Tesla: Hollywood versus The People

Maybe don’t shut down all the companies just yet internet wunderkind.


Where’s the joker guy? Aw, shucks, Cumbersnatch as another tortured genius?

Edison was only tortured by the fact he couldn’t ruin Tesla twice!

28:30 “No one can look upon him without feeling his force. His cheekbones are high and prominent, the mark of the Slav.” [Italian, actually, but at least European.] “His eyes are blue, deeply set and they burn like balls of fire.”

More befits Benedict, you’d think. Fun fact: Tesla’s eyes weren’t always dark grey-blue. They used to be dark brown or swarthy, as it was called then.

This actor was almost fucking perfection. The craft in this man.

Pity the story kept getting it wrong to make Americans feel better.

So that’s Hollywood and TV, which manages to do a decent job of the look and demeanor.



You can’t trust people.


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