Video: Stage Zero of White Advocacy

You beautiful Scottish bastard, I missed you.

{Update: I see this coasting up Most Read.
I’ll put a solution at the bottom for this Romanticism Plan but I wanna make you wait for it.}

Animal conservation includes humans.

If only we had a word.

white colonialism, colonialism of whites, whites as subject (to)

If only we had a fucking word.

Common mistake: the EU, NATO, whomever, are imperialism. Empire-builders.

Fun fact: the Equality Act specifically mentions white people, the race. Read it.
We need only exploit our natural right to live, exist and self-determine. Like everyone else.

Ethnicity is bullshit. You can change a passport, you can never ever change your DNA. Non-whites get very triggered when you bring up that fact, they want a claim on white successes, the real reason to immigrate to our societies. A share of the spoils, a cut of the pirate booty. It’s like the lanky kid trying to befriend the football team. Halo effect and the envy of shared glory. Can’t share? They’ll destroy you, wrath. Look at every Asian kid learning how to spell our own language better than us and play all the string solos. It’s the white-Asian form of a wigger and it’s creepy. Write your own damn sonata – but wait, they can’t. What to do? Double down on MSG recipes. Cultural invasion and infection one way or another.

The Vikings would still be knocking around if they had the foresight to send a fleet of chefs first. I can’t rap with dreads, why should a little Korean kid get away with playing Beethoven in an Ascot suit?
Cut the Asian supremacy shit, it’s weird and gross and factually wrong.

If only we had the words.

A term used to describe the taking over of creative or artistic forms, themes, or practices by one cultural group from another.

Includes language, sorry Yanks. Ya gotta drop Princess culture too. Show me one non-white society with a long history of Princesses. Asia had Empresses, not the same thing. Empresses outrank Princess culture actually.

The unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society.

Dominance should have nothing to do with it. Surely all foodies are part of that dominant class?
You must be more dominant to do it, to rip it off intellectually. You couldn’t do it without dominance.
Who dominates globally? Clue: Not white people.

Ideas, ideas, like universities? Like swarming Oxford, Eton, Cambridge?

The Scientific Method is so white, it wasn’t even common to all white people, just the North-West ones. No relation to Kanye. The particular school of philosophical empiricism that founded it? White as a gilded lily.

What happens when you steal something you weren’t smart enough to invent, let alone handle? Lies, corruption, widespread fraud and in science, that kills people.

Muh IQ!

They self-report to get into our institutions. You can’t trust people.

Why is this a new problem? You’d have no appropriation without multiculturalism.

Sex is a distraction.
Sexuality is another distraction.
Religion is a distraction.
Current events is a distraction.
Class is something of a distraction. In its current popular form.

Race isn’t a distraction.
We have a whole science (demographics) to explain why. Everyone who hates you is anti-natal and wants to dissuade you from breeding. What do you need for a future and prosperity as an independent nation with a singular culture? One man and one woman who love each other. Loving one another, genophilia, has nothing to do with the outgroup.
This is the Big Lie. It’s literally none of their business. They aren’t the ones paying for it. It has nothing to do with hatred* or even winning or losing.


it’s a competition.

Some kind of biological phenomena, a survival of the fittest.
What is the fittest? Those who breed most successfully.

Not just N spawn, but quality. Look up Edison’s kids.
Numbers are relative. No use having 100 kids if there’s 200 on the horizon wanting to chop them up and steal their food. Voters are made equal, people are not.

Schools do not read On the Origin of the Species. Why?

They wanted identity politics. They picked the game. We’re simply catching onto the rules.

How do locusts conquer an area? That is how mankind came to be the dominant species* on this planet. We’ve run out of planet, thanks to white agricultural and medicinal advances combined with a lethal Messiah Complex and different countries have bigger, more intense different systemic issues compounded by a greedy, entitled dependent (world) population who won’t take Stop Fucking (Up) for an answer. Victim culture requires a scapegoat. Who blames themselves? MAYBE if we have open borders (but still private security) then all the good countries will blend out the issues of the bad ones? A five year-old wouldn’t fall for that.

