Well done South Park

See this? More like this plz.

We need the media to turn on people like this.


Interesting enough, the Roman Empire, which is arguably the Latin foundation for Western Civilization, considered actors and actresses to be the lowest, dregs of Roman society. Even stable hands were considered more important than actors.

There’s no glamour, there’s only e-celeb cancer.

Nobody should have that level of industry power over another’s body, it’s slavery.

It’s distribution too. If you own Shakespeare, you own Hollywood (LA and Broadway) and London. Shakespeare is the weak point nobody ever points out. If these people didn’t fund plays, the actors wouldn’t give a Razzie. They only do big films to do little films and plays. You can measure the time they care by the ink drying on cheques, backroom deals of tit/s for tat.

Change the funding structure, help the unions, out the abusers of the current one. All connected. Improve transparency and media separation. Ethics in journalism.

I’m currently in multiple online communications on this subject, it touched on a lot of connections. It’s funny, you pick a name out of a hat because it matches a fucking hurricane… suddenly Angie comes forward and everyone else does.

I must admit, I’m having a little too much fun with this one. It’s like dominoes with people, really, if it weren’t in the service of a cause so good I might feel bad at some point.*

How ’bout a detour?

Did you know, there are meditation studies, that if you focus large numbers of people on one end, it’s likelier to happen? Guess what I’ve been doing.

Expose the degenerates.
Weaken the elite.
Empower the poor and innocent.

Naturally, this energy-raising works better with more powerful individuals (you’d need less of them) and a free-flow of energy that is going to waste otherwise e.g. a festival. What do you think most protests are? How about prayers at Church, why is the room different?

The wording is important, no double-negatives e.g. Stop those who aren’t good.
Don’t use it for negative/selfish ends either, doesn’t work or backfires.

Can be used for elections e.g.

Trump wins

Hillary loses.

Opposing ends like that must be conducted on separate occasions, ideally 2 days apart minimum.

BS? Possibly. Fun? Yes.
NO drugs, interferes with purity and alcohol imbibers can only be used as a source of energy not a conduit. Ultimately, God or Jesus or angels are the real ones moving this stuff. No sacrifices. Candles and incense are nice. Healthy snacks are a good idea.
To be clear, you make nothing happen. Your aim is to make something likelier to happen if it’s in accordance with divine will. Yep, that’s a prayer, meditation is also a form of prayer since it connects to something higher/spiritual, look up the definition.

Participation rules: similar time (need not be exact, within 45 minutes overlap), good karma (at least not frequently doing anything immoral especially what you’re opposing), no atheists (useless, if anything a drain) and the stronger the faith of participants (Christian or Christian-friendly), the better the effect. Churches don’t realize what they’ve got. It’s like a nuclear generator of potential. Why else mass prayer on the day of rest and energy replacement?
Avoid fluoride the week before. This includes black tea. Eat the good salt, salt baths, all the salt. Become the salt. You know those salt lamps? Not a bad idea in every corner.


I hate to say it, but the Muslims are right on direction being important.
They pray five times a day and they’re the fastest growing religion.

I am fun at parties.

Am I trolling you?

Well, you could just look at my track record, fam.

*jk I never feel bad. It’s the truth.

5 responses to “Well done South Park

  1. I have to ask why (((they))) have turned on him? Which (((one))) did he screw over? Which (((important people or group))) did he fuck?

    Otherwise, this would not have happened in this way.

    (we need to wait and see what type of slap on the wrist he might get)

    But I can hope for the most torturous punishment in the meantime, right?

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