Incels are bachelors

Single, unmarried. It’s their choice.

This is normal. This is the historical norm. If you don’t marry, you have no right to sex ever.
If you want to be a degenerate, you shouldn’t expect society to approve or support you in it.

Why must I keep explaining this to dopey Americans? That is what marriage means. It’s a sexual bond enshrined in law for the protection of both parties, although we should bring back other, older laws to protect it further e.g. false light, breach of promise, criminal conversation, alienation of affections, abandonment charges.

You could get an arranged marriage to a desperate third world woman or save up and pay for it. You do not, so you don’t really want the sex. Nobody is entitled to sex, and that’s one of the reasons birth control shouldn’t be supported by taxpayers. Some societies pay for hookers for the disabled, it’s absurd. Maybe you could move there and feign a spinal injury. Instead of nagging like a petulant child that no woman wants to go near you, you could try to grow up. It isn’t about the sex? Nobody in this life can demand love and affection from anyone else. Coincidentally, you’re often the same group moaning that feminists must earn respect. Everyone must, including you. If nobody respects or likes you, you can’t force it and have only yourselves to blame. Why didn’t your incompetent parents tell you this?

There’s a simple way to relieve yourself but if you’re porn addicted that’s a separate issue and real sex between people who like one another isn’t anything like porn, you’ve been training your brains wrong.

Other humans do not have a right to consent unless they also have a right to reject. It’s part of freedom of association, it isn’t even sexual. Hollywood tells you everyone else is having sex. No and it’s envious to resent the world for this mistaken perception, simply look up life partner count stats and drop it a few points for lying. All women are not hookers and even hookers where they exist are not free. Stop being so entitled. You’re not entitled to date a fat woman and they’re not entitled to you either. Without this element of personal choice and mutual exchange, there is no relationship.

You wanted to be single. Lone wolves don’t get laid. Pick up a book on it. You chose the life. It’s defined by celibacy. Celibacy is the proper term for what you are if you don’t ‘get laid’, what are you? A tea tray?! Your personal issues with horniness require professional intervention when it becomes a warped identity and net obsession. Get your hormones checked at least. What you urge has nothing to do with sexual status, show me that documentation to prove otherwise. The ‘sowing your wild oats’ thing is another internet myth shared by sad men grunting into cameras about how the whole world hates them but owes them… doesn’t it have that right to dislike them? What are you adding to it? You have all this opportunity and you’re no better than the Muh Dick rapefugees.

Entitlement is ugly in both sexes. You don’t deserve jack shit. You never did.

Ask yourself, how crazy do you sound like, trying to insist on something nobody can force?

There is no Affirmative Action for sex, you’re a desperate degenerate. h/t uncabob for pointing out that’s exactly what they want, state-sponsored fuckathons. You have two hands.
Manwhores aren’t better than you either, they just like to tell you that. It’s a lie.

Source: The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement

As for the genetic dregs, those existed in every society. Why should they breed if nobody wants them? Sexual selection is an evolutionary pressure test, it exists for the collective good of all. You couldn’t impress those women’s families either, so what exactly are you advocating? Bride kidnapping?

Men with social problems make terrible fathers if they did breed, those issues are more common in men.

Monogamous societies still have rites of passage and rules of courtship to prove you earn a wife and are capable of supporting a household as its head.

You don’t want to do that? You don’t want to grow up. We don’t see 13-year old boys demanding free copies of Hustler because they have ‘urges’ so obviously, society must tend to them.

The standards of humanity in all time periods won’t be dropped for your magical snowflake American fatasses.

Be a man and you will attract a woman.

Not that you should really care about such an arbitrary definition of a rite of passage as sex. Does a dog become a man after it ‘bangs’? Or is this a red herring, a distraction from bigger crises and problems like a good job or buying a house? Is a virgin unworthy of respect if they do good in the world, compared to a Kardashian? You should be against virgin shaming, not self loathing.

Drop the bitchy personality, it doesn’t even get women ‘laid’ and to be honest, it’s effeminate, gay men do it.
Do straight women want teh gays? No. Not the sane ones, at least.

Don’t be this guy.

They’re not even good friends. Women get the creepy friend pretenders all the time, some are tough to spot and assume their ‘trick’ of being a totally different person will magically make you grow sexual feelings for someone acting about twelve. It’s the sneaky fucker strategy in humans and unlike in fish, it doesn’t work.

It isn’t the fault of half the world’s population if you aren’t desirable. If you were desirable, you still wouldn’t be entitled to a sex buffet. If kings have to ask consent, you have to take No for an answer too.

Cut out the entitlement, you’re fucking pathetic. Actual men with accomplishments would agree. Stop wasting your life being a bitch or go gay, they’re never short on options.

You aren’t married? Why should anyone sleep with you? …. Why.
You hate marriage, kids, women in general? Don’t be shocked if we can sense this and run like the human plague you are. Don’t base your life on something dissolute and meaningless as orgasms.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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