Amygdala and the fractured ego of the left

My prediction: you’re going to see a much more blatant anti-white/male/straight propaganda as time goes on. This must take place, in order to keep the left from collapsing.

I think we chalk that one up as confirmed.

One way to stop the left is to divert attention away from an ambiguous threat from abroad and instead shift the focus to the left’s different faction of activists. The narrative to fragment the left could work as such: the power that you want to fix your oppression is finite, and not only is it finite but all the other activists are vying for a bigger slice of that power. If you don’t take it, they will take it from you. If you want to end your oppression, then you need to secure it from the others, who, if they had it, wouldn’t even throw you a bone. They’re privileged after all. They can’t see your oppression.

So Anonymous Conservative’s fine work on the amygdala.

You remind them they are still in natural, biological competition with one another, their survival goals are opposed and the stack screws them over, personally. The priors were temporarily ignored – i.e. when this is over, who will run things, black men or white lesbians?

They have NOTHING.

Each writes their own personal utopia.

You just gotta prod in the right direction, remember most of these people are unstable – on meds. Still unstable.

Rentseeking eventually runs out of a rich daddy figure.

It isn’t one homogeneous blob. It’s going to tumble eventually.
Stop giving it an external target to shoot at and pool its resources. They adored that Charlottesville march, it was the first thing they had to talk about in decades and it galvanized them post-Trump. You made them stronger.
This is why many of us agreed to stop engaging with them, even online – shortly before they went stir-crazy from lack of input. Their own anger short-circuits and blows on the nearest enemy.

They already hate each other, they just hated us more. We disappear from the picture, at least partially from their view and temporarily, they must start getting their outrage relief at one another’s expense.

Holier than Thou tosspots.

Change your hat, get a new coat and concern troll. How hard is that?
Remind them of the danger different factions pose. Hey, who do you think made TERFs a thing?

Start with the biggest demographic ally, usually the vapid white women, because obviously they have privilege and must pay a special fee to the Church. Being too happy and secure is a sin. Begin introducing the fellow whites to alternate explanations. Small fry. Allow to simmer.

In one: Block off the low IQ from the high IQ and wait.

These are not smart people. Stop letting them win.
They don’t even believe in IQ so this is a cinch.

You wanna feel oppressed? You already are, so shhh. Patience is required.
The goal is to allow the neutrals in their life, to see what’s in store for them. You don’t want them to have a private meltdown at an internet “Nazi” – you want them to call their boss a Nazi.

We want to pump up the rookie numbers of Pride. Normal people have a negative reaction to pride as an emotion.

May I humbly suggest anti-white pride?

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