Video: Google NO

Internet of Things is just Spies You Pay for Twice.

Random but meh, not worthy of a new page.

Also, is Sargon the Dickhead really starting on Taylor Swift?
With the femininity so fragile thing (doesn’t work, btw, shit meme)…
Do you have a death wish?

Going after all women makes us band together, we aren’t like men.
Memes don’t operate on us the same. Look at #metoo men could never do it.

If you want to splinter good from bad, don’t leave out bad men or we smell a rat and ditch. Acting like only one sex is flawed is what an SJW does.

The fact insecure men assume no woman is naturally beautiful is frankly hilarious. Are children naturally beautiful? Exactly, sexy is totally different ball game. To remove all a woman’s naturally good features mean it isn’t even realistic, it’s a zombifier. How about an app that makes men adopt middle-aged beer guts, leathery skin and baldness? We have an impression you’d call that sexist because you’re so insecure about someone else’s appearance, I dread to think if it actually aimed back onto itself. Plenty of women go without makeup, I have and men preferred it. I tend to use very little, this is not LA.
Author was correct, it’s a cheap way of gaslighting women into feeling shit about themselves. Well, you needn’t bother because the whole cosmetic industry already does this way better and with targeted ads. It also implies men don’t wear makeup. Plenty of men wear makeup, at least in the form of fake tan and tinted moisturiser. Deceptive? Nah, we can tell. We’re not stupid.

“Men” are en masse proving the fragility meme (I am surprised by that) by going on and on and on and on about it and trying to project it. You’re all pajama boys, real men in the olden days would laugh and agree it was a phase. Everyone is insecure when they’re younger, you just hate the now real social media pressure against men too. Well, blame the Beautiful Ones of the male demographic for setting insane standards or the companies. It isn’t woman on the street’s fault you don’t have abs, mate.

Sargon autistically misses the point on women once again! tfw to intelligent, amirite?
He’s being very disturbing in this, it’s abhorrent to an English countryman.
He’s acting like he’s unmasking a Scooby Doo villain. OK, quit toothpaste and deodorant and SPF and lip balm and shampoo. None of those are necessary and used to be called vain. Silly, wouldn’t it be? Modern cosmetics are good for you! Drunk Elephant!
Women know this, we’re taking care of ourselves. It’s no excuse for men to let themselves go. It’s the 21st century, deal with it.

I’ve said before men doing this are kicking themselves in the teeth.

Short points.

  1. you can’t change female nature, we preen too
  2. no narcissist can erase natural beauty from the world or its enhancement
  3. you’re only showing you don’t get how women work, which is ugly
  4. it puts women off you but not the stuff
  5. it also shames the feminine women into being more like a fatter West, totally hateful of beauty
  6. I thought you wanted less of those?
  7. make up your minds
  8. stop bitching you aren’t even good at it, makeup is complex (see Fenty discussions)
  9. copyright issues from altering someone’s photo to humiliate them (defamation)
  10. Controlling a stranger’s face is fucking CREEPY
  11. Controlling a stranger’s face is fucking CREEPY
  12. Controlling a stranger’s face is fucking CREEPY

What would be good? A cosmetic surgery spotting app that works on both sexes.

One response to “Video: Google NO

  1. > Look at #metoo men could never do it.

    Look at single ladies with cats and no husbands. That’s a second part of the species doing #metoo.

    The meme is indeed stupid though, because – duh, feminine IS fragile. Always was, always will be. Making fun of women’s fragility is like making fun of men’s lack of nurturing instincts.

    Women are vulnerable and in need of protection and anxiety-reducing actions of their men. That’s precisely why there are men: this redundant (from the procreative perspective), complementary sex that does not have to gestate – to be tough, and handle the tough stuff.

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