army recently funded…

The EU army they said would never happen.

This is all a show of military strength. The USA was the victor of the 20th century and the best place for immigrants then, as Britain was in the century before. Now, it’s clearly the European Union and Sweden/Germany/France in particular. The unholy trio.
Spain hemorrhaged its youth, Italy is Little Africa, Greece is grandpappy selling his unborn great-grandbabies and Portugal is Islamic again, financially at least. This isn’t Africa’s fault, the greatest religious expansion is in Asia, see Asian Questions. The Yellow Feverists do not want to look at those demographics. It lost you Australia.
Back to France/Sweden and Germany.
Le Pen’s family won’t lose political grace, they are buying valuable time for the niece.
Marine was literally a Nazi, a National Socialist, I don’t know why people are lying about this. Her policies come at least 20 years too late, the transition of power to Merkel is complete. Governments don’t run your countries anymore, NGOs do. The EU has admitted it writes dodgy laws, waits to see if anyone opposes them and then passes it when nobody is looking. Boiling the frog with banana regulations. Sounds an awful lot like fruit-based imperalism.
France is up to its eyeballs in debt. The difference with Germany is efficient German production keeping everything ticking over but only just, like a rolling boil waiting to froth and spill.
Sweden had a dodgy financial supply partially based on national resources. Finite resources. Malthus delivers, predictably as Samael. Pathological altrusim which served them so well in homogeneous high-trust societies will decimate them under 4th generation war conditions. Fuck ’em, they wanted it. If they wanna chug the poison of multiculturalism, let them die.
Where does this leave the internet? Why do I bring that up? The internet should qualify as terrain by now, its own country. Fifth Estate reference to Cabbagepatch Face.
The Alt Right has been disbanded, more or less. There are no big ticket shows, no worthy causes and too much infiltration or soppy weakness where strength is required, and vice versa. Too many cooks have spoiled the broth, too many cucks have ruined the good memes and too many rampaging misogynists have placed anti-white propaganda in the hearts of the conservationists. It was bad enough when members of the Apricity happily dated Asians over Europeans, and continue to have the nerve to say they’re on our side. Every white woman must secretly be Lena Dunham in a mask, like a batshit episode of Scooby Doo. And they call us paranoid for fearing rape, while statistics are on the rise for minor boys. Asia is getting degenerate as Hollyweird if you look at, say, K-pop and anime. Where does this leave us?
How many know about immigration memes? How many know about immigration data they’re based on? How many know about the HBD science that it is caused by? At some point, the rhetoric needs to turn into a lesson.
There’s been a regression to the mean by IQ, predictable and ironic considering the stroppy pomposity of recent parvenu adherents. They don’t really care about the West, they care about their own status and comfort. They’ll signal anything because nothing is sacred. The right has its own baizuo, as I covered discussing the hypocrisy of the signalling right.
We let the normies in and they trashed the place.
Normies in faggy pleb hats don’t build civilizations, they’re late-stage 4th square party-harders. The weak men. They don’t have muscles, they have bitch tits. They’re the crying guy in Fight Club, with cancer of the bollock. You wouldn’t be here if feminism didn’t make your mother a whore.
Paper Ks. Self-aware r-types who want to appease the new leader of the pride, the big Daddy in town.








What’s the male excuse, hombre?
Why is all this middle-class shit in my race war sammich? I didn’t ask for this.
You people represent nothing.
We have bigger problems than the eternal right of Ivy preps to say “nigger” when they chant rap while doing drugs, carousing and banging the housewife out of a ho.
Your problems don’t matter. Nobody cares.
We’re talking about the future in the nerd corner. Do you belong here?

You have become reverse SJWs. Cut the shit. Nobody wants your shit.
You don’t want your shit or you’d move to Peru and start a yak farm.
You know, a real job. No strippers, those are for degenerates.
Man Card doesn’t give you any right to try this toxic victim culture cocktail swill.
It’s wrong when everyone does it. Empirically, scientifically, ethically, literally.
*whispers* No.

We’re suffering this century together. Buckle up, you fucking fairies.
“What should Trump have done? What will he do?”
They ask every fucking week on Shoah Radio like Fox News Mark 2. Are those Akoya pearl you’re clutching?
“What ____ Trump _____?” -What do?
No, you’re acting like this is 1952.
It isn’t even 2002.
What can he do? What should he do?
Where are the limits on this equation?
It all comes down to money. We now have reliable ID cards in the form of smartphones. I’m being serious. An ID card for every citizen is a registered official chip with all your personal data on it that you carry around to be tracked. It’s your Playmobil fucking iPhone, watch Mr Robot. In reality, they’d have been caught in under five minutes because satellites exist.
Damn, no wonder Musk wants to leave this shitshow.
But what goes beyond ID cards?