When we stop paying them, the Oh Shit moment will be hilarious.
The cannibalism, not so much. And we are already having to reduce payment.
Rip off the Band Aid. If they can breed, they can grow their own fucking food than take it from plantation/farms where Mexicans are beaten by Democrat voters to be shipped around the world and delivered to an ingrate with suspiciously ironed silk clothes and gold earrings.

Why am I being held responsible for some other cunt’s cunt?
I don’t fuck around so I DON’T have to pay for kids.

It’s called being a mature and responsible adult worthy of the term.
Even if a teenager gets up the duff, that’s the parents’ stupid fault. They are no longer just kids, they are now parents. You can only do it if you know what it is and what it does: make babies. That is the choice you consented to when you fucked around. That’s the responsibility. Orgasms are not free… unless you masturbate. Where is the sexual hygiene?

I’m starting to think the nuns who deprived unmarried women in labour of painkillers were onto something. Certainly shipping off the shameful parents, yes, both, to start over and forcing them to wed would be a suitable punishment. I wonder how to simulate the same natural consequence in the fathers, since seduction is a male crime.

If society benefits so much by education and so on, the parents won’t mind paying themselves, if children are always bundles of joy, then we can simply deduct what they add to society from future income taxes.

Keep the Government out of Africans’ bedrooms.

Remember, taxes are taken at the point of a gun. We have plenty of guns in law enforcement, that is the enforcement part. Democracies require permission.
The weapons can come after the entry into a country, btw.

Invasion is about rape, meaning to seize. Plunder and women.
The phrase rape and pillage. If they pillage resources their ancestors did not bequeath them and rape the outgroup, they are invaders by the historical standard.

You love your Bible so much? Muh Bible says feed the traveler?
Yes, to leave. To leave and feed themselves. Write this exacting command out a thousand times or however long it takes to stop giving foreign aid money to child-raping NGOs who support dictators and oil wars, that allow children to have limbs chopped off by cartels so they can beg to the same taxpayers on vacation for another hit.

Treating a dog like this would be animal abuse. We do it to feel proud. The sin. To feel superior. Virtue signalling until they completely disappear up their own arse like an ostrich’s head in the sand.

Stop expecting other people to do shit for you. I don’t care if you’re a white Cali tart or an Ethiopian orphan, stop expecting the world to give you things because you want them. The Government is not a benevolent God, it will take what you want from you secretly and then some.

More money won’t solve the corruption. If you do not earn it, you cannot value it.

Everything scientific about political science is demographics.
Society can no longer ignore it, thanks to illegal experimentation and mass political fraud. What is a country? Who are we? That is the same question.

The social is broken. The economic is indebted. Time is running out.
On all issues, this is true.
Bring in <Government intervention> will not work. At least, not for white people. Look at all the successful rebellions. Read Kipling’s Saxon. Each race, and Europe has many, actually, but every race has a temperament. Anglo Saxons are by far the superior model of European. Everyone hates us. We killed the Vikings. We made them weak. All references to White People refer to us. Most White History is about us. The future of Britain is the future of Europe. Look at the IQ of countries in Europe. This is our privilege, our GDP is based on work. If you compared the average work quality and hours of people in any other country, you’d see these variables hold.

You can’t compliment someone into being smarter. The opposite occurs. Look up grit.
Shaming the intelligent makes them resent you and produce less. Idiots.

Read HBD.

If you live in an area with natural disasters, nobody should give you a cent when they happen. You factored that into your finances to live there. This goes for dunces in this country who live in flood plains or otherwise below sea level. This is a fucking island. You are not a victim, you are stupid. It’s no coincidence the stupid Americans live in California, a desert.

You choose to live where there is no food? You refuse to make food? That is suicide.

