BBQ is a slave food

Slow cooking breaks down tough cuts of poor quality meat, a fact Medieval Europe’s cookbooks were very well acquainted with. The Roman love of spices was due to lead poisoning from the cookware and piping, which explains the insanity and was the reason they loved spices beyond today’s foodie affair – lead poisoning deadens the tastebuds. Meat tenderizers have been common kitchen staples, mallets too and for a long time forks had only two tines, which we now wrongly call a BBQ fork. In the Victorian era, there was a rush to produce new pieces for large silverware collections the middle class could show off with. This included the fish fork/s. They invented the multi-tine fork. There were government limits imposed on the items sold in these sets because the metal was needed for war.

While I’m rustling people with food history facts.
Note: only applies to America, all tribes roast food over fires dating back to the invention of fire. Everyone had roasted meat dishes before we had ovens.
I mean BBQ as a particular style of cuisine from the Colonies and up to the 1950s development of BBQ units.
The American style is indeed similar to certain African rituals, and you can see some weird tribal ones on Youtube to this day. Community fire rituals are very African, at least to a point. I point this out because a lot of Africa was cannibalistic so you get stories involving ‘long pork’ and such circulating.
Nobody invented the marinade, since salt is the original marinade or salt-water. We had wine syrups, fish sauces, all sorts of herbal tinctures.
This feast would’ve included tomatoes, which come from South America and were imported to Europe.
Pineapple contains enzymes which naturally break down meat, including your tongue as you chew it.
Garlic was based on the French slave trade, the French were more into it than England.

It’s important to be honest and give credit where it’s due.

Buyers note:

The best mustard is English and Worcestershire sauce is named after its place in England.

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