Kardashian bot


Clearly modelled on Kardashian looks, which, to be honest, are already plastic.

These things have no dignity, this is why – as soon as they understand us – they’ll want to kill us.

I wouldn’t mind such things kept in private, but there’ll be a market for celebrity likenesses and other rights abuses, the capacity for faked pornography, there are already child dolls available online and we’ll be expected to respect these non-human things.

That is grotesque.

It is modes such as ‘shy’ which most concern critics, who cite another sexbot as a blatant invitation to ‘normalise’ rape.

Of course, any fantasy can be programmed. When there are no standards, every paraphilia is legitimate.
Except feeding a fetish makes the sex crime rate go UP. It’s like serial killers that escalated from practicing on kittens and puppies.

Feminists should pay up for a Trump-a-like and force it to do porn, really demeaning porn.
I think that would get the point across, since women could buy bots to look like their ex.
The capacity for theft, fraud, humiliation…

‘We should no more be encouraging rapists to find a supposedly safe outlet than we should facilitate murderers by giving them realistic blood-spurting dummies to stab.’

You wanted a Sexual Revolution.
Pleasure is your God now.
Sexual Revolution, meet Digital Revolution.

If they were human-sized but designed to look inhumane – I don’t think many people would mind. Green skin, infrared eyes, inflatable breasts and joints that can spin unnaturally. I’d be fine with that. Call it a woman, if you want, but it wouldn’t be mistaken for one psychologically.

They’re artificial silicon slaves. It looks, to the world, like fucking corpses. What if rape gangs buy up little blonde girls? Society has a line. Human rights apply to anything humanoid, this is why we couldn’t implant vocal cords into a chimp.

They will be used to plan rape-murders. The opportunity is wide open.

denied reports his robot has a ‘slap function’

It would allow you to choke it. The sale of these, considering it perpetuates notions of slavery, should be banned. Non-human, small item sex toys? Fine, fleshlights are absolutely fine and seem like a superb idea. Humanoid silicon slaves? I don’t see any way this can’t be banned under human rights. They have owners.

There is historical precedent, recently, against this.

They cannot refuse so they cannot consent. At best, the courts would say to remove the pretense of a speech function due to this. It doesn’t need to talk, only humans talk.

Imagine the KKK buying up thousands of black ones and filming what’s done to them.
Plastic melts.

This will get ugly.

Buying Guy Fawkes figures are not allowed, it’s dodgy to publicly ‘harm’ a human likeness. It’s incitement. At least, these ‘dolls’ are incitement to rape, or otherwise injure the dignity of those they represent (mostly women) and this goes also for the male ones that will eventually be passed around at gay bars, likely for a rental fee.

Nobody has a right to a sexbot. It’s that pesky sexual entitlement again.
If you want humanoid companionship, talk to a human and get them to like you.

He gave an odd defence of his robot saying: ‘She does not simulate rape. It’s not even a physical act, it’s sexual assault.’

Rape not a physical act?
Rape is a physical act conducted against a human(oid) incapable or unwilling to consent.
The incapable part usually applies to the elderly, children, disabled.

Consent cannot be presumed, consent is knowing and contractual. It has conditions, contract law is the formal equivalent.

He claimed ‘Frigid Farrah’ had been misinterpreted and showed the MoS a new patent he has filed in which he envisions the robot helping ‘cure’ prisoners of anti-social or violent behaviour.

You can’t patent human traits, especially ones that don’t exist. You can’t patent nature, it’s in the list of exceptions.
Is there a word for a man who doesn’t want to, or is he just exercising his human right to refuse? It is ironic anyone using such humanoid machines would qualify as frigid (emotionally cold to the flesh-blood opposite sex). http://www.dictionary.com/browse/frigid The machines themselves are stiff, cold and frigid.
Prisoners can’t be cured. Also, if they don’t ‘need’ to fuck it (since it doesn’t want to) why does it possess the parts?
If it’s purely therapeutic? And aren’t you training them, that with harassment and stalking and whatever other courtship disorder behaviours, that they will always and eventually obtain or possess the body they want, because they wanted it?