Anger is caused by people sitting on their ass. You need a cold fury. Anger is a sign you’re being lazy. Wrath comes after sloth.

Resources are contracting. It began 80s latest. Now we have a world of debt bubbles.
If they could keep bribing us off, they would. However, recent shifts in global populace have produced a net drain effect from closer to the equator and whitey better pick up the pace, he ain’t working for himself.

White guilt justifies white debt. Where’s the Asian privilege, why aren’t the Chinese paying up to Africa instead of buying it? Why aren’t other rich groups, like Jews? Doesn’t the white guilt tax eradicate privilege or at least neutralize it, since it isn’t purely IQ? Where is the original sin of whiteness?
The self-styled individualists are bluffing. Individualism is the cultural product of white societies, WEIRD societies to be specific. Along with honour, integrity, duty and most notably, honesty. Asia is a veneer of politeness and a den of corruption, see India. Arabia and similar cultures celebrate betrayal. They even screw the ingroup. They refuse to cooperate, part of why Europe dominated for so long.
How can there be white guilt, if there are no white people?
They want protection but they aren’t willing to provide it. From optics I can understand why, they don’t want to be associated with idiots. Freedom of association issues are kinda part of the wider problem?

Notice how America becomes less honest, the less whites there are? Oh, you’re not supposed to notice. The other values, like honour, are coded as family values. Integrity as virtue signalling. Duty as slavery.

What do you think High Trust Society is code for?

Honesty of dopey white people who think success is a podium rather than a wheel.

You’re already in this system. It’s milking you like a cow. Milking your potential life. The culture is already near-dead. Why step up rhetoric now?

Three reasons.

  1. the WW2 generation has just died off.
  2. it appeases the non-whites who actually believe that shit.
  3. it keeps us on the defensive and trying to avoid prison.

It isn’t my problem, they say. Oh, like inflation? Like working til you drop dead at 83? Like not affording a house or kids? Like the low trust society, crime, not feeling safe expressing traditional opinions cited for thousands of years in the homeland your ancestors died for?

Convenient excuse for cowardice.

How much do you make per hour?

The truth however is much worse, factoring in all liabilities including state and public sector pensions, the real national debt is closer to £4.8 trillion, some £78,000 for every person in the UK.

Pensions you won’t get, btw.

Does it sound legal to put a sticker of owed labour on every baby’s head?
Owed to whom? Dead people.
If you’re stupid enough to buy debt from dead people made by dead people and apply it to the living, why should they respect that? In the contractual law of freedom from slavery and consent, where is that possible?


