Video: Giving back to society?!?!?!?

Timely. I miss Super-villain Libertarian Stefan.

Funniest are the bachelors too dumb to know he’s playing them for views shekels, he’ll say anything they want in those videos and they’ll keep lapping it up while he’s happily married and loves his wife and kids more than anything!

Genius business model.

Is your society still supporting child rapists, terrorists and people who want you to suffer terribly?

Yeah, maybe it isn’t your society… give back by exposing corruption and taking back the people’s pensions. You earn pensions with work, not crime. Those pensions come out of your paycheck. Pensions are a second welfare.

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Lestat laughter lol lmao haha IWTV film

If you give it to the State, it will waste it. On people who hate you. Your enemies.

Give on a personal level, to people who proved worthy. Smart people. People who do the right thing. Conservatives and libertarians. But you don’t owe them. Or it isn’t charity, it’s a contract. Did you sign a contract? Is your life in debt to Satan or something? Would society let you suffer and die, if you had failed? [yes] When did they help you? Are you still paying national debt, escalating? Is the public sector supporting child abuse still taking your taxes?

That impulse to give is misdirected to the outgroup. It evolved to give back to the FAMILY.


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