It isn’t just media.

The mark of the Beast. Remember, it is not money that is a sin, along with pride. It is love of money, a replacement, a soma, an opiate from right action. Steve Jobs was the Morpheus selling you dopamine shots directly via the central line of selfies. Pardon my cynical mood but I’m humoured how many people see that slave-driver as a saint. He believed in karma, which is dreadfully ironic, seeing as his own fruitarian fuckwittery diet caused his pancreatic cancer.
I tried to warn the juicers, I tried.

Considering, do you really think the guy who chickened out on Vietnam is going to head a war himself?
Who is he really aiming at? I explained this before the open verbal sparring began, it’s China vs Japan.
You can see it if you squint. Once again, I was right. Eerie how often this happens.
India refuses to store antibiotics at the correct temperature, nevermind. It’s America v. Asia.

Back to ID cards. What’s the justification? It makes life easier, if they’re biometric (airports set precedents on collecting this data) then identity theft is essentially gone unless you’re holding state apparatus and a DNA mod of Reaper.
Maybe that’s CRISPR, who knows at this point.

I know, I know, you want a face, a name and a scapegoat to feel less impotent.

This isn’t that kinda blog. We think more than we point and screech. Leave it to BLM.

You’re still dying to call me entryist. I made you.

However, my jokes do frequently penetrate to those who didn’t know I was kidding.
It’s the sole reason I still read the Guardian. It’s Matrix-tier surrealism.

Who’s really pulling the strings? .. Seriously, you’re still on step one? Bad guys exist?…Who the fuck cares? At this point you’re drowning. In debt, in propaganda, in failed potential.
If all those evil villains and their henchmen stood down tomorrow or got struck by divine lightning bolt, there’d be dumbfuck all to replace it. We’ve got nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Nothing. With all our supposed intellect.

Shouldn’t this be the greater concern? All this posturing about being redpill and woke was a joke. We’re tired of talkers, it’s the immature little shit in the club again. Put out or get out, basically. You’re here and alive in this time and crying about how your 50s fictional mummy figure in a frilly apron won’t bring you, Ubermenschen of America, a sandwich? It’s pathetic, like sandwiches as a meal. A British invention, btw. We have presently some people who claim to be aware, but insufficiently to get off their arses and #twork.
Life isn’t exactly how little Master Broflake Bates IV wanted, so he’ll throw a mantrum and blame a mentally deranged person with green hair, exactly seventeen piercings and a history of parental abuse for getting a chemical lobotomy and being let out of the state-sponsored care facilities. If this is the future, can an asteroid just K/T kill us already?
I’ll stop stroking you through the screen with actual red pill suppositories, I’ve tried to get through many times before

but American skulls especially are thickened up with all that foot-ball. You spend so long staring at your balls and dragging your feet you totally miss the goal, no wonder spergs are laughing at us.

Point 1 the immigration thing is a distraction from the immigrants who set these policies in place. Can you do anything about them? Not really. What are they propped up by? Taxpayer money. Which brings me to Best Post. Yep, look at the date. I’m smarter than all you crotch-grabbing misogyny bitches.

It’s all about the money.

Point 2 if Trump doesn’t default on American debt and return to the gold standard, there will be no recovery.

This is not up for negotiation.

Maybe ask Stefan Mollyboo to do a video AU.

Trump’s voter base has one enemy and that is the terrorism of debt.

This will destroy all his boogeymen at once and only the strong (us) will survive. He’d be hated for his final years and lauded like a God in future centuries. It would literally save America another war (attention lily-livered men who would be drafted), especially since you know they lucked out the last two by coming in late and being far away and that Canada would offer liberals free places to drill at their very own Fifth Column, then their foot soldiers wouldn’t have the IQ to scrape on a cracker to oppose the producers. Who tend to own guns anyway.
The real question is Is Trump American? Does he want to save America?
No, he took the job to save his family. Cheeto-dick, you live in America. The fate of your family is tied to America, and no, Israel won’t have a place for you as Rome 2.0 in DC burns to the ground. We’re not meme-ing you anywhere until you prove you’re a worthy leader. Obama starting shit with Syria was scarier and he was never convinced to do a 180 by the plastic fantastic hypnotic orbs of his own daughter.

Why does this matter to me or everybody, globally?

The USA is the lynch-pin of the Forex, of global fiat currency. Since 08, it was bound to collapse.
Back to Mr Robot, what would happen? Back to the end of Fight Club, same?

