Video: Why hasn’t the US economy collapsed yet?

I’d say it did when debt rose above 100% GDP, making it impossible to pay.

Physically impossible.

I think this is what your history books will say.

Alt. title.

Signs of econ-pocalypse i.e. How many canaries?

I’ve been thinking how this would look for the UK. How many do you need?
If you haven’t seen it, Stefan Molyneux did a series profiling each country’s economic doldrums so watch the UK one.
Logically, we’d follow the Pied Piper of tuition fee debt. They’re already trying to push 9k/a, when 3k had diminishing returns in the marketplace. We are not America.

Here’s a common indicator.

Prices are not higher because all companies everywhere (food, gadgets, holidays) are in a secret cabal to do it

– your money is worth less.

Thank BOE, the Bank of England. This is a fundamental point and affects Freddos to Toblerones.

Confused Americans, we measure our economy in chocolate:

Seriously. It’s actually a good metric for currency value. You don’t see penny sweets anymore.

This isn’t a Sterling issue with the Forex, it’s a nationally-limited problem of productive people going Galt.

Our system produces not only double taxation with income plus NHS ‘contributions’ but the graduate tax of Student Finance Ltd. Yep, limited liability. Plenty of smart people didn’t catch that.

First to go is infrastructure – electric cables, plumbing, water quality and sanitation. Nobody has really noticed these things but they spotted poor flood preparations because few voters come from those regions. Next, police protection, avoiding the big fishies to tackle the small fry. An old woman was imprisoned for not paying 5p in council tax. Five pennies. The one which gets the most attention comes next – the slow collapse of the NHS. The reason is simple, if we assume all immigrants are Florence Nightingale types, that’s fine but for every one (1) you get a family of around 15-50 (cousins are allowed) to come in too. This compounds the demographic problem of leeches because the majority of those are elderly and need more care than the one (probably poorly trained) worker could provide, let alone plug the gap they came here to do, that was the deal.

The Government doesn’t want to train and hire locals, even the brown ones, because they have more worker rights as citizens.

A lesser-known piece or two of information is building on greenbelt land (our pristine, best land) instead of brownland, which nobody likes. Why? Government bribes to councils to ruin the skyline, which started with London. London technically has skyline protection laws but the people signing off ignored them. Properties built on greenbelt land make more money for the private investors.

There are no caps on foreign investment or admission it allows NGO-level undemocratic influence.

The other thing I’ve already mentioned is that white British post-grads almost failed to exist (and who advises Governments on policies like immigration, without a stake in the risk? Post-grads! People with two passports who can escape have no skin in the game). The whites have been pushed out of the market by rich foreigners and it’s beginning to happen at regular degree level, which the Left is agitating over as ‘Uni places’ as if a global market has nothing to do with it. Laugh at them and say the Guardian readers deserve to be replaced by the Chinese, because they can’t even qualify for trade school. It’s true, if anyone deserves to be replaced it’s the middle class people who were giddy about it when it involved poor people.

The majority of those ‘overseas’ students leech if they remain here or return to usually China to their already millionaire parents and bring value into those economies, directly thieving from ours. We have hiring deficits only getting bigger.

We’re training the world.

Remittance is never included in immigrant cost studies.

Immigration is reported in public as net, dishonestly.

A return to voting based on property tax would only make sense if that were the only tax. I don’t think men advocating this would be very happy since a) they can’t afford a single house and b) there’d be no sluts to sleep with, since free birth control (state sponsored fuck-a-thons) would stop and mortal salience would kick in that actions have consequences.

Our people are stifled by the benefits cliff or underemployed or unemployed for being the wrong colour (white) or doing jobs a 14yo could do, that don’t require the education they were practically forced to get. The age of compulsory education was increased to 18 but age of consent is weirdly still 16… medical consent is still 18. 13yos are given birth control and abortions, without the parent’s knowledge.. Business investments do not go within this country anymore, far more go out, especially to Africa. It’s also harder if you’re a white male or just white (look at homelessness priorities). Local businesses are mocked and taxed out of business when not maliciously prosecuted for having a conscience. White areas are tough to get Government funding for, they assume all white people are privileged and therefore can just choose not to be poor anytime they like. White schoolkids are outnumbered, bullied, sometimes raped, and have the lowest achievements rates in their homeland. Asian kids populate the middle class thanks to incentives that gave them an unfair advantage on white kids all through their life, despite lower IQ scores.

