Literal mansplaining

I can’t find that pointless blog post I was gonna put.

All blog posts are pointless. Still.

It’s like a weird combination of ignoring someone, telling them to shut up but then expecting they’ll listen and agree with whatever you say like the peerless wisdom of Moses bringing down the Ten Commandments. Imagine every conversation with the opposite sex was like talking to a Reddit atheist who kept quoting Dawkins out of context, citing bad memes and he was 100% certain your mounting irritation was in fact sexual attraction.

And then there’s the march of the Sure, I get it morons. Who never got the tactful ability to keep their mouth shut on any issue, ever. We call those gobby, it’s something only women and gay men used to do but now men nag and whine and bitch because those are verbs and they do them now. Men became the shrew (but what about ME?) e.g. in a conversation he interrupted on periods. They think they look philosophical but they’re ….what’s the pretentious word they misuse? Solipsistic. Er, selfish in normal people tongue. It’s always got to be about them because why bother talking about anything else, they must be the centre of attention at all times even when not around.

It used to be only teenage mean girls pulling this shit. They’d grow out of it. Nobody claps the guys round the ear at a certain age (18) and tells them to STFU if they have nothing nice to say.

If you have nothing nice to say, don’t pretend you’re nice?

Silence is golden. Why aren’t Americans teaching this anymore? Turn taking, humility…

The funny part is that women do it but it’s rare a woman would be so rude (and you probably missed the cues to stop looooong before that point). In the case of men it’s expected to jump in and help, regardless of qualification and socially vaunted. Mr Worldly Expert dives in with yet another piece of nonsensical bollocks he pulled off wikipedia while skimming something vaguely related on the toilet last month. No, your opinion doesn’t magically become relevant. It’s like my opinion on male circumcision, I keep saying we need studies because I’m not a man, I lack the parts and this keeps things objective.
The sad part is it’s still controlling what other people talk about, which is not on. People don’t have to stick around and listen or care, but you can say almost any boring shit you want. *stares in blogger* It’s the internet.
You’ll never hear a white, middle-class American male say ‘I don’t know’ these days. It’s the scientism, they equate waffling and useless trivia to personal value.
No, never. It just makes you obnoxious. You know when two of  them try to outdo one another? Everyone else in the room, men included, is relieved to have a break. No one cares. They were being polite.
It’s also related to the jerk who only asks how you’re doing, on say, a holiday, so he can talk about his own. That one’s pretty even though. I guess the crux of the actual mansplaining thing, and not the attempts to shut men up on their own issues, is that women are burdened socially based on the expectation we’ll listen to any old shit without pointing out it’s shit because then we’re the bitch. The etiquette says that isn’t rude, wasting someone’s time to brag is. Derailing a conversation you don’t like with one-upmanship is rude, whoever does it.

Man is critical > clever.
Woman is critical > there must be something wrong with her! This one’s malfunctioning!

In a way, smartphones and the like have made men more socially backwards than any stereotypical historical misogynist. It’s catch 22. Whatever we say is spun against us. Are you actually a woman? Are you bad at being a woman? No, we’re trying to hold this mess of a conversation together for you, thanks for caring.
The judgemental Victorian men in films were actually very polite. They valued attempts at learning and expression, in part because schools doubled as finishing schools and they had to LEARN manners. Where do kids learn it now? Rap?

FFS, you made me sympathize with Laurie Dippy Penny.

Anyone expecting you to stand there quietly and listen to their monologue like an obedient pet has gotta have some issues. Take up running and run away.
This is why therapists exist, you pay them to let you take over the room.

We have an old term for those, conversation hogs.

Rarely, it can be female, like the woman going on and on about her nails. It needn’t be political.

I guess the unfair dichotomy goes as such;

Woman does this > Ah, stupid women.

Harsh. Why is the entire sex dragged into it?

Man does this > Ah, he tried.


1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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