Link: Is the Gender War driven by women or Jews?

And still, in the comments, men denying responsibility for their own actions, including omission, while women are to blame for things that happened decades or centuries ago.


But men lead, right?

Stop with the false dichotomies, dammit.

Men vs Women IS the SJW paradigm of Gender Wars. To destroy both.

To destroy both by pitting either one against the other.

So women against men.

Equally bad as men against women.

Speak the truth and shame the Devil.

They now admit this goal with ‘gender is over’ and ‘gender is dead’ and everyone as androgynous propaganda. They admit it and supposed red-pill men cover their ears because… a white woman is talking.

Do you even want women to exist?

If your first impulse to “women are harassed” is to harass them, they’re right!

Yeah, we’re not aligned at all because you’re clearly not on our side and do actually hate us. Actions > Words. It’s a modicum of basic human decency, simple respect for libertarian humanity. At least the feminists pretend to listen and pretend to care.

Les Dame Blanches, at your service. If women were devils, we wouldn’t be having this conversation because your mother would’ve aborted you. How about you equally divide the expectations and standards between parents, rather than Blame Mommy (Figures) Forever, which is no more complex than the Sexual Revolution’s counterpart.

Independent people aren’t so bloody entitled. We aren’t mummy or whore. You aren’t daddy or bank account. Welcome to adulthood. All those layers of capital – social, intellectual, emotional, erotic, financial, are signs of success and maturity, not hypocritical.

Who are you going to reproduce with? And if you don’t want to reproduce, you don’t really get an opinion. You’re as anti-natal as the Pill-pushers but I guess it’s the narcissism of small differences.

Misogyny is very simple to describe in practice: blaming women for everything bad.

That’s pagan, that’s Pandora.

(This also works reversed, duh).

Simple question: are women easily led and can we be led astray?

That’s the question about whether it’s possible.

This is being logical.

Try swallowing – your pride. You are probably at least a little bit wrong on any huge subject.

4 responses to “Link: Is the Gender War driven by women or Jews?

  1. > If women were devils, we wouldn’t be having this conversation because your mother would’ve aborted you.

    It might be the thing. Male-female interaction is not the mating market alone. The later is 1/3 of it. The rest 2/3s, in normally functioning cultures, are:
    1. the love, nurturing and PRESENCE of a mother to her boy (which is now being replaced with “f-you, six months old ball of flesh, I’ve got a career to pursue, to the nursery you go” – thanks to anti-natal stance of feminism and the necessity of having a job for a woman due to men being flaky);
    2. the love, protection and support from father to his little girl (when you have 12 kids, you’d probably end up with at least one girl).

    The culture of broken families limits interaction between sexes to love-hate competition, and further cement itself with each new generation. Absent mothers (“I need a career because feminism”) => absent future fathers (“wiminz are to hump & dump, chao baby”) => more absent mothers (“I need a job to provide for myself and my fatherless son”) => …

    • Kids need both parents but there are tender years. There should be approx. equal time over the childhood, given the trendy term co-parent. Men checking out of their duties to actually raise their spawn bc “need money” is very modern. They don’t raise themselves. r-spiral, yep

  2. Damn, Lasha’s so salty she can’t formulate a nice argument.

    Feminism actually has French roots, because a few French women became revolutionary. Jewish women saw it and liked the thrill of it, and decided to fight against their dads for it.

    Virginia Woolf was a pioneering feminist, and she wasn’t Jewish.

    Let’s take CF’s word: Jews = reactionary, Whites: proactive. Jews only have a market because we give it to them, and that includes feminism. Something started it.

    Lasha has a degree in higher classics but she writes like a child. Not very good on sleuthing, either, but I do like how she called out Andrew Anglin’s race-mixing (common knowledge on /pol/).

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