The do-gooders don’t find white causes worthy enough anymore e.g, Hiddleston the histrionic bitch did UNICEF work in the middle of nowhere when his place of birth London has plenty of suffering people. Problem: most of the photo-ops would show the oppressed are white.

Foreign aid goes up as living standards go down, including child poverty. Cost of living is inhumane. The young can’t leave the nest because ‘refugees’ take those houses up, deserving people are told they’ll die on the list before being offered a house and all the investments of dead/dying generations are given to the outgroup for presumed racism. I wonder why Gen Z see this and get angry? The country our ancestors made just handed over because inheritance is bigoted, economic success is racist. If you fail, you deserve to because you probably owned slaves. Ignore the Romans, Barbary pirates, press-ganging etc.

Food banks. Food banks also limit access, you need permission to go.

These are signs of collapse.

BOE is like our Federal Reserve but more mysterious. Good luck finding info.

An easy sign is where terrorists attack because naturally cowards will sense weakness. The UK is the biggest target in Europe. When you let certain populations above a % level, they agitate (whether it be the Chinese recently or Muslims always). This is genetic competition, the race for survival.

A thought experiment would be what should happen?

The young should inherit a sound country.
Jobs should be plentiful and well-paying, as you’d expect with a deficit of babies (low supply/high demand) so every Millennial pushing for mass immigration is directly cutting their own paycheck, it’s amazing.

Above all, the old should owe the young. This means passing on the wisdom of experience, giving them a chance to prove themselves (opportunity) and handing on the baton when it’s time.

The Boomers will not do that.

Currently we have a system of intergenerational theft. Aside from gifts like smartphones, Millennials don’t spend much. We spend a lot on food 1. because renting, our kitchens are shit 2. it’s cheaper than cooking sometimes and 3. it’s healthier at certain restaurants and we’re paranoid about air being a carcinogen with 4. it’s the only luxury we can afford and diet has been linked to brain function and so on. We research the superfood crap we buy. It’s a cost/benefit on making more money or being healthier, for longer, to work longer.

We’re an “anxious neurotic” generation. Special snowflakes dysfunctionally so.

We’re the most ‘educated’ and work more hours at our present age than other generations.

The conflict of expectation versus reality is suffocating our amygdala.

There is no moderate in this game. You must take a position. There isn’t extremism in politics, it’s the death of the fence-sitting happy-go-lucky moderate. You can’t be neutral on your own future. We’re not especially selfish, but we have 21st Century standards; we just know we’ve been screwed for where and when we were born and the system is not our friend. We work for ourselves, also by self-employment rates, and we’re on strike to bailout other groups, see Best Post up top.

This is the sort of thing I’m thinking. Anyone wants to expand on this, feel free. Go ahead. I would really love some solutions, especially generational ones considering the fiscal skew of the issues.

Boomers we have asked on this topic: “Haha, won’t be my problem, I’ll be dead!”
Why don’t we respect our elders?

Just like when we did what they told us and lost, they refused to apologize for shitty advice. It must’ve been our fault.

p.s. As already explained many times by many people, not just me, you won’t fix demographics until three things happen.

  1. cut off the parasites (and no, age is not an excuse, you had more time to save the money) and many will magically leave for greener pastures.
  2. deport the old parasites (after charging them for what they took out of this country by fraud). France might charge for schooling, Socialist hippy France.
  3. increase marriage rates or the kids will be parasites, statistically. You want healthy life outcomes and a stable lifelong marriage is the only way. Yes, that’s why it’s called a commitment and adults make them.

This will happen eventually but it will be less painful the sooner we get our arses into gear.

Admitting multiculturalism failed and civic nationalism with it are also absolutes. Look at the crime data they won’t record anymore FFS.

What will we do?

Bring back the debtor’s prison.

After making certain Europhiles into avant garde lamp post ornaments. In the olden days, you know, they just called a xenophile a traitor. We did have a word for that.

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