Who should be afraid of automation?





It’s simple really. Recitation. Their entire job revolves around it.
What have robots always excelled at? Perfect recitation. Think of a musical recording. Since before the computer in the days of Edison tubes, they could replicate and recite the information superior to any human.

All we’re missing is the particular coding.


Do it Musk.21761841_1672808139419632_4643807777853159451_n

At the very least, many state forms of tuition will be outsourced to MOOCs where possible for legal reasons. No sexual harassment risk, for one. No expensive unions, may be run from one or a small team of experts and TAs to the entire country. Easy to translate. Easy to grade. Children can graduate early, save the system money and earn money as soon as possible to tax. Frees up vast expanses of land and boosts economic productivity and competitiveness.

With the move to incorporate technology into every classroom, this is the eventual outcome. It would also prevent the spread of silly courses, the competition would seem real.


Who would object? The tumblr crowd? They’re antisocial and hate being bullied at school, they’d be the most ardent advocates of education options. It’s equal behind a screen.
The teacher-student system is based on monasteries and you can’t get more bigoted than that.

Asia isn’t thinking much of robots to help little old dears out of bed.


It’s thinking of teachers to upgrade the brains of the youth to cope with the otherwise spiraling economy caused by the elderly.

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