Male foreskin important to male sexuality

…You could probably guess just by looking at the basic anatomy.

Most of the nerves are in there, the prepuce. The reddit atheists never go after this topic although the prepuce is clearly good for the mammals that developed it.

When you find a non-dodgy funding scheme and a strong method, the results are guessable. Eminently guessable.

Have you looked up how much skin is removed from babies?

Stop mutilating babies! It violates every medical ethic going!

It isn’t good for women either.
But that is besides the point. Men have rights even when they’re babies.

The doctors want the money, the social engineers “need” to chop HIV risks, but that would look homophobic/racist/realistic, so they’re presuming things about the sex lives of all babies. It’s like the HPV thing for little girls all over again. Stop.

If they want it when they’re eighteen, they can get it. But when informed of what they’d lose by life experience *obscene gesture*, they don’t want it, do they?

Remember, the more HIV treatments fail, the louder the study demand for Mutilation is Good! will increase.
Eventually, it will be mandatory.
I haven’t even gone into the trauma from sense memories and how the parent never wants to be present. No pain relief. There are memories formed in utero, whether it’s repressed or not is a non-question. We may not remember explicitly, but the body does. The last vestige of recovered PTSD is physical for this reason, and it never leaves. It becomes a part of who you are. Look up maternal deprivation studies. This trauma occurs before memory is supposed to kick in. It’s also the reason women get custody (Tender Years) and MRAs are evil.

4 responses to “Male foreskin important to male sexuality

  1. THIS is freekin excellent! All I can come up with on the mutilation experts is, the studies are skewed badly. Eritrea, no sign of AIDS and they all are clipped by law. But, the studies do not bother to tell us gays are executed. Brazil, no circ, and plenty of AIDS, but again, they neglect to state that gay prostitution is very common, often by boys kidnapped and forced to be prostitutes. I am so friggin tired of these freaks lying to us. I have a Muslim son-in-law, and when I showed him that they lie, and what psychologists are saying about it (mental breakdowns and so on), that circed boys tend more to go gay, he damned nearly puked and told the doctors is they circed his son, he would sue them. How the freek can a major surgery right next to a sewer do a kid any good? Very good, thank you!

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