It’s difficult to be a revolutionary

when you maintain the status quo of the elite.

Something the makers of Mr Robot should know.

I guess they could follow the money, but that isn’t trendy.

I’m sure depictions of swastika next to a cross are so much better?

They know subliminal messaging doesn’t work, right?

What is this, superliminal?

The list of excuses to punch down grow.

I could wring the necks of those stupid WASP in shorts protesters. ‘Chads’ as they like to call themselves, will burn in Hell right next to the other atheists. Ideologies must be exclusive, by nature. This isn’t a purity spiral, it maintains the cohesion of the group and its aims to survive and achieve their purposes. The important ones, not prancing round like fairies waving the corporate junk you bought off Amazon.

I won’t go there on Hitler idolatry. It was a joke, obviously. It was originally a joke.

Fun fact: in this country, shorts are worn by little boys.

You do not hand your enemy a rope so I guess I’m mad at everyone today.
Hormones, who cares? Pass the self-soothers, they won’t fill in this ennui.

We had the moral high ground, where has it gone? Guess.

Now we all get lumped in with Thaddeus Thorpe III who thinks this is a COD slanging match instead of our future and the question of our human rights. Who will listen on those topics now? It’s all about virtue signalling, with flags and words and chanting like Gay Pride only with actual fags, who go on about the positive benefits of bareback anal (no homo, clearly) and how they never wanna be a breeder because white women are all trash. Yes, your ‘right’ to call another fellow a ‘homie nigga’ is really speaking to us in the Anglosphere as Catalonia seeks independence and criminal immigration continues to go up.We gotta focus on the important issues like broflake feelings and which swastika is the least gay. Everyone gives a shit about America because it’s the centre of the Universe and home of all European peoples and nothing else matters. Let’s all listen to the Yanks because they’re doing so great. Nobody questions their corporations anymore.

We’ve come so far since OWS, we really know who the fiends are in all this.
They haven’t got off Scot-free at all and nobody handed them reels of footage to edit into oblivion in opposition. At least if someone turned up wearing a horse’s head it would’ve been funny.

Remember the Shia trolling?
Those were the days.

The repressed homos of the fuckboy crowd are playing politics, they’ve played everyone into giving a damn about their First World Problems, meanwhile the West dies. Pay no mind. I’m sure they’ve got some Vaporwave track to put over it involving a fiddle from DJ Nero. We’re more fucked than ever but we’re all looking at the loud nags who pine for a version of the 50s that only existed in Christmas cards.

I am a pillar of salt today, sorry not sorry.

God knows the shitshow they’ve got planned for High Castle.

I am sick to the back teeth of faggy middle-class LARPers who think they have a right to call on others to Please, Do Something like a spoiled damsel bitch. You’re the men, right? You wanna bring in White Sharia FFS. That means you do the work, bitches. You don’t get to order around anyone, I don’t care what your bribed teachers told you, your opinion is not special.

At least read about actual Nazi business and policies like T4 before you wade in thinking you know shit about NW European politics. You like Germany, move to Germany. Be a man and stand by your principles, if you have any.

Religion (including its opposite, atheism) is highly heritable.

Meaning the atheists waving round Nazi flags… would be exterminated by the Nazis.
You are the degenerates. Idiots.

Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?

Purity spiral my lily-white arse, it’s called integrity.

Every time I see a LARPer, I see this.

2 responses to “It’s difficult to be a revolutionary

  1. Everybody wants somebody else to do the heavy lifting.

    …If you’re a Socialist (or a Commie), that is.

    Building anti-fragile community is work! The LARPers aren’t doing it, thankfully.

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