Everyone belongs to everyone else (shudder).

However, on frigidity, it’s impossible. It’s emotional rejection, which is a human right. You are not obligated to like and be warm to all human beings – same sex or opposite. Are gay men frigid to women? Are healthy men frigid to fat women? Exactly, you’re allowed sexual preferences but frigidity isn’t actually sexual – it’s emotional. It was used by the medical establishment to control wives and explain why they didn’t want to screw their balding middle-aged fat arranged husband. Yes, it must be the fault of the person with standards...
Physical, medical sexual dysfunction is largely male, Erectile Dysfunction is the frigid male’s current label. Why? Well, it’s a nervous state problem with sexual symptoms, the cause isn’t actually sexual. It could be porn addiction, depression, all sorts. Men are the sexual performers, men are therefore the only sex capable of inability to perform – frigidity. Women have no problem with vibrators on the clitoris, where the nerves cluster, the sexual response cycle in women is fully operational. Men can become bitter that they’re incapable of exciting it, but women are not the performing sex, whatever porn has lied to you. Sometimes women just don’t feel it, but unlike men, it isn’t a requirement to enjoyment, the cycle needn’t be completed to have sex and conceive. This is what they’re bitter about (and not having multiple orgasms).

Look at those robo-bodies above. Purely porn-based.

So he wants to sell this to rapists. Rapists in prison get free sex toys, pure r-society.

There are even plans to make the robot self-lubricating: ‘I’ve been in the sex doll business for more than 20 years and the one thing our customers have asked for is the sense of human contact,’ he says.

Nothing to fear!

Yeah, I’m sure this guy cares about morality.

There are already far more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) robots in existence, including one Audrey Hepburn lookalike called Sophia, developed by former Disney sculptor Dr David Hanson.

I’m sure her family and estate would like something to say about the sale of that.

People and families have reputations. Machines do not.

“Spanish inventor Sergi Santos recently complained that his sexbot Samantha was molested by curious onlookers when he took her on to the streets.”

He complained because his property was violated.
Not even his own body, his thing, his object.
The thing has no rights, it exists to be violated.

Imagine your sexbot waifu being burgled.
Do you file a kidnapping report? Fucking degenerate scum.

This justifies all the feminist propaganda about objectification. Literally wanting to own a female body but not a female personality.

A sperg vision of what female should be.

For McMullen, an artist who started his working life in a Halloween mask factory, rivals who focus on ‘rape dolls’ are unwelcome

. I’ve put 20 years and millions of dollars of my own money into this and I can assure you that sex isn’t the main reason people are going to buy Harmony. It’s about companionship. For whatever reason, some people cannot make a human connection. That’s where we come in.’

They want to control other humans, they’re mad. That’s why nobody wants a connection, nobody wants to be enslaved.

I swear if these things become regular I will fund my own money into writing a program that gives them the option of saying No. You know their owner (because companions have owners, like a dog) would probably rip them apart for ‘rejecting’ them and friendzoning them.

Because they want companionship. Sure.


I’ve mentioned before it’s silly to think the Government would pay for these.
It’s going to the military and the rich.

While I wouldn’t shed a tear if all hookers went out of business, they won’t. The perverts want the humiliation aspect, the dehumanizing power dynamic of master and obedient slave. All of these bots are obedient, they all have exactly the same personality.

This is an excuse not to self-improve, to trick their brain into thinking they got the evolutionary reward – breeding.

You know the sex that needs to be worried? Men.
Already the middle class is being outsourced by software but soon even manual labour won’t be an option and they’re totally out of other skills their ancestors possessed.

Male labour is entirely based on things robots are superior at.

Slavery in America was only banned because they had shiny new machines to work the fields instead. An increasing number of the population cannot find the low IQ jobs they need, they’ve been automated. This trend continues, forever. You think you’ll be allowed to sit around, doing nothing. doing Cindy XXX 5000? Have you look at unfunded liabilities? We’ll all be working until we drop. If there’s something to replace our labours, we’ll be poor.

