Video: Why leftists keep winning

True. Painful but true.

Don’t hire the cheaper pajama boy.
Don’t sleep with the Bernie supporter.
Don’t sit there quietly cucking your fairweather friends when they lie (you’re paying for it via taxation).

Work isn’t the biggest one since we tend to win on competence.

It’s sex.

For women, that’s the biggest thing. Sexual attention.

If the handsome attractive men stop nodding and smiling at their opinions, most are so weak they’ll change it.
Doesn’t mean you can insult them, in fact, those ones are good ones because at the first exposure to the truth they actually listen, unlike, say, atheistkult men when you point out Christianity invented science.

You want to be the guy who went to tow a woman on the road in America… until he saw a Bernie sticker. He left her. He just totally abandoned this woman without apology.

They’re like children.
They push until they get your attention and if you don’t assert yourself, they win.

They don’t have the moral authority to shame, it’s a paper tiger. Shame is for those with consistent principles, like religion, and a conscience. They’re hypocrites, liars and selfish. Simply highlight this. The signalling value drives them and humans are incapable of selfless altruism.

The leftie men go where the women do, so really targeting the vanity of these women socially and sexually is the only thing. No need to be mean, ignoring them is enough. In fact, speaking as a female, leaving us out cold is worse. No closure. They’ve been raised since kindergarten to get a pat on the head for being ‘nice’ and sharing toys. Laugh at this programming, it’s like a god damn dog. College professors are paid so much to dote on them like Daddy never did.

Being bitchy makes them double down, it’s the backfire effect. They feel justified in hating you. Instead, plant an ickle bitty seed of doubt, in women this haunts us until we have answers so you’re saving time and improving the world since that’s one voter with a switched-on brain.

You want them to wall themselves off. The echo chamber that was so sure Hillary was gonna win. They lost a ton of money, you also want them to be trigger-happy on deleting future business contacts so they can’t call on them later for the good jobs. Let them burn their bridges being stupid. Full dipshit school of real-world consequences.
You want every person after a flat tax called a Nazi.

Misery loves company.

The greatest torment is the other people.
Punish leftists by making sure they’re only stuck with one another. Watch the suicide rates, invest in Big Pharma. Self-loathing have no one to bully, self-destruct.
They joined for the cheerleader effect, neutralize it.


The Left always become authoritarian eventually. Little Black Book of Communism.
They pretend to be peaceful to gain power. Lovers of the Muslim playbook.

“so much for the tolerant Left” triggered them like no other meme ever


They are tolerant: of government theft, crony capitalism, rape gangs, burglary and rape, muggings, national debt spiraling and crushing the youth, the welfare cliff, they are tolerant. The other term for that is weak.

These are such pretentious liars they turned discrimination, the virtue of prudence, into a societal evil. Point out how antisocial the results of their policies have been. One by one. They have no answer, when they have power. Only blame. Expose it.
Use data, graphs and charts. They’re too stupid to understand math.
Make the data public, I did a few here, like the Myth of Austerity.

Discrimination is required in all walks of life to be an individual. Collectivists hate it, along with freedoms of speech and association. Call it out.

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

For example, the Left should love IQ if they really believed in Nurture.
If education is 100% it and brains are malleable, they should love IQ.


If oppression narratives are legit, social mobility is impossible.
That creates a permanent underclass of serfs/slaves.
So they should oppose immigration.


Affirmative Action creates negative stereotypes, like all ‘positive discrimination’. Studies have proven beyond a doubt that those crush performance, so drop all positive discrimination.


why are child-free women paying for foreign kids? Why aren’t those women forced to get abortions, since they’re so great and liberating? Isn’t that treating them like baby machines, to create some group to feel superior to, since you own dependents.


Why all this money to prisoners and fuck-ups when we don’t have more gifted programmes and apprenticeships? Maybe some more scholarships for jobs the country needs?


is there a phobia for every religion? Aren’t atheists then the most -phobic people in existence?


protected classes violate equal under the law doctrine.
That is also undemocratic since some enjoy rights others do not and special protections, but don’t contribute extra in tax (very corrupt anyway) and special interest groups are literally divisive and often inciteful.

Make it personal and a clearly unbroken chain of peerless logic as to how they’ve been fucked for years. You can do this with any Lefty parrot point.

Respond to their content, not the rhetoric, that’s a red herring. Just ignore it, all they can do is ask Big Old Meanie rhetorical questions and look childish. e.g.
It isn’t about The Children, it’s about a Christian duty to pay for someone else’s orgasms, which is way worse than state sponsoring tobacco smokers and alcoholics, who at least kill themselves. Russia give special money to breeders too, but that’s a one-time thing, they give out medals too since those parents are responsible. Should we do that? The West basically has state sponsored orgies of the very last people who should be replicating their shitty DNA, paid for by the ones with impulse control. Where’s the morality there, to be taxed for doing the right thing. The safety nets for unsafe behaviour encourages that behaviour, like letting a stupid little dog bite you. There’s no human right to someone else’s body, you can just masturbate, it’s the same as far as your body is concerned.

The single moms claiming to be lesbians, for instance, should be charged on fraud and denied assistance. They lied. They received preferential treatment on that basis. Classic fraud.

Why isn’t there a carbon tax on having kids, on top of a tax for their education? The State didn’t tell you to breed. It’s narcissistic, right? Shame on you.

Lefties love the idea of fucking over the Right and even moderates. They salivate at it. They don’t like seeing the lampreys attached to their own shriveled carcass. Karma points cos you’re helping them and they will need to see it eventually.

One response to “Video: Why leftists keep winning

  1. Scatter the rabbits, each to cower alone in the brush. Uncheered. LMAO
    Some of those are really good. I’m not sure I know any lefties that could follow the argument, though. Maybe tolerant.

    I’ll give it a try. I usually just laugh a lot when they talk. Works for me. Run away little rabbit.

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