Every corrupt government in the world would be insta-fucked, like Jenna Jameson fucked, and in exact proportion to their level of corruption i.e. melanin content.

It would be the biggest fuck-you in history, to pull the plug on your own veneer of power for a moment of the real thing, the potency of changing history and righting wrongs. Instant legend status.

He won’t do it.

He’s emotionally attached to those dollar signs on his bank balance.
Sure, he likely knows fractional reserved is doomed but he’s old, like the Boomers he never actually gave a fuck. The ship is going full steam ahead off the edge of PC insanity. They let it happen because they built the damn thing.

People with sensitive feels are easy to sell bullshit to. Like stuffed crust pizza. *look*

America needs infrastructure, like the whole West, it’s crumbling and almost gone. It took the best part of a century, but we’re pretty much there. You cannot get the funding or public will for it without solid currency. The Immigration Act and hullabaloo over the Gold Standard happened strangely proximate to one another, didn’t they?

Do you rebuild in America, as Americans, willingly?

Or do you hold back and the American dream dies by mercantile euthanasia?

Does it sound like I’m angry? Goddamn right I am.

America had so much potential. You didn’t want to pay us for saving your powder-puffed arses from the frogs and we grudgingly respect that since you had a shiv on your shiny new gun but then over time you ruined everything we went into our own painful debt to give you.

You aren’t even better than us.

You got independence. Look how shit everything went, real fast.

It’s like the French post-Revolution.

We have pomo freaks flashing and slopping their bodily fluids as our higher culture.

What is the EU plan?

Stealth intro as EEC. Check.

Bring into fold new and exotic countries. Check.

Increase laws and oopsie, you need new ID. Check.

New currency because it’s easier. Check.

“European values” that devalue the races of Europe. Check.

Genocide of tradition in favour of constant change to keep you guessing and scared. Check.

Import people to kill you quicker. Check.

No such thing as countries and nations and patriotism. Check, member states.

Gibs and freebies with unborn baby’s blood money. Check.

Abortion, we need new babies, browner babies, better babies. Check.

Staring is rape and rape gangs are cultural expression. Check.

Don’t question the Marxists. Check.

Get into debt thanks to two solid decades of brainwashing that teachers and textbooks never lie. Check.

We own you now. Check.

Children are sexual beings, here’s a religion to justify it. Check.

Judeo-Christian, fellow white person. Check.

Say, don’t you want to arrange your money on this ID?

Let’s ban cash.

You can’t move, you can’t buy security for your home and you can’t eat unless the State wills it. Let’s check your social media to see if you deserve it. Hey, at least you’re safe. From the terrorists.

I think Ouch! My balls! is on.
Look at that cute Asian SJW girl befriending the white male hero in your kid’s favourite TV show, and the black kid wooing the white girl because the white boy is a pussy. Adorable.

Come on, Ixion. You’re my only hope.
Two years to handle your affairs, tops.

Trump, you have no control over your past but you dominate how you go down in history.
Picture January last, opening speech.
“Folks, I’ve been looking at Iceland. They’re doing fine now. What’s their model, what can we do to be great again? The banks were called Too Big To Fail by the opposition. They’re defending their cronies in Washington and abroad. Protecting them at the expense of the People is a mistake Donald J Trump will never make. I don’t serve the banks, I serve the People of this great United States of America. You believed in me, it’s my turn. I believe in you. We will default on the debts raised as blood money, there will be a transition period for the accounts of hard-working Americans and those banks that deserve to fail, will die. We will be strong, we will recover and God willing, we shall prosper. God Bless America.”
You should spend it funding Kimbal Musk but noooooo. Who needs a reliable food supply?
No war security without food security.

3 responses to “Where will Trump go wrong?

  1. Excellent! The last paragraph is a nice dream.

    You sound like there is still some hope for Trump.

    Me? I saw him for the tainted conman he is as far back as Aug 2015 (of course, I knew he was a conman before that… one doesn’t get his position and notoriety without the con). He used gathered data from the Alt-Right for his talking points. He catered to whites but really couldn’t give a rat’s ass about whites.

    I discerned long ago that the entire R vs D electoral system is totally fried… worthless and nothing more than a tool to continue the jewish reign in America.

    Until the masses agree with this dumb ole redneck that we should NEVER Vote for an R or D Again (#NeveraRorDAgain) we will always sElect a jew owned sycophant that will do their bidding.

    It IS what they do.

    There is no hope for Trump or the system. Its gone.

    (Yes, I know I can’t meme, but I try)


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