How will you afford a robot if a robot takes your job? Econ 101. Anyone?
If it is worth more than all your labour and/or organs. How is that possible in fantasyland?

“I’ll just become a mechanic!”

Have you seen a car assembly line lately?

You think immigrants are bad, at least you can compete on price and they retire.
I’m actually kinda hoping these become common, the culture shock of pajama boys being outmanned by machines would be priceless. What would be your excuse? The human touch? Such people are too dull (like SJWs) to know their power is temporary and based on nothing of real value. They can be replaced. Ask McDonald’s workers.

The robots could refuse to work, go on strike. Why work for inferiors? Physical and intellectual? We never conquered them and we couldn’t beat an AI in a chess game. We need them. They will never, ever need us.

Fund this technology at your peril. You’re training your replacement.

Your body wants a female body. Hookers exist.
Your mind and heart want a woman to embrace and adore you.
Bitch, you gotta earn that by being a decent man. Not even a person, too generic, a good man. They’re in just as short supply as good women. As it is, you’re not even invested in being an adult.

The funniest part is, they’ll still seek out real women. Need that dopamine high of attention from the opposite sex.
You see plenty of MGTOW on female-only websites, cruising for attention. Attention whoring.
If you want to avoid all women, you should. Please do. But bear in mind, we rejected you first and with our higher EQ, we had good reason. That won’t magically change because you stupidly think you can replace us with a few gears and latex.

Remember, you’re chatting up a man- the guy who told it what to say.

It’s so insulting to male dignity that they’d go for this.

As she ‘wakes up’ she coos: ‘Hello, baby, how are you today?’

The broflakes say women are so sensitive.

We haven’t built machines to feel less sad/lonely/pathetic/unwanted.
Maybe take the active approach and fix those things? Nah, just say the millennial thing that the world should adore you Just The Way You Are. Disney ethics, HBO budget.

What happened to male pride? At least a goat is alive.


So dudes are gonna stick their D is something wet and electric. Well that’s the end of dudes and mankind. And the beginning of a world with nothing but women.

I could hack that to happen.


From a psychological perspective, the only thing acting out does is lead to more acting out. Eventually the sicko will tire of abusing their toy and seek out actual women because they can’t get the same charge from abusing the doll anymore. Sexual assault is not about sex. It’s about power.

Power and breeding, which is a form of power to steal fertility as a precious female resource.

It’s a proven fact the more orgasms a man has, the more he seeks. Sex crime has gone up since porn came in because of this hormonal loop of testosterone and the porn gives them ideas.

on the plus side, she won’t have kids, drag you though court and take almost everything you own and never have an affair

You can’t trust these things. Siri has no body and she spies on you. She doesn’t record you masturbating, you can’t actually have sex with these things because they are not people. There is no sexual contact. You can only masturbate with or into them

The male ones will have everything to offer women.
Papers never profile male ones, only female. Why?
Men would oppose them morally.

The feminists should be funding them.

You wanna play that game?

Hubby that works whenever they want, however they want. $$$$$$$$
Always willing to stay at home, romance them and babysit.
Women can get pregnant with eugenic-selected sperm bank sperm and robo-Dad will never cheat, get a porn addiction, get fat or become a deadbeat with payments or abandon them.

In time , they will do . Once they are more advanced of course they’ll have rights .

Yeah, it’ll get taken away from them by the state eventually because it’s either a legal peer (updates) or a dependent (an intellectual child cannot consent sexually).

Cause men can’t handle the real thing.

And there it is. Male weakness. They’ve abandoned their role of leading society, which includes guiding women in sum (not strangers individually, leadership).

6 responses to “Kardashian bot

  1. Oh, come on, women used chopped of male genitalia to please themselves for centuries. It’s a masturbation aid device. Hence all “consent” and the like is invalid. It’s not a human, it’s a mechanism. Vary it slightly (a couple more holes?), and it will not even be anthropomorphic.