Solution (ALL): You pretend to be individuals. You can’t ban people from acting as one like shoals of fish.
You come in lumps, rentseeking, lobbyists, arts, sciences, business.
You celebrate holidays, get people days off. People like days off.
You make hashtags. Specialist hashtags. Keep it entirely positive.
You make art. Good art. You teach others how to make good art. Art inspires. Use YT.
You dress respectfully. You learn etiquette. You master a craft. Guilds.
GUILDS. GUILDS. GUILDS. Trade secrets respect borders.
Be healthy, wealthy and wise. Be a role model. Passive noncompliance to get what you don’t want to FO, like the Buddhists. They can’t force you to support X, care about Y. “I don’t care” are magic words. Repeat yourself. Do not expand on a perfect thought until the other, well-intentioned party listens. You do not need to explain yourself. You’re an adult.
Make blogs listing which companies are anti-white. Screencap.
Get enemy A to turn on enemy B. “White people, feel bad about Africa!” -“Sorry, did you hear about human rights abuses in South America?” Wanna keep it kosher? Eastern Europe. You can get a lot of traction out of Eastern European pedo sex slavery.
Point out (concern troll) the natural differences between ‘allies’. Point them out, leave. Fundamental premises and priorities.
All forms of self-loathing including praise of other groups is pretty much banned. No insults, just don’t buy into the hype. Point out xenophilia wherever you see it. Xenophilia naturally advocates the superiority paradigm, the cultural matrix of masters and slaves. “That’s very discriminating of you.”
Ancestral recipes. Share with the country name in the recipe title. Start nationalist food blogs.
Determine which clothing, music, painting style etc belongs to each nation. What is ours? Relate cultural evolution to historical events of suffering.
Schrodinger’s white people. Race only exists when it’s convenient. Everyone else does this. Otherwise “I don’t see race, and I think it’s the epitome of racism to feel otherwise”… emphasis on feel. Thoughts can be debated, feelings? Feelings are eternal.
If everyone is equal, everyone can be questioned. Remind people of this and other innocent truths.
Ask innocent and reasonable questions, hold debates e.g. Do Jews have white passing privilege? How Jewish is a Jew? Is there such a thing as a Muslim (sunni/shia)? How can there be diversity with equality?
Logic conclusions to emotional appeals. List and memorize. Allow others to discuss, simply drop the truth bomb. e.g. Are we importing rape culture? Are we importing Patriarchy? Part 2 – Go to the demos of your enemies. Be the most enthusiastic cheery motherfucker alive, humiliate them with these conclusions. Advocate the worst possible scenarios and spin them as the most PC thing possible e.g. I for one welcome our Muslim overlords. or Brown Master Race 4eva. Get stupid girls on tumblr involved with selfies, those bitches love selfies. White Holocaust might be amusing.
Quote the Koran to feminists.
Quote the Talmud to Christians.
Oppose street harassment, look at demographics.
Target stupid student charity drives and self-promotion. Mockery is the best policy.
Question allegiance and dedication. Why is this white woman speaking for black people?
Think of the PC protected group also affected. There’s always at least one. Whataboutism e.g. you question male circumcision but not female? Isn’t that systemic sexism?
List white inventions with proof, make it easy to find and search online.
Buy Anonymous Conservative’s best book (evolutionary politics) and learn to prime amygdala on topics you want them to be activist on. Amygdala activation spreads like frosting, twist the newspeak 180 by definition or usage. Study social psych and behavioral genetics.
Make it clear to young people the precious state will not give you the entitlements it gave the Boomers. Provide evidence, obtain more, request from relevant organisations. Disseminate to lefties. They’ll stop being lefties, it’s all about being rich in their revenge fantasies.
Discuss your gender role in utopia. Move to it. Self-actualization is impossible without gender roles.
No stupid jokes. This is You, Inc. and your future, it is not a joke. You isolate and malign yourself.
Tell us about yourself? -You define yourself by your country, or later, a subgroup race e.g. Saxon. Nonchalantly.
Practice aggrieved and stunned and cringe facial expressions for the outrage that follows. “I don’t question your identity and it’s my right.” Proud and polite. If pressed: Why are you making it personal? Why are you attacking me, I’m just existing? [attempted shame campaign, don’t you feel bad about..?] They want a long excuse. Simply say No, firmly. After a few times round of their incredulity, stare daggers. They hate staring.
Look up English passive-aggression. The Queen tells you to FO by switching her handbag arm.
Play dumb. I don’t understand why you’re attacking me. Repeat. “You’re white.” Reply- Wow, no wonder you see racism everywhere. Look up projection.
Heritage preservation. Do it. Be photographed doing it. Make it a thing on social media.
Call out all non-whites on cultural appropriation. It doesn’t have to make sense. Get pieces put in their own blogs and ideally the Guardian.
Is it racist to imitate white people? Start with naming conventions.
Use the current rulebook to your advantage only when it would be. Nothing lost.
Retain national funds, reduce national costs.
Improve infrastructure, critical to survival as the world struggles and starves.
Set up normie-friendly news sites. Nothing remotely weird.
Set up bite size philosophical debates on key moral topics e.g. abortion. Represent both sides. SEO it.
Teach Western Civ. Compile reading lists. Launch MOOCs.

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