Fun IQ list

They never account for racial purity, so naturally that will alter the average if the natives are also lumped in with new citizens.

I say it’s fun because

Comparing countries is finer grain than race. Asians v. Nords.
Naturally, the widespread Asian academic fraud previously covered makes the uppermost numbers suspect.


some familiar names.

Can the superiority complex, America.

Wait, wait, wait.

Hang on.

Still going.

Maybe the high-IQ Asian waifu plan isn’t so smart.

You marry hookers, they’ll take all your money.

Why did you ever think this was a good plan?
All you need is ONE picture.

Now, tell me:

Which continent has the higher average IQ, Europe or Asia?

In American;

Which continent has less yellow in it?

American is simpler than English because –

e t e r n a lΒ  Β a n g l o, huh?

Spain, my current location, is as smart as you. Diego are not renowned for being brainy.
You’d be helping the deported by sending them to Spain, from the US.

10 responses to “Fun IQ list

  1. I’m in the US and I second this post! God almighty, are we stupid. My mother has an Masters in Psychology, but an MS (as opposed to an MA), and she studied up on IQ; she mentioned that once the IQ between two people differs by more than 30 points, they lose connection; can’t find much in common to talk about. Mine ranges (it’s always a range, she said) from 140-151. No wonder I don’t have a whole lot of friends here lol. There just aren’t that many people worth talking to here! (And no wonder I find your blog awesome!!) πŸ’œ

    • It’s depressing how often you hear sweeping statements about the races based on one country. Going by geography, which is forensic, it’s deliberately misleading and as you can see by Russia, you don’t need a high IQ to possess self-preservation. “Asians” don’t exist any more than Europeans do, those are broad umbrella categories.

      • Noooo 🌺. I love your blog 😁. You have an excellent way with words and your viewpoints are incredibly refreshing! But that’s me being selfish πŸ˜‰. In reality, gotta do what is best for you πŸ‘πŸΌ

      • Definitely a few high IQs, but also plenty midwits, and plenty high IQtards. Also more than plenty uncivil dicks. I don’t even read the comments there any more, let alone comment myself. Did VD clean it up, and I missed it?

        I personally find your writing interesting and frequently insightful, I would hope you continue posting as long as you enjoy doing so. Many certainly enjoy reading them.

  2. OVER HALF OF THE US POPULATION DONT GRAD HS and the only reason for any score above moron is that they test foreigners living in zoomurkia

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