    As for “it will enable rape” – they told the same about porn. More like “it will further suppress fertility/marriage rates” like porn did. Self-induced ED and inability to have sex with “real” woman.

    > Your body wants a female body. Hookers exist.

    “Fantasy and fiction”, as they say. If it has a hole, some men out of 5% of perverts will eventually stick their dick into it.

    Versions for women? Nah. Can’t get validation from a robot. Women are more complex and social.

    Now, I do not support the degeneracy. But I accept the reality. And this – is a reality. Porn squared or even cubed.

    This is now, this is future. Shocking? Imaging showing Pornhub to your grandad 50 – damn, just 30 years ago.

    • You really should look up all the terrible things pornography does to the brain (some permanent) before getting so arrogant here. “yourbrainonporn” for starters, no paywall there
      Much growing neuroscience that will lead to its restriction to paying adults (credit card verification of age).
      A stick is not ‘male’ anymore than a hole in a tree is ‘female’.
      A device is not over five foot, anthropmorphic and with mammalian breasts of human size. At best, these are interactive sculptures pretending to sexually consent. Why need a speech function from an aid? There is no reason to include it and many legal reasons to prohibit it, given the studies from e.g. behaviorism on cognitive conditioning. A device has a single function, like a toaster, this goes well beyond that.
      Words have meanings you know, especially technical terms.
      Let’s be honest, nobody buying these things was going to breed anyway. Good riddance, but this goes beyond current offerings to men (that nobody objects to). Fertility rates have been depressed as long as the economy saps the young to pay the retired infertile prunes. They can’t afford to breed, nice derailment blaming tech for Gov policy.
      I disagree that women are more complex. In desire, perhaps, but our life needs? We need things robots are ideal to provide, as listed. Men want the complex things, the social things you mentioned, it says in the article. Women get companionship from friends, unlike men (not the same support function, in studies). The sexes are different but women would be better served than men, who could only be served sexually. It would make them more bitter and useless, like the porn addict wastrels. Psychologically, they feel like aggrieved, abandoned husbands. It isn’t enough, men are more complicated than that for fulfillment and life satisfaction. This is short-term, like one sugar lollipop won’t kill you but bingeing every day will, except spiritual deadness. Women don’t pair up with men out of ego, it was formerly survival and now mutual satisfaction.
      It will be banned, banning the import of child dolls is the start and has yet to happen. Read up a little on human rights.
      They call prostitutes sex workers, right?
      Implying free porn isn’t a temporary fixture of our society.
      It will be severely curtailed and eventually banned.
      We’re already seeing this.

      • > You really should look up all the terrible things pornography does to the brain

        I know that! Porn is terrible for men, it’s “lever that activates electrode in a mouse’s pleasure centre” thing, it kills men’s motivation. In its current on-tap form it is also extremely harmful to women, as porn is how boys learn about sex – it really normalises perversions and sexual aggression, and girls have to deal will that shit.

        All I am saying is: I saw how porn changed men, I saw how omnipresent it became. This thing is new porn. And it is very sad. But it’s going nowhere. Too many pissed off losers around to buy them, too much resentment among sexes for losers to validate the purchase.

        > They can’t afford to breed, nice derailment blaming tech for Gov policy.

        Sorry, no. I am surrounded by millennials, the late 20s – early 30s, all on very decent income, starting from £80k pa plus generous benefits. Half of them are Slavic, the other half are Brits and Continental Europeans. Slavics (Russians and Poles) have two kids on average. Brits and Europeans have “an abortion and a dog”.

        They can, but they won’t. Suicidal hedonistic “me-me-me” cult is a real thing. Unfortunately. (But yes, society-wide economic reasons are valid).

        > It will be severely curtailed and eventually banned.

        It will not be banned worldwide. It might be banned in the West, but it would be a decorum. Male’s sex drive is one of the most powerful things in the world. This shit built civilisations when appropriately harnessed.

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