Where should white people move?

What do you want? Each one of these bullets knocks out a large swathe of the world for consideration. How do smart immigrants think?

Property rights (no house theft, low burglary rates, you own your body and labour, police do their job to enforce rights, good tourists that don’t deface ancient monuments)
No corruption
High national IQ/GDP
No shit currency. Stable.
Low national debt (if you’re young, you’ll be paying it).
Skyscraper Index.
Actually, good building quality (new build).
Culture (not secular aka self-loathing, houseproud)
Fair taxes
No terrorism (Australia/NZ are out)
No social culture of lies, however polite-seeming, no society of status-grubbing and deceit
No PC rewriting of reality, the Berlin Wall was an idea
Self defence rights, no Poor Criminal victim blaming
No anti-white racism (chronic stress)
No demographic timebomb (dying society or multi-cultural ‘divisions‘ between ‘communities’)
Low suicide rate
Not all high or drunk or lazy, good national character (so Amsterdam, Spain and Italy are out)
The sexes look dimorphic aside from hair/makeup/clothing
Decent healthcare
Industrialized but not slave labour.
Kind to animals. Think about it. Do you wanna be trapped in a nation of sadists, who were cruel during the good times? Look at the history of torture use in the country.
Look up the most popular porn fetishes for said country.
Likes families, kind to their own spawn (no Tiger Moms abusers) and don’t marry relatives.
Is your testimony worth anything? (a white’s in Japan won’t get a Japanese convicted)
You don’t need family connections to acquire basic things e.g. a good job/promotion
No state-allowed rape (prostitution) especially child rape (cos then they definitely won’t care about you).
Non-pedo age of consent.
What rape gangs?
Honourable public servants writing new laws. No nasty surprises five years in.
Good transport links, can leave quickly.
Sound infrastructure
Individualist culture. Otherwise you can’t relax, might as well be a child because your life gets dictated to you.
No bossy shrew middle-aged harpy women. Who do you think you are?
No embittered multiple divorcee deadbeat loser men. You did it to yourself.
Also, no old people worship cult. You’re the reason we’re in this mess.
What’s the STD rate? Who’s paying?
No tacky festival decorations (objects purchased will be similar low quality).
Food quality. Peasant food quality.
The weather isn’t trying to kill ya.
Low deadly disease rates through all seasons.
Low antibiotic resistance.
Freedom of speech/integrity/association
Prefers the educated to the ignorant
No parasite class or shamed and improved
No section 8 driving down property/school values (the hospitals and stores go too, eventually)
No fairweather friendships because you rich foreigner, they indulge you like baby.
Low civil war risk within countries or between e.g. not the EU
Conscription isn’t popping up to pressgang you like the British Navy
How is the ‘modern slavery’ trade?
Free press
Peace, a preference of its people. No quick regime changes.
Food security, some prosperous farms going.
More concerned with their own survival than the fucking pandas.
No pathological altruism bleeding money to shady NGOs.
No love of socialism, that ends with a direct lead injection to the back of your cranium.
They know their history and learn from it.
They have common sense.
They have survival skills e.g. can make a fire, some food, not whine about it.
No FREE SHIT mobs.
How many middle-class brat protests per year before society is allowed to hate you for making up problems?
Do the poor have right to protest?
White majority, least likely to kill you for your flesh Pantone. A deep bronze fake tan won’t cut it.

These places don’t exist.

They were degraded where they did. There is no better.

White flight was a fine idea 50 years ago, bros. It’s impossible now, there’s nowhere to go. No buck passing, we fix the West our ancestors built or the whole shebang dies Empire-style. The temporary boom of places like Singapore is funded by Central Bank fraud in the West, it won’t last. Who do you think the hordes come after? Like the French Revolution, the rich foreign assholes. That means you.

3 responses to “Where should white people move?

  1. Lichtenstein.

    …Alternately, you could just pick a majority white region of a polyglot nation and move there. Plenty of those out there. Better to do so before the GibsMachine seizes up.

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